Monday, April 30, 2007

i cannot believe april is ending already. APRIL is one of the best months i've ever had this year. it went by, just like THAT. oh well. so long, april.

on a lighter note...

april has brought opportunities. it's funny that a lot can happen in a span of 30 days or so. i've gathered the courage to start soccer lessons. i have not cried over something or someone. i've been inspired to do SO many things. i've made new friends, heard new stories, shared my own story.

isn't it great?

i've even learned to commute to and from bene by MYSELF!

this april i tried to explore other genres of music. heck, i listen to oldies and bossa nova now!

corny na kung corny. che. atleast varied. :P

i've gone back to listening to maroon 5 (i swear I'll grab their album the moment i lay eyes on it. or rather, ask my uncles in london to get one for me, and then maybe, in some way, i'll pay them back.) , coldplay, keane. i listen to vanessa anne hudgens now (say ok lang naman).

i've learned to do something without thinking of what other people think.

i've mastered the art of don't-think-about-it , do-not-expect-anything and being a full-fledged optimist. =)) well, i am anyway [an optimist].

haay, so long, april.

i hope may will be a good month.


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