Saturday, March 29, 2008

Listening to:
Dip it Low - Christina Millan

Okay, how stupid is this. I'm too tamad to switch music in my mom's iTunes. and stop wondering why she has Christina freaking Millan on her iTunes, she uploaded Now 67 and Woman Collection to her iTunes which has "young" music in it, so there.

She has David Lanz and Vivaldi though. Such an old lady. HAHAHAHAH i'm kidding. I love you ma.

Survey from Ala.

1. If you had to listen to one song forever which one would it be?
OH, that's really really hard. Enter Sandman? Baka mabaliw ako. Uhm... It Had to Be You - Doris Day. :)

2. What if you did not share the same feelings as the person who likes you?
Oh, that's just too bad. If he leaves me alone, fine. If he stalks me, I'll shoot him. If we're friends, edi friends.

3. What if you had to live out a movie which one would it be?
hmmmmmmmmm. GREASE. :)) :)) how funny. no. Uhm... Sixteen Candles. I'd do a good Molly Ringwald. I love cursing pa naman.

4. What if you hated someone, what would be your reasons?
They did something insanely wrong? Oh, uhm they spread bad things about me...or yeah, I like the previous answer: I felt treated unfairly.

5. What if you had a boyfriend/girlfriend… what made you fall for him/her?
Good question. Oh wait, bad question. Never been in a relationship before. A real one? NO. So maybe it makes me a loser, but whatever. So let's change the question into...

What are you looking for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Uh. Uh. Uh. Well yes, same to previous answer I guess. A degree of physical attraction, of course. And then... we must enjoy the same music. This means a lot to me. :) He must know and respect and love my mom and my sister. He should love and respect and care for his mom and his sisters. He should be able to beat me in TEKKEN hahahahahhahahaha. He should enjoy the same stuff that I do, para masaya. It isn't so hard for a guy to enjoy PlayStation, yes? hahaha.

6. What if you were in a relationship would you rather be the one who loves or the one who is loved?
Oh, I'd rather be the one who's loved. Mas masarap siguro yun. Pero mas maganda kung equal.

7. What if you discovered the person you liked just broke up with someone?
Ohhhh chika minute muna? Why did they break up? He saw her with who on the bed doing WHAT? hahaha kidding kidding. Oh, well syempre I'd ask why they broke up, and then I'd steal him. I'm kidding.

8. What if the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
OH NO. How sad. :-( Really sad.

9. What if you foresaw a disappointment in your life, what would you do? Would you do what you can to avoid it?
EH...Can I do anything?

10. What if you only had 12 months to live what would you do.
travel travel travel. tell people how i really feel about them (!)

11. Is being tagged fun?

12. What If you find out that your best friend is going out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, how would you react?
I'll shoot them both.

13. What if it was the end of the world and you could only save one person you knew who would it be?
one person? baduy. hahahaah. uhm probably Chiara, because she has more years to live pa. i hope she doesn't read this.

14. What if you had to choose to be blind or deaf?
NOOOOONNEEE. being blind means not being able to take pictures or to seeee things. being deaf means not being able to hear music, oh how awful. Well atleast pag deaf my hearing aid. :))

15. Would you rather be married to someone who is richer than you and sorta connect with, or someone you are richer than and have a major connection with?
Sorta connect with...well malay mo may chance to grow into something bigger. Pero kung wala doesn't really matter who's richer or whatever, right.

16. What do you really want to be?
I wanna be rich. woooo. I want to be a good graphic designer. :-) Meeaninggg, I have to practice my drawing skills. Yehey.

17. What if you got into a disagreement with someone?
Oink. Depends. Kung mababaw, sorry sorry peace yo. If it's something massive...oh. agree to disagree.

18. What if he says sorry for everything, and tries to win you back?
uh. uh. uh.

19. What is the dominant color around you?
wala. white. haha.

20. Give three things you want now?
1) a decent lovelife.
2) a white macbook.
3) a dslr.


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

27 people: farewell pictures are up HERE
And please, practice courtesy if you're stealing.


Listening to:
Everything is Alright - Motion City Soundrack
So hear this. This is the only MCS (i use their initials, ang haba kaya ng name.) song that I listen to. I refuse to listen to any other MCS song, and hell knows why.

And you know what? When I listen to this song, I believe the title. The title, not the lyrics. Ang odd ng lyrics niya. But yes, the chorus part. Something is really comforting about this song. HAHA. Convert! I'm a freaking sell out.

Tell me that you're alright, yeah everything is alright. Please tell me that you're alright, yeah everything is alright.

Typing it down, i now fail to see the comfort in the chorus part.

Maybe it's just the rhythm and melody and the mishmash.

She's the One - The Ramones

Yeah yeah, she's the one...


created with
You scored as English/Journalism/Comm

You should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in Communication, English, Film, Journalism, Literature, or Writing.

It is possible that the best major for you is your 2nd, 3rd, or even 5th listed category, so be sure to consider ALL majors in your OTHER high scoring categories (below). You may score high in a category you didnt think you would--it is possible that a great major for you is something you once dismissed as not for you. The right major for you will be something 1) you love and enjoy and 2) are really great at it.

Consider adding a minor or double majoring to make yourself standout and to combine your interests. Please post your results in your myspace/blog/journal.






























And I know why. I answered STRONGLY DISAGREE/DISAGREE to most answers that proclaim: "I LOVE MATH AND I'M ACTUALLY GOOD AT IT!".

Because a) I'm not good at math and b) I only love basic Algebra, simply because that's what I'm good at...Good, being relative. But I enjoy basic Algebra, really. Especially the coin problems. HAHAHAHAH.

Pero look at this, the top 5 majors that I got are actually the ones that I INITIALLY considered, before I had this epiphanic thing going on with me+computers/engineering= $$$. (sorry, walang peso sign eh.)

It's not that I'm forcing myself to do engineering neither is my mom forcing me to do engineering/computers. In fact, my mother wants me to take up freaking GEOLOGY to study ROCKS. Explanation: she works at a multinational company who makes money out of fossils and rocks and OIL. (How IT fits in the equation, I know not.)


I considered taking up Structural Engineering because the building things part really excites me. Concrete and wire... I still would want to relish the "designing" of really strong and sturdy buildings, bridges and whatever. It's designing, pero in a technical aspect. Kaya I wanted to take up Structural Engineering.

But the thing is...well I'm thinking of working with computers. Heaven knows I'm a freaking computer baby, I am CALMED by the sound of the keyboard when someone's clickity-clacketing away. I've been listening to that sound since I was a baby, given by the fact that my mom is an IT major, and she's been working with computers her whole entire life since college.

And one of the major things that comfort me with my decision to take up something from the Engineering/Computer Field is that my mom was a lot like me when she was my age: a writer, yada yada yada enjoying the things I do, even considered MassCom and Marketing/Advertising (MERON NA PALA NUN NOON HAHAHA.) when she was about to enter college. Meaning, we're good in the Arts/Communications area, with nil Math skills. Pero siyempre, she listened to her dad, who told her that IT is the future, therefore she should take it. She, having no clue what she's up for, went to IT. That's the only difference we have, I didn't have anyone telling me what to do besides myself.

And well, she had hell for college (coming from a left-brain dominant all-girls school to a right-brain course wasn't exactly easy.) and then back with her jobs (especially the one before what she has now)...

But looky looky where she is now. Happy, and supporting 2 spoiled kids on her own. A freaking single mom, and a strong one at that. We get to study at the best school (don't argue with me.), get to satisfy our whims once in a while, although she lets us buy books all of the time. Books naman eh. *snicker snicker* heehee.

I remember something that a parent said, Anissha my batchmate's dad, actually. Mr. Sitlani? He was one of "our parents" for Listen to My Heart, a program at school where we get to ask parents questions...and they basically answer.

So I asked something like...

What if your child asked you what course they should take between one thing that is something that they REALLY love, pero isn't financially stable and something, pero is very stable.

And then Mr. Sitlani said something like:

Work muna. Work hard. Later in life, you could cherish and enjoy the things that you didn't get to enjoy. There's time for everything. (and a little more somethingsomethings.)

I liked his answer. Sure, it doesn't satisfy the entirety of the question, pero it kind of completes the equation in a sense.

Work hard, play later.

Pero syempre, marami ring add-on mini-questions: Why should I work hard first? Life is short, you know. Or: What if I'm cut out for the starved life? What if I want to starve for my art?

[my]Answer to first question: Ewan ko sayo. Masyado ka nagiisip.
And to the second one: EDI BAHALA KA SA BUHAY MO. And if you starve to death, I would gladly shove into your coffin: I TOLD YOU SO. No, I kid, I kid. Edi do what you want, demmit.

I know I have hard times ahead, especially next year. And heaven knows I'm getting ready for that. I think. Well, emotionally and psychologically. Mathematically? Ehr... Yeah, let me get back on that one.

Pero there's this thing that I heard from a movie, that was 27 dresses I think. "If it is right, shouldn't it feel right?". Or something like that.

I believe it. If you did the right thing, it would feel right. Kahit mali sa paningin ng sandaigdig, even if it's really really wrong, basta tama para sayo, nothing else matters.

I know, and I've been there. Really really wrong, but I didn't really care.

And the thing is... it feels right. The moment I've been told that a friend of my mum's graduated with Industrial Management Engineering, something suddenly clicked within me. I don't know what, I don't know why, and the angels know why it has to be my mom's friend.

I never imagined venturing into Engineering, you know? If my classmates remember well, during one Guidance class, when we were given these little cards with characteristics in them? Yes, the one where we had to cut really fast.

Yeah, I got most Is there (diba may letters sa isang corner?), and I don't remember what I stands for, but I remember being told that people with the most Is are the ones who become engineers etc. And I remember LOUDLY objecting: say like..."NOOOO AYOKO MAGENGINEEEEEEEEEER!!! AYOKO MISS! AYOKO." *add harrumph* and then... "MISS, PURO C PALA AKO!" C stands for creative. Pero dinaya ko yun. Isa lang yata C ko sa lahat ng 5 cards. I was really an I. Hahaha.

Hindi na kayo makarelate. I'll stop.

But really, it boils down to this: do what you love, pero don't be close-minded. Some people are. Say: "This is what I love, and this is the ONLY thing I love." No, don't say that. I was on the verge of being that, and then I "rediscovered" my love for computers. A-hah, a stable course pero I love. The clickity-clackety sound of the keyboard, the MOTHERBOARD (how ironic) and dissecting the data and stuff. And besides, it isn't hard to grow into something, isn't it? It's all in your mind, and in your heart, and nasa sayo din.

Life's ironic, e?

I'm talking shit na. So I'm signing off.



P.S. Thanks to Patch and Mika and Cousin Lea for sympathizing/empathizing with my last post. I'm cool now. It was just one blip in the whole sequence. :)


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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Grey's Anatomy.

Told you I couldn't stop.


Warning: stupid stuff ahead.



Friendster says: I'll be having a creative burst of energy blah blah, with unique creative ideas...add some shit, won't ya?

Candy says: Protect your innocence yada yada yada

Seventeen says: I'm having the best freaking month.

Believing somehow in horoscopes is the only thing that makes me non-skeptical about things in this universe.

What happened to Friendster horoscopes? They used to be good and accurate.

Maybe they fired their horoscope-r and replaced him with a shitty one.

My life is a massive cosmic joke. Everyone's laughing, of course. Maybe I'm on a Truman show-like show.

The Vicky show...

Nah, impossible. Nobody would watch that kind of show.


I feel EMPTY.

As empty empty glass.

YEAH! I'm THAT empty.

Shiiit. (I would really like to record how I say shit. It's like how they say Shit in American Pie, they kind of linger in I, so it sounds like Sheyet. Or something like that.)

I don't know what's wrong. I feel like something's missing, I haven't been myself lately...and HELL. HOLY HELL.

I'M THE WORLDS STUPIDEST, STUPIDEST PERSON. really stupid. really really stupid. i'm stupider than the stupidest person in the whole entire world.

I'm a world-class fool, and I never ever learn from my mistakes.


God, I'm VERY VERY close to SHOUTING NAMES in this blog. Really, you have NO idea how I WANT to say NAMES.

Wala lang, para masaya. It's not like they're the cause of the empty void.



*add cricket sounds*

Okay, whatever.

Gaaaa. I'd ramble and ramble and ramble, bahala kayo sa buhay niyo. It's not like I didn't warn you or anything.


Ramble ramble ramble. Ramble ramble ramble.

Okay, I can't do this.


I feel like a complete, utter FEWL. I'm a world-class one, at that. If there was a Fool's Convention every year, I'd be their VIP at every single event. I'd be their guest speaker, giving talks on: "How to be a Fool", "How to be a WORLD CLASS Fool", "How to BE a fool without actually LOOKING like one".

Mhm, I'd really inspire people with those kind of talks. And then I'd give them magnets with my face in it, so they could stick it in their refrigerators, just so they'd be reminded EVERY SINGLE time to not be a fool, most certainly not like me.

I feel stupid, and I hope you recognize the REGRET that I feel.

I just don't like feeling like a fool, what more BEING one, you know what i'm saying?

Yo, you know what I'm saying?

It's tiring having to explain myself. Why'd do I have to explain myself to you anyway?

Good thing them phones were busy. I swear to God, I'll die if I see you again, ever.

My LIFE IS A MASSIVE COSMIC JOKE AND I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T GET IT. Everyone's laughing and I'm left in the dark.

I feel bad because of so many things. I feel sad because of so many things. I feel so damn stupid because of so many things.

And worst of all?

I feel empty. So damn empty.

I need a hug. And Vanilla ice cream.

And frankly? Someone who cares.


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Friday, March 21, 2008

Grey's Anatomy, Season 2 on DVD

I'm seeing the episode where:
There's a trainwreck, hindi sinipot ni Derek si Meredith kay Joe's, and there's this case where a pole went through two people.

Started watching starting from the 1st episode last night, due to my inability to sleep. I was really really RESTLESS.

Anyways, once you start with Grey's Anatomy, you can't stop.

Hmm, I'm wondering if they have Season 3 on DVD already.


I'm done with Angeli's layout, and I think I like it. If I get really creative at one time, I might even switch it up a little bit. It feels a teenie weenie wrong with me, although I'd say it's perfectly fine.


Oh boy, I feel so stupid right now. I don't know. I feel weird. Weird weird weird all over. And I know why, I just don't know how to say it. I mean...

You miss people, even if you have no right to miss them. I'm not talking about a boy, per se. I'm talking about many people. I'm talking about a friend who left and we just forgot each other. Wala, I can't even call her a friend because she has "other" friends. If she comes home and I do see her, wala din. I'm talking about friends whom I figuratively left, and now we don't even bother to look at each other, afraid to acknowledge each other. I'm talking about a friend who used to stay with me, way up until 12 o'clock (even if his regular sleeping time is around 10:30) and then we don't even look at each other anymore. (many different people, really.)

I mean, once I call you a friend, that's pretty much it. It's solid. I give you everything, and I don't expect you to give me everything, kahit acknowledgment as a friend lang OK na sakin eh. Ayoko kasi ng nagkakalimutan. I

What have I done wrong to merit this?

Is wanting to be a friend bad?

:-( Why can't friends be friends forever?


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photo + blog = phlog
Listening to:
Hypnotized - Plies Ft. Akon
Cool song, odd lyrics. :-))
Everything is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack
This is probably the only song I like from them. But I'm downloading some more.
All the Small Things - Blink 182
Okay, shouldn't be listening to this. it's too happy. it's Good Friday.

I've dreamt of you. Just there, unattainable. So wrong, yet so right.

No, really I dreamt of it last night.

It, in its white and splendid glory.

The funny thing is, while I was operating it, it was running on a Windows OS. Not MAC. And then I remembered reading from Ala's blog (!) that you have to buy a MAC equivalent of Windows. Parang Phoenix yata name nun or whatever. So asked this guy to install it for me.

And then I woke up.

Damn, di ko man lang nagamit yung MacBook.

Dear God, thank you for the MacBook on January 2009. :-)


I saw Sydney White on DVD last night. It's really really adorable. And Amanda Bynes is funny. Adorable, cute and sweet. Maybe not critically-acclaimed, but wth, I enjoyed it.

Crushes from the movie:

the tyler prince dude

and of course, i have to like one of the seven dorks. :)

Hehe, I find him adorable, even if he's allergic to everything imaginable.

I also adoore the Boy Scout dork. He's cute and skweeshee.

I like reading books, is interested in genetics, likes reading about philosophy, history and politics and I like tinkering with computers. And I'm a DORK who happens to kick ass. ;)

okay, that has to be the lamest icon ever.


as for American Idol news:

I'm hooked more than ever. Okay, well I've never been really hooked until NOW, and that's because my mom's hooked. I don't usually get past the auditions, because that's the FUN part. But heck, am I rewarded or what.

They did the Beatles for TWO FREAKING WEEKS!

Well some of them did massacre the song (Yeah Brooke, here comes the sun? Sayang, I like you pa naman.)

But whatever.

if you want to see a bigger image, click. :)

Polaroids, tsk. How come I never thought of that 'til now?

Anyways, I started liking Jason Castro the moment I paid attention to him. Also, when I saw his "rear view" hahahahahaha. I'm an ass person. WTF. Such a charming person. those eyes, grabe. And the dreadlocks work for him too.

And Archuleta. He's just a skweeshy kid. SO SO adorable!!! Grabe. I want to squeeze him all day. Pero hanggang dun lang. :-) I'd look like his older sister if we go together (operative word is IF) even if he's a couple of years older than me.


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Listening to:
Somebody's Baby - Phantom Planet
sweet sweet sweet song, man.
Back in Black - AC/DC
hahaha iTunes is on random play
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Grunge now. Favorite kantahin sa Magic Sing! HAHAHA.
When You Were Young - The Killers
Meron nito sa RockBand. :-)


Okay. I'm hooked with bryanboy. :))


Gaaaaaaaaaahd some people just freaking annoy me. How much time does it take to type a "no, i'm not going" or "yes i'm going"? Given the fact that you can type atleast a gazillion letters in a span of 5 minutes, ha.

People talaga, tsk.

If you don't reply within 5 seconds, I swear I'm going to flood your archive.

I kid, I kid.


Natapos ko na buong Medium level ng Rock Band.




Well I'm proud to say I've never failed a song, pero siyempre I practice eh.

But I DID have a hard time with ENTER SANDMAN. San you, favorite song pa. HAHA.

I think I'm moving on with the Hard level.

Anyone with the guitars and the mic? Let's form a band :-)


I want to take pictures.

Anyone willing to take me as a photographer's assistant, an intern or whatever? Kahit walang bayad. Basta cool yung job niyo :-)) Walang internship or whatever sa the Picture Company eh.


Grabe, gusto ko ng summer buddies. Alam mo yun, yung kadaldalan mo buong summer and then when you resume back to your lives, wala lang.

Para bang fling.


Sorry. My brain has gone to the beach and fried itself sunbathing.


this is Ikea's Bedroom Planner.

Pretty cool. Insanely cool, but not in the mood.

If you want to download:



Photoshop nga muna.

Be back when something juicy hits me fried brain.



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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Listening to:
Maybe Then Someday - Abandoned Pools

Okay, it was unexpected, listening to this, given that it's quite an emo song. Not much hate on the emo music, hindi ko lang talaga trip ngayon. Pero since the song felt "right" I'm listening to it.

Kanina pa ako naghahanap ng music na nagf'fit sa mood ko, which is...well I don't know. No idea what I'm feeling right now. Somewhere between SHITTY and WEIRD.

Ewan ko. Weird kasi I have the feeling that people think that I'm a freaking know-it-all and that they're taking it against me. And maybe I am a know-it-all. You know what, I am. I like clicking of things, most especially on the net. Kaya nga Wikipedia is one of my most visited websites eh. I like finding about things. I don't like being left in the dark of things. Kaya lagi mong maririnig na sinasabi ko na "ay alam ko yan" kasi alam ko naman talaga. Kung hindi ko alam, bat ko naman sasabihin na alam ko?

That's idiotic.

Or maybe I just need to take things with a grain of salt.


I need a muse.

Just like Shakespeare needed Lady Viola in Shakespeare in Love.

I need inspiration.

Sa dami ng guys sa aking Crush Roster, not one person inspires me.

Shiiit. I'm in a rut.


I need to travel.

I don't feel like travelling. I don't want to travel.

I NEED to. I need to get out of this country. I need a breath of fresher air, a sight of greener land. Anywhere but here.

It's not that I hate the Philippines or anything, pero everything's been vair tiring lately. The government, the protestors, my life, even. I guess it's major escapisim, but I want to...need to have some time to think. So yeah, can't I think in this place? Do I have to have an expensive plane ticket JUST TO FRICKIN THINK?

You know what, maybe I do.

I want to go shopping abroad. I crave for that experience. I want to try new food (coming from the girl who doesn't even eat Jap food, pero I've never tried it, so yeah that explains it. MINUS major ganda points since I know lots of guys who like Japanese food. but you know what, I think I'll like Jap food once I try it. :-P ) and I just want to take pictures. Pictures pictures pictures. Me and my trusty Sony Digicam.

Wala lang, I feel like travelling offers some major spiritual awakening or something.

Basta, it's what I want.

And you're asking where I want to go?

I've done this before, pero I guess I'll put new insights and stuff.

First off:


Experience the real-deal Japanese food. I WANT TO GO TO JAPAN SO BAD. It's nice observing the different groups of people and the oddities I'll encounter on the way. Cheap din ang techie stuff dito, so it's probably going to be heaven for me. I want to immerse myself in their RICH culture, you have no idea.

And besides, I like Japanese products. They're aesthetically-inclined (ish). Usually, when my mom gets home from Japan (well di na ngayon) she brings home these cute and odd things, so yes. I'm fond pa naman of kawaii things. HAHAHAHAHA.

Masarap pumunta dito pag medyo matanda na kami ni Chiara. Chiara, my younger sister is an insane car fan (it rubs off minsan) and she loves sports cars (she almost fainted at the sight of a Dodge Viper at ATC, I kid not.) I on the other hand adore Vintage cars and...big, family-sized cars (I'm more of a 1973 Mustang...and a Dodge Durango.) but I want the new-school Beetle. Grabe ang cute cute cute cute.

Wait, labo ah. I'm talking about Dodge and Volkswagen and Mustang, they're not even Japanese car brands.

Regardless, you get my point, don't you? No use for further explanation.

I've been to Italy, to England, but I've never been to Singapore.

I'm a shame to all Asians.

Seriously, at this point in time, if someone asks me to choose between an Asian Trip and a Euro Trip, I'd probably choose the Asian Trip. Wala lang, I feel like Asia is more vibrant and young and spicy, you know! Iba-iba talaga makikita mo with every country you go to. Different cultures, different buildings. Euro Trip I could have when I'm older. Sosy much.

I want to go to Singapore because a) retail therapy daw!!! b) wala lang, it doesn't feel right, being an Asian and not being able to go to Singapore. Hello, ang lapit niya lang.

Once, at an assignment to Malaysia by her office (I THINK. I THINK.) she went to this church and asked for a baby daughter. Once she gets that baby daughter, she'll bring her to that church back someday.

That baby daughter is me.

And it doesn't feel right to not go back there and thank the patron of that church for the gift of life he gave me.

Besides, Malaysia Truly Asia daw. I want to see what they've got to offer.

This, I want to experience talaga. The temples and the traditions, grabe. And besides, it's interesting.

Sorry, kulang sa substance reasons ko. Eh kaya nga I want to pay these countries a visit eh, to know what they're all about.

Many people are talking about this famous sweet drink that's kind of like halo-halo, pero puro condensed milk.

Mmhm, my type of drink.

I want to try it.

Angkor Wat, now! I want to visit Angkor Wat. :-P

Since we get annoyed of their presence, I want to pester them all din. Wala lang, I want to see what's there to see.

Jeju Island hahahah.

Such a huge loser, have never been to the US. I want to go there: RETAIL THERAPY! HAHAHA. Wala lang, I want to go there for experience.

And besides, all the cool stuff are there. Hmm, wonder where I'll find that Ramones jacket.

I always see the poor side of India, the badly-depicted side. I want to see India in its true beauty. And the food, of course. I like spicy food pa naman.

I want to go there simply because I want to see what's there to see. I want to see what's to see in countries I've never even thought existed before: Kyrgyzstan and the likes.

China, how could I forget? Ang bansa ng kanuno-nunoan ni Jiggy! Or whatever, who the hell knows where that guy's ancestral lines run from. He doesn't even know.

Anyways, I want to go to China because!!! China is somehow Asia in every essence, and they say it's the new Asian frontier na daw!

Too bad it's becoming very modernist. They should do what the Europeans do. Put Starbucks and McDo in Victorian-era buildings. HAHA. Cool nga eh.

The land down under. Very diverse culture, edi cool! And besides, their accents rock.

will probably add pictures of places mentioned above later. It's too late and I'm pretty sleepy already. :-) And it's hard to look for good, non-stereotype pictures.

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yeah baby.


picture courtesy of Miss Delise Eugenio

Labyoo miss! :-))


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Monday, March 17, 2008

first of summer + rock band.
Listening to:
Old Yellow Bricks - Arctic Monkeys

Shakespeare in Love on DVD (original yan,ha.)

--it's on pause. i had to go online to look for a number of something, and then i dropped by ala's blog and suddenly felt like blogging.--


So it's officially the FIRST OF SUMMER.

Hurrah to APRIL, it's my favorite month now. I don't even like my birthmonth, September anymore. It's too gloomy, since it rains ALL THE TIME.

Since when did I start hating the rain?

Hatest month: JUNE.

I go back to school.

Everyone's fresh from the beach, so lahat mukhang uling and most of the boys forgot to visit their barberos.Pabayaan ko na raw sila, sabi ni mommy. They're revelling on the lack of hair inspections. I'd bet their moms would LOVE to shave their hair off.

Anyways. The top 1 reason I dislike June is because...well, I get used to the pig lifestyle I lead. Well I didn't really lead a pig lifestyle last year, I did something worthy. But yeah, summer's usually really fun for me, and I get used to the lifestyle, and it's such a shame that I have to go back to school, face new teachers who will probably hate me, face new classmates who will probably hate me, face a mountain of projects, quizzes,exams and stuff, face people who I don't even want to face....

Who the hell wants that?

But some people want that, 'cause some people technically don't do anything with their Summer vacay. Yeah, I wouldn't want to blame them, but if there's a will, there's a way.

Kung hinarang ka ng guard, suntukin mo sa balls.

Get what I mean?

Anyways. Summer's always a time for rediscovery for me, to do what I really want, before...doing things that I quite abhor: maths and problems and boy problems per se. Maths, I don't abhor so much, I'm just scared out of my pants that I won't do good next year.

Summer's freaking time to lose weight, geddamit.

Hmmm. Am I going to lose weight kaya?

I mean, even if I do lose weight, I think I'll still look the same.

I mean, FACE IT PEOPLE. I'm never going to be skinny. I have bones that would put dinosaurs to shame. They're massive. Everytime I ask people to feel the bone on my calves...You know, the one down there, above your sole... Sa likod ng tuhod mo... KUHA MO? Everytime they feel that, they're like...WOAH. Ang laki laki laki talaga ng buto ko.

And I'm happy with that, actually. 'Cause with my personality and the lifestyle I'm living...well it's just not fit for a skinny person. A skinny person wouldn't knock the balls off of someone. Well I've never actually done that, but when the moment seems right for it, then I probably will. A skinny person wouldn't dare play bunong braso. I mean come on.

And besides, my kids would have a hard time if they had a skinny mom. I don't know how that connects, but whatever.

And I'm not fat. I'm even lucky I have convex-ish curves (papasok, hindi palabas) and I'm pretty well-endowed when it comes to the front and the back.

San pa you?

And studies say that hourglass-figured women produce smarter and more gifted kids? Kasi daw the hormones or genes or whatever that are connected to the smartness and giftedness of your offsprings are found in your...hips!

HA. Angeli and I would have great kids. HAHAHAHA.

Grabe. I sound like I'm advertising my body and looking for a husband.

Ehr...Sir, not yet available. I'm only fourteen.

P.S. I don't have body issues. :-P


Pretty interesting day yesterday.

Saw an old classmate in town, called Angeli on the phone (because of something else, iddie.) and my sister finally bought the Rock Band drum set.

OH GAS, it's the coolest thing next to guitar hero.

Why next to GH?

Eh kasi.... Mas cool yung songs ng GH. It's not like I aspire to be a guitarist or anything, mas masaya lang talaga pag mas alam mo yung mga kanta.

Meaning: more old school stuff in GH. :-)

Anyways, the RB drumset's pretty insane. I mean, it's like the DrumMania thing that you play in TZ, mas cool lang yung songs.

I mean, they have Garbage, and the RAMONES (Blitzkrieg Bop NOW!) and OK Go, even. Pero kulang lang yung kanta, and hindi namin maaupdate, since PS2 lang gamit namin.

But hell, we have 40 more songs to unlock, so mahaba-habang laruan 'to.

Nakakatawa nga eh, my sister took a long time to decide if she's going to buy it, eh hello. She already asked our Grandpa for money for it, specifically. Meaning: bibilhin niya na talaga, pinagisipan pa.

Yan, tuloy, ang tagal namin sa 3rd floor. Old classmate probably thought I was stalking him or something. Kausap ko pa naman si Angeli sa phone. HAHAHAHAHAHA.



RB's pretty great, and you could form a "band" using the other RB instruments.


Anyways. I better go now, before my sister arrives from school. I'll be playing RB. I'll kick Dead or Alive's ass.


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Saturday, March 15, 2008

ily 27.
Listening to:
Rock the Casbah - The Clash
Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix
Stupid Things - Britney Spears
Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm
Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix
Entourage - Omarion


yes nooowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Spice Girls bring my comfort. Siguro it's because they were what I listened to when I was a kid. No kidding.


Tae Imeem. Tinanggal ko na yung music sa slide kasi...asim eh. Well enjoy the show anyways. Kung nagtatanong kayo ano magandang soundtrack habang pinapanood to...Try niyo Spice Girls. YES NOW.

At first, I thought things wouldn't work out. I thought everyone would be a tad too competitive this schoolyear. We won't be NOISY as last year, and we wouldn't BOND the same way. And of course, there were fewer boys. Talk about babe shortage, but every section's gotta have a dose of Y chromosomes.

And boy, OH BOY I was wrong.

WE were NOISIER than last year and we BONDED like hell. Yes, we were competitive, but it was healthy, in a way.

And the fewer boys?

Well, they're more "man" than the other boys that I know. They know respect and they show it. They say sorry where it's due. They are who they are. Masungit, tahimik, CORNY and everything else. I love them 13 boys...

...kahit hindi sila mahilig magpa'picture. Konting work nalang, boys. Picture lang yan. Gwapo naman kayo eh. HAHAHA.

We've taken much shit this year, and I'm not kidding on this one. The issue on the number of the 27 cheerdancers who were accepted, the "flyer" issue. And yes, the ever-high expectations of the teachers from us. There was this point in time, LAHAT ng teachers nagalit samin per subject. From the start, down to the last one. Di na natuto. Pero okay lang yan. Chill lang!

Tingin samin ng mga tao mga feeling-Panginoon kami. T*ngna. Nasa 3rd floor lang feeling Panginoon na? Sa tingin niyo ba gusto naming nasa 3rd floor? Oo, astig kasi may veranda kami (hanep sa pang-stalk, ikanga ni Erika), atsaka hindi masikip kapag recess time. Pero mas gugustuhin sana naming kasama namin mga batchmates namin, kesa na yung mga 3rd year, na hindi naman namin batchmate.

At sa tingin niyo, dinaya yang cheering na yan? Bias? Eh sige nga, balikan mo. Ilang studyante ang nag-audition sa cheering na galing 27? Ang dami kaya. Kaya wag kang magugulat kung maraming natanggap. Eh magaling naman sila sumayaw.

People are so KEEN on judging us. It's like living under a microscope. One wrong move, issue na.

Pero hindi ko idedeny. Meron talagang mga oras na sakdal-langit ang ingay namin. Parang... WOAH THERE. Minsan, nakakapagod magpa-upo (mahirap magpatahimik, di naman sila tumatahimik eh.) kasi tayo sila nang tayo. Minsan talaga namang nakakalimutan nilang may teacher sa harap.

Pero ayos lang, masaya naman eh.

(teka, bat biglang nagtagalog ako?)

And so, my dear friends. Let me present the people who make up section 27...and the teachers as well.

(According to the class picture...From top left. LEFT-RIGHT)

Menandro Daella. Menny Laughs. The escaped teddy bear from the asylum. Tawa kasi nang tawa, minsan hindi namin alam kung bakit. Pero wag kayo diyan. Top 1 yan. ;-)

Nicole Natanauan. My dear MANONG! Yes now. Hanep ang kanyang talents with his hand. YES NOW. AHEM. Perv, I'm talking about his insane DRAWING skills.

Jairo Dimarucut. The jug man. Yes, we love our Jairo...despite his robotic ways. :-)

Ron Rodriguez. STUD-ious. Yes now! A very hardworking and dedicated student.

Patrick Cruz. ROMEO TENORIO. omz. HAHAHA. Enough said.

Carl Calderon. Straightforward, pero very friendly. Patay ka pag ayaw niya sayo, gagaguhin ka niyan. HANEP DIN ANG KANYANG ASSet!!!

Miguel Acuin. "Miss, question". Sandamukal ang tanong na naiisip, especially during Biology time. Good thing Miss Eu is very very patient. Kung hindi... Ewan ko nalang.

Jiggy Elises. Mister Glow-in-the Dark. Also: Mister No Reaction. Snob!!! ELISES ALERT!!!!

Zigmund Lozañes. Z-I-G-M-U-N-D kami ang fans ni Zigmund!!! OMZ= Oh My Zigmund!!! With this guy, you'll never know what's next. Madalas susungitan ka, minsan hindi. Ayaw niyang may mas mayabang sakanya. Gusto niya siya lang. Kakagulat ang kanyang KALBO moment, pero in fairness, madali tumubo ang buhok niya. MVP din! Hella ball player, diba girls? :-)

Benedic Alano. Ang isa sa tatlong DAKILANG CORNY MUSKETEERS. Grabe.

Danton Dizon. Si Eagleman. Isa sa mga breakthrough personalities of the year. Bigla ba namang naging CORNY. Nga pala, isa din sa tatlong DAKILANG CORNY MUSKETEERS. Grabe, nakakaiyak ang kacornyhan niya minsan. Pero okay lang yan, ROBBIE ko yan eh. ;-)

Lawrence Lontoc. Mister Flawless for life. Partner-in-Crime ni Menandro. Ang cute naman nila tignan noh. Biggest and Smallest. Pero okay lang yan, pakiramdam ko pag tanda ni Lawrence po-pogi yan lalo. Yihee. Hanep din mag'basketball!

Michelle Ylaya. Mommy long legs dapat ang award nito! Quiet, pero malupet. Hanep ang taste sa music: Miss Weezer to eh.

Coleen Araza. Ate ng room! Very responsible. Pinakaunang adik sa TWILIGHT.

Early Empeño. "Early, but sometimes late!" Nge. Breakthrough performance as Loretta in Forever Witches. Yes noooww!!!

Riabelle Aurellano. "We're here for you, we're ready to die for you!" Rakenrol babe. Hanep ang math skills. Also, her "pakikisama" and leadership skills are notable. Magaling pa magdeliver ng joke. HAHA.

Angelique Lahoz. Future model ng Datu Puti. I'm kidding. Wala na akong masabi, last year ko pa kayo ginagawan eh!

Oops. Ako na sunod sa picture.

Hazel Casimiro.
Tahimik, pero malupit. Hindi na siya slow, medyo fast na. Hahahah. Pero hanep talaga sa organizing skills!

Aivi Carpio. Miss Sound FX and Overdramatics. Lahat na ng sound effects sa mundo nagagawa niya. Galing nga eh. Kawawa si Jiggy dito eh.

Michael Reyno. Mahilig magrecite. Kahit Filipino time.

Ayana Apelo. SUNOG BABA!!! Waaaaahahahahahahaha. Ang ingay ingay ingay ni Yani. Dapat pala ito yung honorary 14th boy.

Madelyn Galang. Adik kay Julia Quinn dahil sakin. Mahilig magbasa. Mahilig magside-comment. Pero witty. ;-)

Jethro Encarnacion. Lupet sa basketball, lupet rin mang-attract ng boys. Pero okay lang yan, little sistah ko yan e.

Mariz Encarnacion. Nakow. Psychotic in the making ba ito? Super-duper adik kay Harry Potter. Pati nga pala sa mga aso. Amo niya nga pala si Ange.

Sam McDo. Rakenrol rebelde! hahah. Hanep kumanta. Hanep din tumawa. Na-miss ko 'to kasi hindi na kami magkatabi pag PA time!!!

Ina Vergara. TRUE LOVE KO TO!!! woooo yess now. Porny. NGEK! HAHAHA. Si Ina. hmmm. Ano nga ba. AY LAGING LATE. GRABE. Tatlong huling araw na ng schoolyear, late pa!!!

Eliz Villaroman. ELIZes. Laging inaasar kay Jiggy kasi neighbors sila. Kamusta naman yon, diba? Isa pang rakenrol kid. Ewan ko nalang kung emo siya. Mukha namang hindi. Hanep din taste nito sa music. ;-)

Hanna Astudillo. Dalagang Pilipina to da max. Prim and proper. Mas poised pa nga yan kesa sakin eh.

Dana Pancho. Isa pang tahimik, pero malupit. Beauty and Brains, san ka pa? Mabait pa yan. And masaya kasama. Yes now!

Abby Tiong. AUDITOOORR! Yes now. Go ChubbyGail! BabyGirl 16 din pala. Ang dami-dami niyang bag, nakakamatay. Bag buddy ba? Mahilig din ako sa bag eh.

Barbie Esperanza. Baby Caveman award. Ako si Mommy Caveman. Baho, no? Baby ng class, besides Zia. Pano naman kasi. Lagi to kaaway ni Angeli. Pero partners-in-crime sila.

Angeli Medida. TAHIMIK SA CLASSROOM, grabe. Pero very talented yan! Magaling sumayaw, hanep mag'drawing, magaling rin magsulat! San pa you?

Erika Recomite. Ilong Rangeerrrr!!! Babes ng lahat. Maingay at mahilig mag-side comment. Laitera (inamin niya naman sa friendster niya.) pero ASTIG.

Diana Sumera. Miss Coke. Mummy niya kasi nagttrabaho yata sa Coca-cola. Maganda ang buhok. Barkada ni Erika pati Crissa.

Crissa Pineda. Co-founder ng A.S.I.M.A.S together with Angeli. Kung ano ang ASIMAS, wag niyo na alamin. Hindi nga yata niya alam na member ako. Pero OK lang. SHOCKING to! SHOCKIINNNNGGG.

Cham Cabaña. Hanep ang kanyang KILLER SMILE. Karaoke queen din. Pano, biglang kakanta out of the blue! Pero ok lang, magaling naman siya kumanta eh. ;-)

Michel Onrubia. Poisoned. Hanep kasi ang poise niya, kayo naman eh!

Jen-jen Gavilla. Miss Mamon at Miss Baon. Sarap kasi ng BAON niyang MAMON. Woooo. Hanep din sa pagka-slow, pero OK lang, kasi masaya naman eh!!!

Zia Cornejo. Smallest but Terriblest. Hanep kasama. Chill din siya, hindi pikon. Nakakatuwa. She's a bundle of hyper energy. Grabe.

Sarah delos Santos. Ang pangatlong CORNY MUSKETEER. Grabe talaga. Corn Princess. Corny kasi. Pero chill din siya. Ano nga ulit meaning ng name mo? Sarah is Always Ready and Available to Handsome guys? HAHAH.

Corinne Escartin. Active sa extra-curricular activities. May band, tas chorale, tapos she did the Dramafest to. San pa you?

Jessica Carpio. Hands down, pinakatahimik. Proud ako sakanya kasi hindi siya naki-ingay! Ang galing. Hindi siya umingay. Masarap din kasama, tapos astig handwriting niya!!!

Ana Raymundo. MEGAPHONE hahaha. A bundle of energy din. Malakas ang boses.

Belina Tenorio. JULIET CRUZ. Omz. Patrick ka lang ehh...Yihee. Filipina beauty talaga, with her beautiful skin and big, brown eyes. ;-)


Super adviser. Hanep ang patience. Good thing she held out until the end of the schoolyear, akala ko bibitawan niya na kami. Pinakamagaling magturo sa lahat, she made Biology bearable. Maganda din, chaka hanep sa mga gimik. Masaya din kasama. Sir Mancao, yihee. HAHA. Sayang at hindi kami naging SUPERCLOSE sakanya, pero okay lang, because we love her all the same. :-)

Da best! Hanep magturo, puro kwento! Teacher for 2 straight years, and I probably wouldn't mind another year. Swerte kami kay Sir, grabe. He's kind, and caring and funny and nakakatuwa. Sana siya parin Level Prefect next year!

The BOMB now! HAHA. Sayang hindi ko masyado trip yung style niya sa pagtuturo. Ang chill niya pa naman nung LAST DAY!!!


Two years in a row ko nang Filipino teacher...ayoko na. Gusto ko ma'enjoy yung Noli next year. Pero hanep rin siya sa memories ah!

I'd prefer to call him Sir Sta.Rita, pero since lahat ng classmates ko Sir Jojo tawag sakanya, edi Sir Jojo Sta. Rita nilagay ko. Nung una, ayoko siyang Math teacher kasi parang boring. Pero in the end, AYLABYOO SER!!! Pinakafavorite kong Math teacher siguro. Since Math isn't my best subject, and he's very kind when it comes to teaching and grading and pag hindi ko maintindihan. Hindi siya nakakatakot. Astig nga siya eh! Chaka SUPER sipag nito mga tshong, araw-araw nagco'commute from NOVALICHES QC to ALABANG! Chaka grabe talaga. My Math grades would have SUFFERED this year if not for him. San pa you?

Bat laging cool ang mga English teacher? One of my favorite teachers throughout the year, astig siya, pare. She took up MassCom but ended up as an English teacher. I enjoy Speakers of the Day because she ends up asking the most interesting questions. Mahilig din siya magkwento. And she's patient and kind and walang chiao-chiao sa buhay. Chiao-chiao. Alam mo yun, kaartehan.

Wala, biglang nawala mid-year eh.

Ang pumalit kay Miss Monreal na 3rd year teacher, kaya kadalasan absent siya pag Wednesday, pero OK lang. Medyo may pagka-masungit, pero ayus din lang. Atleast may teacher kami sa PA.

Mahilig pagtripan ni Menandro. Hindi niya yata napapansin na kumakain kami pag class niya. Pero minsan nakikinig ako, wag ka. Sarap sana matulog, kung hindi lang ako kitang-kita eh.

Biglang nawala due to an injury, God help her. Get well soon sana. Astig pa naman si Miss.

OK din 'to, astig. PE teacher ng boys, kaya wala ako masyado masabi. Nakakatawa. :-P

Pasensya na, hindi ko maalala last name niya eh. Ok din lang. Astig kasi hindi siya nagbigay ng seating arrangement. Kami na bahala mag-arrange, basta dapat lagi kami andun. Si Sir Melvin maraming kilala sa mundo ng music. Lahat yata kilala niya e.

Mahal 'to ng buong batch. Masyadong mahal, hindi ko na nakakausap eh. Pero ok lang, let me battle my own war. Tough and straightforward. She gives you the shit, whether you like being told off or not. Hanep na GUIDANCE COUNSELOR, she guides you talaga, through and through. Masarap kausap, nakakatuwa pa! Sayang walang Guidance next year. Just when we need it the most.


Grabe, nakakapagod pala 'to.


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Thursday, March 13, 2008


They're doing the Lennon-McCartney songbook.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED david cook and carly smithson's performance. WOOHOOOOOOO!!! Especially david's. Omygas. Eleanor Rigby.

You should hear me gushing here.


Listen here.

I may be crazy, and woozy and high with whatever feeling I'm having...but what the heck.

I never ever do anything life-changing with another person in mind. I do what I do for myself. And never.


for someone.



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Monday, March 10, 2008

stupid post v2.
Listening to:
Let Your Lights Down Low - Bob Marley
(i now officially love reggae. perfect chill-out music. i fell in love with this song the moment i heard its preview in iTunes.)
2 Become 1- Spice Girls
(had a near-breakdown moment last night. i'm now listening to spice girls. comfort music ko 90's pop.)
Holler - Spice Girls
(this is my favorite Spice Girl song. :-)) )
Pump it Up - Elvis Costello
(oh yes now.)
Stop - Spice Girls
(i think its music video was the first i've ever seen. i remember it well. grabe. this song has the ability to perk me up. see. i now forgot my foul mood. :-) )
What a Wonderful World - Joey Ramone
(this cover ROCKS my socks.)
Material Girl - Hilary Duff ft. Hayley Duff
(whatever. haha. i like this version LOL. bubblegum pop now!)


Woo boy. What's it like to feel like world-class shite?

Well I'll tell ya.


Only 4 days till freedom...

And 1 day left to make it all last.

I've been so eager to go on vacation and do my own thing that I've forgotten to look at what I've had for the past school year.

I've forgotten to think of my classmates and the people that have made this year stellar.

I've been to engrossed in my sea of projects, homeworks and personal problems that I've forgotten how the year has been.

And I've forgotten that I have a single day left to drown this all in. To smell the room in its cold glory, to memorize every single plane and wrinkle in the face of the guy that (now that is obsessive. but it's called hyperbole.) One single day to make my Sophomore Year last.

I've had numerous pictures, numerous moments...

But all feels so...


I'm adjusting my nunga-nungas for battle. I'm going to make tomorrow last.

I'm going to say sorry, say Hi to people I've never said hi to...

and that's that.

p.s. tomorrow's not our official last day, but we'd be too preoccupied with our final exams during the last three days of the school year to remember we won't be seeing each other the same way again.


Holy Feck.

It just dawned on me that next year...

My friends won't be my classmates anymore.

Angeli, my classmate in grade 3 won't be there. Barbie, who has been with me through grade 1 to now, except grades 3 and 5. Angelique, who has been with me since grade 4. Hazel, who has been with me since grade 6.

Dana, who has been with me since grade 1!

I think it's going out of my comfort zone, what I'm doing right now. Even if it's still within the safety confines of...ehrm... ehrm... PhySci, I wouldn't be having the more or less same classmates I've had since gradeschool. There'd be new faces, new friends.

And holy hell, a mountain of trigo and geom problems.

My nose is bleeding just thinking of those things.

Grabe. Sino na kakausapin ko if I had a stupid joke in mind? What if Danton Carl and Aivi are placed in a far place? (posible pangang magkakasunod sila eh. cause danton's dizon, carl's calderon and aivi's carpio. C and D. pucha ako nasa dulo.) What if I have a difficulty in a problem and I'm not cool with my seatmate? PANO PAG WALA AKONG KOKOPYAHAN PAG QUIZ?! (i'm kidding. surprisingly, i don't do that...more often than not.) What ifff...



Holy Mother of Buwitres.

Eyng. Inside joke between my brain and I. Whut. Don't mind me. Side effect 'to ng listening to bubblegum pop.

Moving on.

Grabe. I think it's going to be a new world next year.

I don't know if I should be excited or scared.

Feeeeeck. Feeeeck.


I'm out.


On the other hand,

konting tiis nalang and all these things would be over.

3 months all mine.


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Sunday, March 9, 2008

stupid post
Listening to:
Love in This Club - Usher ft. Young Jeezy
(because Barbie commented on my iPod's lack of RnB tunes, I decided to consult iTunes. This is one of the top 5 hits of the moment, so I downloaded it. Didn't like it at first, but it grew on me. And I'm singing it. And I love the EY moments.)
Island in the Sun - Weezer
(my sister had to sock me since she got sawa to Love in this club)
What a Wonderful World - Joey Ramone
(this is VICKY'S new favorite song.)
Search and Destroy - Iggy Pop and the Stooges
(70's punk now)

What a wonderfulll wooorrrld. :-)


I found my music buddy. I don't think I've found someone who likes the Ramones as much as I do, give or take...hmm.. 3 people who I can't even talk to.

So this one. I can probably talk to him, but I'm too shy to do so.

He hasn't checked his Friendster account in ages.

I wonder if he still likes the Ramones...

I wonder if he likes Elvis Costello.

Does anyone out there like Elvis Costello?


Oh, and by the way. Does anyone know a good song by The Who besides Baba O'Reilly? 'Cause I don't really like the beginning that much. It makes me ears bleed (ish). I'm kidding. After the beginning, everything is pretty decent, though.









**message will self-destroy in 5 seconds**



I'm gone.


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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

i wish i didn't know.
"Jackie is a puhnk, Judy is a ruhnt, they both went down Behrlihn to join the Ass Capahdss (Ice Capades) eyeahyee."

Listening to:
Old Yellow Bricks - Arctic Monkeys (loves it. Although their songs tend to sound alike.)
trying out Motion City Soundtrack (they sound emo. i'm eternally turned-off by emo bands, i don't even know why. but they're chill. i like Phantom Planet more,though.)
One Ray of Sunlight - Phantom Planet
Interstate Love Song - Stone the Pilots (yeheeey!)


WTF is wrong with Blogger. I just clicked the Edit HTML tab and when I returned to the Compose tab,everything got messed up. So I returned to the Edit HTML tab and then back to the Compose tab.

And then everything was gone.



Incessant ranting about a boy ahead.


It's nice to rant about a boy when a) he doesn't read your blog b) he doesn't know you. Nil chances of getting caught red-handed or anything. Not really nil. But there's 1% percent chance of him getting across this blog, but he won't even know that I'm talking about him. Or a kind person might point out that I'm ranting about him. But I don't think that person would know I'm ranting about this guy.



HOLY.SHIT. [disclaimer v2: about to continue the post then found out something shitty.]


I want to take up Structural Engineering.

My mum, grandpa and I were talking about it on the dinner table kanina, and they mentioned the type of engineering that supervises the pagkakabuo of buildings and stuff. And then my mum mentioned St. Peter's Basilica as an example.

And then suddenly, I wanted to be a Structural Engineer.

One glitch, though.

It's under Civil Engineering.

Holy mother of buwitres.

But I want this.

My heart goes with it. My brain goes with it. It f*cking FEELS RIGHT.



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survey : List the Top 25 Overall Artists
List the Top 25 Overall Artists (in no particular order)

1. Ramones
2. The Beatles
3. The Clash
4. Smashing Pumpkins
5. Keane
6. Phantom Planet
7. Coldplay
8. Arctic Monkeys
9. The Sounds
10. Sonic Youth
11. Buckcherry
12. Coheed & Cambria
13. Disturbed
14. Everclear
15. Ne-Yo
16. Chris Brown
17. Jet
18. Kanye West
19. Liz Phair
20. Maroon 5
21. Muse
22. Metallica
23. Snow Patrol
24. OK Go
25. Taking Back Sunday

What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
Lonely Day.

What is your favorite album by 2?
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club

What is your favorite lyric that 1 has sung?
Not very sensible lyrics to be expected from the Ramones, pero they're so fun and easy to sing. So I sing them lagi.

"Jackie is a puhnk, Judy is ruhnt, they both went down to Berlin to join the Ass Capahds"

"Rock rock rock rock rock n roll haahskewwll"

"They forming in a straight line...they're going through a tight wind...blahblahblahblahBlitzkrieg bp" (they say it so snappily, you barely here the vowel in bop)

"hey ho, let's go. shoot 'em in the back now."

"twentytwentytwentyfour hours to go...i wanna be sedated"

and pinakafavorite...


How many times have you seen 11 live?
fat chance. :))

What is your favorite song by 7?
The Scientist!

What is a good memory you have involving 20?
Marami. Gradeschool summer memories with Sunday Morning. incoming grade 4 (ata) summer memories with This Love and She Will Be Loved. Singing along to Won't Go Home Without You with Johan and Aivi and Zigmund(?). 2007 Summer memories with Makes Me Wonder. And that Airport dream.

Is there a song by 3 that makes you sad?
i don't think i've ever encountered a sad punk song. i think that's emo na.

What is your favorite lyric that 14 has sung?
"Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now."

What is your favorite song by 19?
Extraordinary. Everything to Me. Why Can't I?

How did you first get into 22?
I don't know. Matagal na, I was into this experimental music phase, just picking up bands and songs and trying them out (still am). Ayun. Was wikipedia-ing a band which led to a link to Metallica's page. Yun. Started downloading.

What was the first song you heard by 21?
I think it was Starlight. Pero I'm not sure.

What is your favorite song by 4?
Perfect. :-P

What is a good memory you have involving 13?
WALA. I usually only listen to this when a)i'm in a bad mood b)I'm feeling odd c)i'm bored d)wala lang. WHUT? Good memory. Probably bus memories. On the way home at 5:30 bus memories. Alone, thinking of someone.

Is there a song by 23 that makes you sad?
You Could be Happy. It made me cry once. Grabe. So sad. Pati Run. HAHAHA.

What is your favorite album of 15?
eyng. haven't tried out his album yet. baka sayang sa pera eh.

What is your favorite lyric that 9 has sung?
"i've been dying to say this to you and i don't know what else to do. i've seen your fuckin attitude..." ego
"where empty words and worlds collide. it was my ego telling my why. i lied above you, regrets are useless" ego
"like the girls in suits and those pretty boys, i gave my heart to rock and roll" rock and roll

What is your favorite song by 8?
When The Sun Goes Down ngayon. HAHA. Wala, I suddenly thought of it eh.

How many times have you seen 5 live?
None. Nil. Zilch.

What is your favorite album by 12?
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3.

What is a good memory you have involving 25?
Marami-rami. MakeDamnSure. Yung Bagyo na super tagal na walang pasok. Anong bagyo nga ulit yun? Ayan. theme song ko yan nun. Good thing my iPod lasted. what else. Everything in Louder Now - Angsty days!!! HAHA. Slowdance on the Inside - not really a memory. Pero a music video flickers in my mind when I hear this song. A music video my mind conjured for that song. Most stuff in Where You Want to be summer tunes last '07.

What was the first song you heard by 18?
I forgot!!! Jesus Walks yata? Gold digger? HAHAH.

What is your favorite song by 17?
Rollover DJ. wala lang. it's a summer tune for me. hahahaha.

What is your favorite album by 24?
their latest one. :P hahahaha most of my favorite songs from them came from that album eh.

How many of your top 25 have you seen live?
W A L A ! incu sana. kaya lang... nako. who will i go with? ne-yo sana kaya lang...wala. pffffft.

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Listening to:
Lonely Day - Phantom Planet

I don't know why, but it reminds me of my gradeschool days. Well of course, I heard it during my gradeschool days.



And I've known

We're just like old friends

We just can't pretend

That lovers make amends

We are reasons so unreal

We can't help but feel

That something has been lost

But please

You know you're just like me

Next time I promise we'll be perfect



Strangers down the line

Lovers out of time

Memories unwind

So far, I still know who you are

But now I wonder who I was

Angel, you know it's not the end

We'll always be good friends

The letters have been sent on

So please

You always were so free

You'll see, I promise we'll be perfect


Strangers when we meet

Strangers on the street

Lovers walk asleep


You know this has to be

We always were so free

We promised that we'd be




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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

withdrawal symptoms
Listening to:
Something - The Beatles
The Beatles. Para I'll feel better.

Maybe when my friends and I grow up we should all go and buy Beetles. The new ones. I'll go and get the apple green one. Or the yellow one. Or the red one. Wag lang black. Mukha siyang garapata.And then my friends and I can call ourselves...

*drum roll*

The Beetles.

Oh shite. I've been hanging out too much with the corny people!


Look at it this way:

I'm on a diet. Starting out, I'm so darn sure I'd go through it and I'd lose all the weight. And then I see the glorious, massive bag of CLOVER CHIPS on the food cabinet. And it has sour cream dip to go with it too! OHHHHHHHHHH the temptation.

But I resisted.

And now I'm left with an awful feeling.

NO. NO. NO. That's not what's happening with me. I just used that to make you understand how bad I'm feeling right now.

I suck. I feel like a shite. And I'm in a shi cree withou a padd (notice the missing letters?)


Saw a girl in a white Ramones shirt at school today.

I could have died of jealousy. It was nice and in full-color. And nice. And nice. And nice.

:-( And Angeli kept pointing it out. I wonder if the girl in the white shirt listens to the Ramones too. We'd make good buddies if she does. Cool.


weeheeeeeee... Ang sarap kantahin ng kanta ng Ramones. Nothing high, nothing too low. Just right. And they're catchy. And the lyrics aren't hard to remember.

I was singing The KKK Took My Baby Away too much, Angeli pretty much knew that line of the song already. Eh.

Enough about the old stuff. Walang nakakarelate. :-(


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Monday, March 3, 2008

current state of affairs.
Grabe pala pag sobrang turn-off 'no?

A long, long time (we're counting years) can suddenly be turned to...


I've been waiting for this.

Sanayan nalang, and we're ready to go.


Some people get upset if I don't comment kagad. Ata. I don't know. But if ever that some people do, don't get mad. tinatamad lang ako.


Current state of affairs:


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Saturday, March 1, 2008

soundtrack of my life.
Listening to:
My heart beat.

Eww. how psychotic is that.


Mahirap to.

Shiiit. Ang hirap.

I can't decide.


My Own Movie's Soundtrack.

Opening credits: Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns. Para masaya.

Waking up:
Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles. It's so bright and sunny! Or Brighter than Sunshine - Aqualung.

Average day: All the Small Things - Blink 182 (para kahit average, may spunk.)

First date: Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles. KIDDING. hahaha. Depende kung saan yung date. And it depends on what we're doing. DEPENDE SA SCENE. Shet. I'm too...imaginative. Kung something wild, like running around or whatever, Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones (labo eh.) or No Tomorrow - Orson. If something like a walk in the park, Don't Get Me Wrong - The Pretenders. Or One Look - Kjwan.

Falling in love: Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows

Love scene: Wait. What kind of love scene are we talking about here? If we're talking about a LOVE LOVE scene, edi Black Magic Woman - Carlos Santana. Pero if it's something more...ehr... prude-ish and innocent and WHOLESOME, edi... Superstar - Sonic Youth (ne?)

Well that sucks. Wala namang wholesome na love scene, and we know what the survey is talking about anyway. So let's settle for Black Magic Woman - Carlos Santana.

Fight scene: Enter Sandman - Metallica. Or... The Pretender - Foo Fighters.Or... Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional. HAHAHAHAH.

Breaking up: Happy Ending - Mika. You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol. Ego - The Sounds. (kung medyo in-your face. haha.)

Getting back together: Baduy. May getting back together. What kind of movie is this? HAHAH. Well anyways. Walang magandang getting back together music. Yung sa The Sims nalang. Everytime they kiss and then there's this background music... Yun nalang. Cheesy music for a cheesy scene.

Secret love: Secret Love - Jojo. Di bagay. HAHAH. Probably Perfect - Smashing Pumpkins.

Life's okay: He Said, She Said - Ashley Tisdale. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. A Day in The Life - The Beatles

Mental breakdown: Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes. Hahaha. or Tears Don't Fall - Bullet For My Valentine

Driving: Drive - Incubus? Nge. Uhm... Anything by Keane. Or... Strawberry Fields Forever. Octupus' Garden. Drive My Car. All by the Beatles. HAHA.

Learning a lesson: What kind of lesson? Academic lesson? A life lesson? More probably a life lesson. Hmmm. It depends on how I learned it. Like...sometimes it just whacks me in the head. Sometimes someone has to tell me. When it whacks me in the head... Frustrated Unnoticed - Damone (kahit hindi bagay yung lyrics.). If someone tells me... Everything - Buckcherry. AH! It's Far Better to Learn - Saosin. or I Can Tell (piano version) - Saosin [CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE. IT'S FREAKING AWESOME. :))]

Deep thought: Meaning of Life - Disturbed. Hahaha. Something mellow. 1234 - Feist. Or. Ewan. depends on what I'm thinking of.

Flashback: Hmmm. Walang Kasing Sarap - Brownman Revival. HAHAA.

Partying: LOW - Flo Rida ft. T-pain. or Tokyo Drift - Teriyaki Boys.

Happy dance: Accidentally in Love? Do What You Want - OK Go.

Pucha ang hirap naman. Boulders - New Found Glory. or New American Classic - Taking Back Sunday.

Long night alone: The KKK Took My Baby Away - Ramones. Para masaya. I can just imagine the scene o. Me eating and hoarding all the food while in front of the TV. Doing the randomest things (cartwheeling and stuff) and then sa dulo, when the drums and the guitars close the song, it'll show me sleeping, face up, eagle-spread on the bed. Snoring. Diba? :P

Death scene:
Depends on how I die. Kung brutal (either by accident/bullet/pain/sickness) Slither - Velvet Revolver. Kung medyo peaceful... Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins.

Closing credits:
Bonus Mosh Pt. 2 - Taking Back Sunday. :0 or... Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader.


HANDS DOWN, the hardest survey I ever took. And I'd bet I'll be changing my mind, and then I'll be posting with final answers altogether. :)



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