Thursday, May 31, 2007

humanity is a parade of fools, and i am at the front of it, twirling a baton.
i believe in faith. i believe in horoscopes. i believe in finding "the one" for you. i believe in true love. i believe in karma. i believe in stars. i believe in aliens. i believe in the unexpected. i believe that our minds are intertwined and interconnected in some haywired way. i believe that first love never dies, though i have yet to prove it.

maybe i am that superficial.

maybe i don't know myself that well. maybe some other people know me better.

how should i know?

i want to say sorry for something i don't know if i did. i want to say sorry though i know everyone would say i have got nothing to be sorry about. plus, i would make myself look like a fool. people might think i'd be sucking up and running after this person.

i want to talk to somebody but i know it wouldn't happen. but it's something i wish for. every night, when i pray, everytime i get a wishbone when i eat. everytime i get a chance to write a wish in a balloon to send it far a way. everytime i get this little wishy-wishy stuff that you learned about in seed propagation class in gradeschool. everytime i see a shooting star. everytime i get a hair from my eye (what do you call them?) and guess if it sticks in my index finger and thumb.

every chance i have.

i'm superficial, thinking things will all work out the way i'd thought they'd be. i should know about this already.

maybe i am that superficial.

nakakainis when the solution to my long-time problem has been there all the time, i was just denying myself to it.

forgive and forget. yun na yun.


episode 12, part 2 out of 4

nakakakilig si JOSH and si NELLE! OMG they're going to kiss.

ay di natuloy. badtrip naman o. ang gwapo ni aj dun sa isang angle. ayyy shet.

isa pa raw sabi ni aj. hahaha. he's teaching her how to kiss kasi eh. long story long story. hello. view the vid nalang.kaya lang matagal magload. shouldn't nelle atleast look up? i mean she might kiss aj's chin.

nakakaasar naman si kuya gens o.

i'm glad i liked aj, so i have a new distraction. plus, it gives me a good feeling. gushing, ranting and babbling about a show most people i know, know. well it's the otherwise sometimes. it's in abs-cbn kasi, and 'they' watch etc, discovery, mtv, etc. i watch those too. hahaha. :P

ang cute ni bill. i like him already.

nakakatawa si webb and si rickson.

i'm talking complete nonsense.

nako, ganyan daw pag obsession na!

episode twelve, part four out of four.

i wonder how starmagic comes up with loveteams. they're highly effective huh.

wow ang daming may crush kay aj/josh ah. :D

wait ang labo. pink ang cellphone ni victor basa?

onga pala tough guys wear pink. eh he's not wearing it. HAHA joke lang.

NAKAKAASAR NAMAN SI NELLE EHHHHH! hindi pa sinabi kay aj na she likes him.

badtrip. ang tagal pa naman magload ng videos sa youtube, kelangan ko pa magabang. ohwell. ok lang yun. =D

ayy yuck liza and nelle. uhm. yeah. can i skip this part?

i don't like vince. he's got a weird way of speaking. he's like...nasally challenged or something.

i can't take this. it's an obsession.

gwapo ni aj.


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ang baklang side ni vicky.
hahahahahahah. i can't believe it. i'm in loooooo0o0o0o00ove. hahahaha. hell i stayed up to three am just to watch him in youtube. that's gotta be love man.

i'm kidding. i'm not that superficial.

grabe i just saw him on abt ur love (ur lyf 2) [hell they just HAD to have THAT tagline] and he's bigger, brawnier and tanner.

i love him. kaya lang there's going to be someone "new" between josh and nelle. his name's prince. uhm prince. yeah. whatever. loser loser snap snap take a picture. hahaha. i hate you. T_T

anyways. ngayon lang ulit ako nakanood sa youtube. 'cause yesterday my sister took over my thone, and the other day...well nagf'fluctuate yung electricity. so i had to load all five parts of one episode all over again.

that kind of ticked me off.

so i just skipped some episodes and went to the one where nelle gets interested in josh already. hahahahaha. :P kilig. eh yung iba naman wala akong pakialam. basta josh and nelle gets together, we're good. haha.

haaayyyyayayyyy he's so gwapo talaga.


btw i'm talking about aj perez. HAHAHA.

nakakatawa din si bill and hillary. tapos magkakaron din daw ng isang 3rd party. ano kaya pangalan nun? chelsea? how about monica? hahahah.

political types inside joke.

i like bill and hillary too. they're cute. :D haha. sila din naman magkakatuluyan.

nako. what if i forget about it on saturday? i mean we have LOADS to do on saturday. huhuhu. T_T i cannot afford to miss this. fo sho i'd be screaming all afternoon.

fo sho. ano ako, ghett-o?

now what. our neighbor ate monica woke the sleeping prince and princess (mikee and vanilla). has she got any idea how ear-piercing vanilla's scream is?

yan buti nalang natulog uli.

i tasted el hombre tequila already. onting onti lang (i promise). natamaan na ako. sumakit nga ulo ko eh. haha. kawawa naman ako. T_T tapos they taught me how to play poker. oye. james bond, here i come. :D we went over to nicole's after soccer practice. haha. we had a hard time finding a place to stay in. lols.

picture nalang. they're from nicole. visit HERE.

ayyyyy naliligo si josh! teka nood lang ako youtube. =D


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Monday, May 28, 2007

major wiggage.

hmmm. this is something i found on youtube. i was watching something when i chanced upon it. i got interested and so i clicked the link and viewed it.

it features josh (aj perez) and nelle (lauren young) from abt ur love, a teen TV show from abs-cbn. the song is pretty cheezy, but hey, the scenes were pretty cheezy as well. they make a cute couple, i guess. they even have their own cutesy couple-y name already, just like brangelina and tomkat. ajren's the name. hahaha.

ang groupie ko yak. but hey there are more groupie-ish people out there. try searching josh and nelle at youtube. toink. dumadami ang fans nila. give em a little more time and they'll have their own movie already. hahahaha.

pero kasi ang weird ni aj umarte eh. well it isn't bad. there's just something weird about it.

the josh kid is our age i think, and so is nelle. they don't look like our age though. no actually they do. hahah. aj is like, cut out to be a matinee idol or something. i mean look at him. that smile, that face, that HAIR. hahahah. maybe they're going to be the next john lloyd - bea thing. (i hate it when you have to type lloyd too. kaya lang john cruz doesn't sound so matinee idol-y.) and then they're going to have their names and faces (aj and lauren, i meant) plastered on banners when they do guestings.

and then if they get REALLY popular, like kim and gerald (i'm sorry, but i don't like them. i liked them in itchyworms' video though. HAHA. dun LANG. i'd rather kim and mikee ), they're going to have their faces and bodies in weird outfits and weird poses in notebooks that many people are going to buy.

creepy, huh.

how will it feel kaya to have your own face in a notebook bought by some person you have no idea of?

aj and lauren make a cute couple, chemistry-wise. which is really all that would matter. aj's gwapo and...well...aj. lauren's pretty, and tall with really really pretty hair that i covet. HAHAH.

the first time i saw this show, i saw them both first. it was the part/episode when nelle was telling josh that she likes someone else. and then may part that josh thinks that nelle likes a girl, given that nelle is tomboy-ish. that was funny. hahaha. pero nakakakilig.

well i like them better than what people say about aj perez and empress shuck. mas bagay si empress and the...what's his name guy. dino imperial. yeah. the one in candy.

ang masa kasi nilang dalawa eh. and their story. guy and girl best friends. girl secretly falls for guy. guy thinks girl likes another girl. HAHAH. and then i didn't follow their story so... yeah.

oh and the episode where they tried to kiss too. when josh and nelle make those fish lips. HAHAH nakakatawa yun. and there was one shot, when he was trying to kiss her, aj looked really nice in that. ahhah i like him already. ;;) oh and oh, i like how aj dresses up. as josh, i guess. nakakakilig yung smile niya. he makes me shiver when he smiles. (YAAAAAHAAAK!!!)

eww ang groupie ko. i should accept this groupie part of myself. HAHAHAHAHAH. natatawa nalang ako sa sarili ko.

this is the only time after a long time that i fancied some people in the local industry. besides matteo. when i liked him, he wasn't on tv. besides that weird head and shoulders commercial.

nakakatakot ako pag groupie.

view it nalang if you got nought to do. ;) corny alert nga lang.

hahah this is major wiggage.

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VANILLA, my baby girl!

chiara has her own dog too. mikee. :)

mikee is a fluffier, fatter and more playful version of vanilla. vanilla is...weird. :)) she's magulo and she can't stay in one place.

but really i can't characterize her yet, she's only almost 2 months old. babyng baby pa!

i'm really enjoying her now. kahit super sharp ang nails niya.

i feel like such a mother. i have to clean up after her, pick her up when she wails. hahaha.


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Saturday, May 26, 2007

'cause you keep me coming back for more...and i feel a little better than i did before.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MAROON 5! they're damn good. i just got their cd, IT WON'T BE SOON BEFORE LONG.



hindi naman ako masyadong excited about my new purchase noh.

yuck i'm speaking in my fluent taglish accent.



today was rather eventful, since i had my VERY FIRST soccer competition. it's like my very first thing you know. against people i don't really know.

i sucked.

but it's ok. :)) i really don't mind sucking since...well it's part of the daily routine.

cheers to optimism!


i like a new guy. and his name's jack. (if you're a friend of mine, you should not believe this post. i'll explain to you how it'll work.)

i'll tell you more about him later. :))


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Friday, May 25, 2007

happy birdie!
today is my sister CHIARA's birthday. she just turned 11.

if i get in the mood, i'll write a post about her. :D


since today is chiara's birthday, ANGELIQUE and HAZEL came over. also most of chiara's friends here in the neighborhood came over. everybody had a blast, though angelique, hazel and i did different stuff compared to chiara's friends. :)


we're going to have a football competition tomorrow. sweet. it's my first time getting involved in something like this.

i used to think twice about this when someone told me about the news. wala lang. maybe i was just scared.


i decided to make myself my own layout. i figured it'd be easy enough. and i know what i want.

i came up with this header:

i'll think about how i'll play with it. i like it a lot. classic, clean, black and white, my favorite color combination.


i just tasted my very first drop of tequila rose. yum yum.

plus, i never felt good about myself. pano kasi...iba diyan. HAH! diba ANGELIQUE? HAZEL?



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Thursday, May 24, 2007

oh no.
summer's almost over, and that's almost a valid assumption. bookstores are putting up their BACK TO SCHOOL SALE banners, and it's starting to rain lightly already. people are having their last-minute beach trips.

even if this summer hasn't surpassed last summer's bliss, i don't want to go to school. i honestly DON'T want to go to school. last year i wanted to go to school 'cause there was a reason (or rather a person *snicker snicker* behind it). now, there's no reason at all. i see my friends regularly anyway, and i'm busy with jared, johnny, jack(white), matteo, bob.

busy. riiiight.

i have still much to do before summer ends. school-related, not school related. i have tasks to do for my mother. layouts to do. so many things to organize.

bet you i wouldn't be able to do all these before the school year starts. especially organizing things. i'm a big neat freak, but i never really do it anyway. the neat stuff. arranging my clothes by color and by style, all the "blings". i even want to fix my blog.


ok. back to the boys topic. i'm liking to Js right now.


jack white is the lead singer of the band the white stripes. he is also a member of the raconteurs, though i have yet to find out which role he plays. i like him because his voice is different. parang lasing. yun. :)) i first saw him in seven nation army's music video, which also led to my discovery of the white stripes.

together with meg white, he forms the two-man band the white stripes. it was rumored that they used to be married but were divorced. but meg and jack claim that they're plainly brother and sister.

makes sense, since why do you divorce someone and be in a band with them?

pardon the pictures. there were VERY few where he looked nice. =)) he looks weird, really. try to google him.


is also a weird guy. he's willy wonka, edward scissorhands and captain jack sparrow. all very much diverse characters. i found him amusing as willy wonka. really. he's one of the reasons why i love CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. and there's something about him. he's weird, eccentric and he looks really weird with the beard and the goatie thing. =)

but then again, there's something about johnny depp. =)

i made this one. it's a bad edit. hahaha. don't look at the filmstrip. though i know you would.


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Monday, May 21, 2007

go the distance.
i just received an e-mail from CHIARA. no, not my sister (why the hell would she do that, she can plainly SCREAM at my face). she's my italian friend, whom i met from my godfather's wedding the last decade (prolly 1997),at palermo, italia. yes, he's married to an italiana. how lucky. =))

anyway.the last time i corresponded with her was...

well i can't remember.

and she just e-mailed me today. well i wasn't certain when she e-mailed me, but i doesn't matter, because i just read it today.

it says...

Hi Isabel,I'm Chiara
Do you remember me???
I have your hotmail address because my mum sent an e-mail to your aunt Cettina...
How are you??? How is your family???
We are fine...
Yesterday there was my birthday's party, it was fantastic!!!! :-)
I and my friends danced and played volleyball...
I receved a pink portable telephone (MOTOROLA V3):very beautiful!!!!
I'm 15 years old now, and you??? How old are you???
see you soon



P.S. Excuse me if my english isn't perfect
back to the days when cellphones weren't rampant, we exchanged letters. i sent her christmas cards, and artworks. the most recent, besides this e-mail, was another e-mail. but that was years ago.

it's cool. i was just thinking of her the other day (no, no. not in THAT way), because i was e-mailing my ninong and she just popped in my mind.

you don't know how glad i am to hear from her! =) yes.

back during my ninong's the reception, i gravitated toward her because she stayed with me when i didn't want to play with the other italian kids. i remember even talking to her in tagalog. i was saying i don't want to play with them. i was TOO SHY. it was weird, because she seemed to understand what i said, even if i was talking crap the whole time. well i was definitely not nodding, and i was doing hand gestures, so that could have helped.

grabe i'm happy. hahaha.

and all i sent her was a loser e-mail.

i should improve on my e-mailing skills. oh well, there's always next time.

i hope to see her soon!!! :) pictures nga lang.

1st picture: digging the outfit. =)
2nd picture: isn't she pretty?

1st: there's moi. with chiara.
2nd: and moi. this is a pretty picture.
this is moi. with chiara, my sister. at the beach beside our hotel.
belissima! (this is tito plip)
the happy couple. the now have 2 kids. matteo, and gaia.

gaialicious. wut? :) you HAVE to dig the ringlets. they're natural.
this is little matty. angeli's soulmate (hi angeli). he's a cute kid. :)


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Saturday, May 19, 2007

lame lame lame lame.
i feel like my blog is getting lamer by the minute. eversince i transferred from my old blog.
it's STUPID, because the only major thing i changed was my url. the layout shouldn't affect anything.

but then, i think i'm a psychologically challenged person, so that might mean that the outlook of my blog affects my blogging.

ok, that was a stupid theory.

i feel like i have to go by these stupid rules to make a good posts. ayan nanaman ako. my perfectionism is getting in the way of me, living my life.

but this is HOW i live my life!!!

i WORK great under pressure. i THRIVE under pressure. i EAT pressure for breakfast.

but this kind of pressure. i don't think it's working.

my mind is OVERWHELMED with my thoughts. grabe. i feel like my heart (ironically) is going to burst.


everything's overwhelming. affections, ideas, wants, needs, GOD! can't i live a thought-free life?

i really just should get a new layout for myself. but it would be unfair if i placed myself first when other people asked first.

i'm running out of inspiration! putakte.

kakabili ko nga ng bagong cd ng photoshop cs2 chaka illustrator cs. wala naman kwenta. i don't know how to use illustrator (i have to find time pa... it takes MONTHS! hahaha.)...and i'm still more comfortable using adobe elements compared to cs2.

it takes time nga raw.

i can't wait to make my own vector images!!! HEEHEEHEE evil laugh.

Hear ye, hear ye. i ask you to forgive thee.
i'm sorry, but my mind is burned out. nahihirapan ako.
nappressure ako kasi baka ayaw niyo
na ng layout niyo if i don't give it to you kagad.
tapos you might not like your layout pa.
mahirap manghula noh.
chaka i want it to be good.
so PLEASE give me time.

on a more serious note...

things i should.


i am so all over the place.

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shwek the turd... (that doesn't quite sound right)
grabe don't you just love shrek? it's my ideal movie. not the departed, not crash, not the queen. SHREK. heck, it deserves an academy award! (well it did get one. the first movie, i mean. it was the best animated film...which was the first time they ever gave it to anyone). whoever came up with this kind of plot are magicians. who could have thought of that concept?

shrek is back, still as funny as ever, maybe even funnier.

it's got everything in it. romance,drama,comedy, comedy, comedy, lots of comedy, suspense, even an underdog story. it's amazing. it's uncunning. hahah.

grabe i can't get over it. ang groupie ko nanaman pakinggan.

the storyline is amazing too.

haaay i could go on babbling about shrek. but i'd spare you the drama, yes?




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blogger beta...
Blogger is getting better and better. first it improved its outloook and made it more user friendly, therefore the queries i receive about it get lesser and lesser. don't get me wrong, i love answering questions, it's just that some people don't always have the luxury of time.

i love its new option, the AUTOSAVE option, because as a blogger for a year and 9 months, i have lost a LOT of posts, which i thought were very fit for posting up here.

so cheers to blogger.

also, many people are going back to blogger. and more people are making their own blogs.

hurrah to that! =)


i don't think i had the chance to have a good night's sleep. i don't think i even had the chance to sleep AT ALL. it's annoying. and i still have a headache, which i had yesterday...a few days ago... =))

anyways, i'll go snag ADVIL at the drugstore later.

it always does the magic for me. =P


wahaaay more and more people are asking for requests! =))

ok ok let's make things clear.

if you're going to make a request you have to...

yes, i can say i'd make good layouts, but they'd look better if you became more specific. i'm not a psychic, especially not on these things. the more specific the better, i guess.

oh and also...

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Friday, May 18, 2007

layout alert!
This is ANGEL'S layout, and I am posting a tiny picture of it here because I love it so much. i viewed it in IE, and it looks PRETTY! =)) =)) i hope she likes it.

to ANGELIQUE and CELINE, who requested for layouts, hold on. i'm working on yours at the same time. =D


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pek ye.
listening to: extraordinary - liz phair ; thnks fr th mmrs - fob

(both of which are on repeat on my recently added playlist. i actually have another song left, bury your head, by saosin...but it doesn't fit my mood. so i'm not listening to it, though he actually belongs to the same genre these three songs do. =P well not really. but to hell with it.)

i am extraordinary...if you ever get to know me. =) - liz phair

who does he think he is? if that's the worse you got, better put back your fingers to the keys... one more night and more time, THANKS for the memories, even if they weren't so GREAT. - fall out boy

mood: in your face mood. whut?


oh, don't you just love the songs that i'm listening to? they're so full of self-empowerment. HAHAHA.

even if i'm not exactly a fan of pete wentz (i find it unfair that he's getting more publicity than patrick stump, who's the frontman of fall out boy)...i love him with THNKS FR TH MMRS' video. stupid monkeys. HAHAHAHA.

haaay bob is gorgeous, isn't he? i found myself dreaming about him while sleeping [again] awhile ago (i fell asleep reading pugad baboy). i swear, i don't know why i have really nice dreams!


it IS that time of the day.

you know what i'm talking about.

when everything is dead, and the sun is shining in its peak point. and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on TV.

i hate this time of the day. i swear to God. i DREAD this time of the day. it's a friday pa. nothing's good on tv on a friday. well except on etc. =)) there's FREDDIE and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

that is why i am here.


bat ba ang daming nag'react dun sa shy thing dun sa 15 things you don't know about me? I TOLD YOU. you just can't remember the time i WAS shy, because everyone else was shy, and if no one made the move, then I HAD TO. but i was dying on the spot.

not really. my mind just decided for me. if i'm not going to do it, who will?

nonetheless, i am very shy. putek.

you HAVE to believe me. even if i know you won't.



i don't want to go to school yet. i'm having too much fun. if i go to school, i have to face stupid people who want to ruin my life. well pek you, whoever you are. i don't even bother to bugger my mum to buy the school things. in fact, i keep on forgetting every weekend, because i'm bothered with other things. HEHE.

if i'm going to buy school shoes though, i want to buy those shoes we saw at TOPSHOP. =)) i didn't like it at that time, i didn't have the liking for flats yet. but my mom showed them to me (diba nga shoe freak yun) and she said, "uy isa o, ito nalang school shoes mo." i said EWW. and looked for a shirt.

if i'm going to buy a bag, i'm going to get one from the 50th avenue. or the one that i saw at adidas. whichever. =))

if i'm going to get a wallet, i'm definitely going for the one in human.

i'm not even buggered to be excited about printing the labels, and covering the new books...and which type of ballpen i'm going to buy...which notebook i'm going to buy.

they're all going to be wrecked by mid-year anyway. specifically talking about ballpens.

but really. i just don't want to see people.



i am enjoying my sister's PS2. hahahaha. yes yes yes. hahaha.


i feel like saying something, but i can't fathom what that something is.

OH YES MY MOTHER IS HOME. unfortunately, she is not in the mood to go out, because she has a headache. bad mummy. showing pa naman shrek 3 o. i'm so excited to see it!


do boys really have the need to be so f*&^@#?! superior? it annoys the HELL out of me. really. especially when they pick on the much younger guys, because they think they know everything.

well they don't.

they even show off to me. sorry boy, you DON'T impress me.

yes, i adore it when they get polite and all to me, but when they do the picking on younger guys thing, it annoys the heck out of me.

i swear to God, i'll unleash my guns the next time they do it.

maybe it's motherly instinct, but it's annoying, really.

you're in MY house ok. be nice.


i don't give a damn if you got abs. hello. i know tons of people who have abs. i don't care if you got abs at your age.


stop it. NAKAKINIS!!!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

tagged by romina...weird habits,things and little known facts...
I've been tagged by Romina, this time.

Rules: Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.

  1. My alter ego wants to be glamorous. Weird. No one knows me about this. I didn't either. It was just the first thing that came up in my mind when thinking of 15 weird habits...
  2. My legs do stupid tapping things which annoys everyone. Yeah. It's when my legs/feet jiggle, or i make my legs wobble while sitting down. It's a guy thing. And I'm not a guy. So that's weird.
  3. I'm a very shy person. People don't seem to agree with me on this one. It's just that they can't remember how I am the first time they met me. I'm very shy, especially around new people. I only get LOUD when around familiar people.
  4. Loud people make my head hurt. Which proves to be true, when we have family reunions. This is why I am closer to my mother's side. Because we are very few...and my mother's side is not your typical, traditional Filipino family.
  5. I (subconsciously) memorize commercial lines. 'cause yooo makee mee feeel. You make meee feel. You make me feel like a natural wommmawn!!! is there something wrong with me? no, no, there's nothing wrong with you. she's my mirror, shining back at me in a world of possibilities. she's my witness, who sees the worse and best and me, and loves me anyway. and that's my sister. what kind of sister, do you think i am? THE BEST!

    wow pare ang labo nun!!! =))

  6. I am a perfectionist. I am a meticulous person. I want everything to be in place. I would resist to pass something if I don't like it. I always want things to be in respective containers and compartments. It drives me nuts when things are all around.

  7. I am interested in politics. Eversince I was a certain point in time, I became interested in the boring things...well things other people consider boring...which were POLITICS and HISTORY.
  8. I love pugad baboy. Seriously. People seem to be surprised when they hear this. I don't know why.
  9. I always have to go somewhere on a weekend. Eversince my mom and I got closer, we always, always, go somewhere else for the weekend. Rockwell, Greenbelt, ATC, wherever. I have to go somewhere. Even if my mom's tired. I feel awful when I'm stuck at home.
  10. When in the beach, I would rather be on the sad and read a book than swim. Or take photos. Whichever. I hate seawater, 'cause it's difficult to swim in it. I don't like wearing goggles, since I don't see anything anyway, since I have bad eyes.
  11. I want to go to EGYPT. Yes, I forgot about this country while writing the post take me away. I forgot. People find this unusual since Egypt is...a male dominated country, it's hot in there, and it's an unusual place to spend a vacation in. Well I'm going there for the pyramids.
  12. As a kid, I've been watching MTV. I can remember watching Madonna, Limp Bizkit, Gorillaz, Nirvana etc etc. That's why when I hear some songs, I go like, "oh hey i know that. but i can't remember where i heard that."
  13. I am not content with one channel. When one channel is in a commercial break, I switch to as many channels as I can, and then return to that channel.
  14. I want to be like Veronica Mars. Seriously. She's so cool. She reminds me of my alter ego. WUT?
  15. I read dictionaries. When out of things to do. Yes.


do i have to tag? that was hard ah. 15 weird things.



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randomnosities on a new layout, bob, copycats and the election.
listening to: all that i've got - the used; blue and yellow - the used

wow ang tagal ko na palang hindi naririnig 'tong mga kantang 'to. bad memories daw? HAHA.

mood: annoyed, at some point; exhilarated... tired?


Wow. I just finished my first layout after my transfer. This layout is for Angel, who asked me to do it for her. I haven't made those kind of layouts for a long time already, since I had a hard time conceptualizing something for her...and executing it well.

Nonetheless, I came through. yehey!

Anyways, this layout was a breakthrough, because I think it can be both viewed in IE and Firefox. Previously, my layouts can only be viewed in IE. Now I made it a point that the person who'd use my layout can view it in Firefox. Plus, I've got to make layouts for other people who use Firefox. Ang hirap lang, kasi not everything in IE registers in Firefox. Kaya I used Firefox for this project.

Now this should make making the other layouts easier. =D


Everybody LOVES Bob. So far, there have been 7 people who asked me who was on my picture. (I used his picture in YM. =)) =)) just for kicks. )

What can I say, gwapo naman talaga eh.

But of course, I made him look gwapo-er because of my photo-taking skills.



There are many copycats in this world who don't know it. Or maybe they know it, they just don't let their consciences bother them. What kind of person are you, a psychopath? It's ANNOYING! Nakakinis. Graaaabe.


Wow, it's actually great to go on switching channels without encountering a bad TV campaign of a senatoriable...or any person running for position. Finally, it's over. Well, not really, since they have to count the votes pa. Good luck nalang! =)


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Monday, May 14, 2007

weekends and a monday.
i've seen spideyman 3 already, and i must say, it wasn't as GREAT as i expected it to be. i love JAMES FRANCO, though. =) but he wimped out. tsk. bad butler. =))

my favorite part was when spidey got all "emo" (with his hairdo. and do i see a spot of mascara/eyeliner in there?), well, he LOOKED emo, he sure as hell didn't act like one...walang kwenta sumayaw. not that i am stereotyping emo, because ofcourse, it is only a type of music, and nothing else. but still, you can't help getting carried away.

what else. i think i just spent the first saturday this year at home. i am NEVER home at a saturday-- feeling party girl-ish that may sound. too bad it's true. i always feel the need to get out of there and do something. anything. go around and look for dresses (i have got a mad affinity to dresses this summer, yes? and ballet flats. OH NO I'M BECOMING A GIRLY-GIRL!) or something. maybe bags. i love bags. and shades. i love shades, even if i don't have the privilege seeing 20/20 with shades on.

oh, wait.


so after seeing spiderman 3, signal fire played while the credits were rolling. so i told my mom to wait for the song to finish. we were there, on the verge of goin out, when i bumped into this man, so that atleast he'd think i was courteous, i said sorry. i thought the man thought of me as "one of those kids", uncourteous and all, so i looked at him. when i looked behind me i saw a guy. not just a guy, he was some guy. i thought he was bob (yes, the one from carmona.), but i didn't see well, since it was DARK, and he was behind me.

so i ignored the whole thing, since bob should be in cebu now. he might be. i'll never know.

i saw him again, and i really really THINK he was bob. we were on the way down the escalator. i glanced at cafe mediterranean and i saw him. he was looking at me too.

and that was weird.


don't you just LOVE pugad baboy?


hindi ko kayo sasantuhin. i'll babble about the elections sometime else.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

by the numbers.
wow, many many thanks to the people who commented and dropped by. and for those who asked...the congressman is... "akjdakjdakljdr;;;kjskjfdu;;;akfjakjff;;;yal;fakjd;a" huwaaatta beautiful name. he sure had hard time writing it down in his pre-school days...semi-colons and all.

oh look, there's PANDA boy! oh no. PANDA boy won't go. i HATE PANDA boy as much as i LOVE him. labo.

i'm sorry. i'm just spending much-needed time in my own bubble of nothingness. i should find a buddy who could spends much time in nothingness as i.


i just acquired the lastest issue of CANDY mag as i habitually do every month. i couldn't resist. this month's cover is really really cute, with my favorite color combination in it. BLUE and ORANGE. i love their relatively new art director's doing. he's a guy, which is kind of weird being in a magazine for adolescent (i prefer adolescent than teenager. NGAAAAK! ) females (oh dear.). but his being male makes it all the better (in some way). the new series of covers looks sleeker, cleaner, and more attractive. plus the colors don't come in very predictable schemes. oh, diba?

and by the way, my liking to this month's cover has got absolutely NOTHING to do with the person in it. by that, i mean ENCHONG DEE. he looks cute in first glance, but i really don't fancy him. sorry.

i am not yet done reading the magazine thoroughly, i save that when i get my call of nature or when i have a hard time getting to sleep, or when i have got absolutely nothing better to do.

anyways, candy put up a list of 10 THINGS YOU'VE GOT TO DO BEFORE SUMMER ENDS.

(i hope it's legal to put it down here. )
  1. go shoe-crazy and buy a new pair of black school shoes [i'm sure my mom won't let me go to school without a new pair of shoes. she's THAT type of mother. absolutely twice the shoe-crazy person that i am. she insists that i should have as much pairs of school shoes because it's practically good hygiene. maybe she thinks my feet are prone to stinkiness, therfore double safety measures should be taken. so maybe i can cross this out?]
  2. splurge a little and add a new school bag to your loot [i would very much like to cross this one out. i think i will. i just need to egg the 'rents more.]
  3. give your hair a deep conditioning treatment [done. ]
  4. take one more trip to the beach [i think i've taken more trips to the beach than necessary. kidding. i would love to take one more.]
  5. stay up all night with your friends to watch the sunrise [must do this, might never do.]
  6. visit one last out-of-town place you've never been to [i want to go to pangasinan for some WEIRD reason]
  7. bike down that hill really fast! [totally out of this world. nuh-uh. not doing it. HAHA.]
  8. get a pretty haircut (boring trims don't count!) [HELL YEAH!!!]
  9. sing your fave summer anthem at the top of your lungs [AND IT REALLY MAKES ME WONDER IF I EVER GAVE A F*** ABOUT YOU!!!]
  10. train before trying out for soccer varsity [DAMN STRAIGHT, BABY! this is my favorite-est thing of all. well, it wasn't really an intention to join the varsity team, since i didn't know they put it back until i started my training na. i just want to play soccer because i WANT to. i absolutely do.]

haaay don't you just love candy?

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

of blogs and politicians
i was reading this blog of one of the congressman-iables (how do you say it when a person is running for congressman position?)...and even if the last time it was updated was MARCH 6, i am still very much impressed. he made his blog WAY before the election campaigning started, thus i saw sincerity, spontaneosity and...somehow fun in it. i had a nice time reading his posts, which, trust me, were very, very long.

i choose not to disclose the name of this certain congressman and his blog link because my life will be endangered if i do so.

NO NO i don't MEAN it in that way. it just so happens that this congressman is related to someone i know, and this someone i know...we're not in good terms.

i think the initial thing that made me interested in his blog, despite the fact that he is related to someone i know, is that his topics aren't always about laws, and the grand stuff that he did.

alam niyo naman pag election period. pagnagka'blog/website ang tumatakbo, kung anu-anong bagay ang nakalagay. kung paano nila tinulungan ang mga bata sa payatas, kung paano nila pinagawa ang mga ganitong kalye, mga pabahay...

this blog is different. he does his posts while the congress is in session (i think. well, it's a heck lot better than those who doze off). i really do wish that he'd update, but i guess he wouldn't be able to, because of the hype of the upcoming elections. he's going against a pretty tough competitor if you ask me.

tapos when he talks of his children and most especially his wife with most affection. and when he tried to help his then-batchmate--who isn't even his constituent--that's looking for a job...napapa"awww" nalang ako! and the way he puts his words together. napapa"wow" ako. seryoso.

i hope i could say this man's name, but i'd be jeopardizing my name here somehow. when i get the guts and the urge and the right timing...i'd say his name out loud, in the largest letter size available, bold, italicized and underlined.

this is a man who i think deserves his position.

i really hope he wins as congressman of muntinlupa.


p.s. opinions stated above are not biased. not at all. =)


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take me away.
i am very jealous of my mother, who gets to travel to AUSTRALIA for four days (Tues-Sat). even if she kept on telling me that it'll all be about meetings, i am still GREEN with envy. eversince last summer, when i have been given the opportunity to travel again, an opportunity not much presented to me, i have been craving to shop, and pack my things and get on a damn plane again--even if it means endless barfing, nausea and bad smells.

i especially want to go to EUROPE and random parts of ASIA, and AUSTRALIA. i don't think i'd want to visit the US for now, because it doesn't seem interesting to me. i've grown out of the DISNEYWORLD fantasy, and the US seems overrated to me now. it's like i've seen the US, even if i haven't really been there, because of the numerous TV shows shooted in there. still, maybe, you the right time...

plus, european countries give you an excuse to really dress up and wear coats and boots. wear coats and boots here and you'd look completely out of this world.

here's the list of places i'd like to go to... somewhen (?!)

i don't know exactly why i would want to go to australia, but this country/continent interests me very much. it's culturally diverse, so maybe that's why. maybe the beach bum vibe would rub off on me. plus, the wildlife is something else.

because it hosted the latest FIFA WORLD CUP. it interested me greatly. i want to absorb the culture. their history also interests me--adolf hitler and all.

i've been here as a young child. stayed a week at PALERMO, for three days at ROME. i was a young child back then. what was i supposed to know about the italian stallions? i'd very much would like to revisit ST. PETER'S BASILICA, i'd love to see the LEANING TOWER OF PISA. i would want to go to MILAN since it's a fashion capital. for once, i'd actually would like to visit the countryside...i'd like to go to TUSCANY.

at the top of the list of almost every other girl, the most romantic country in the world (as most people claim) with PARIS as its capital...and the world's fashion capital. i would love to see the EIFELL TOWER. plus, wouldn't you love it if their great fashion sense, hot bods and sexy accents would rub off on you? =)) and i really really really would want to see the LOUVRE.

way back, if someone asked me if i wanted to go to japan for free, i would have said yes, only because it were free. i used to dislike japanese food a lot (i don't eat seafood)...and the way their homes are arranged (liit eh.). right now, surprisingly,even to myself, i'd like to visit japan because of its culture. the home of anime and manga...and as considered by some...popart. i would like to learn some of the graphic desingning techniques here. plus, they say you get computers,laptops,cameras etc. here for a cheaper price. what else would a self-confessed nerd want?

take me away.


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Monday, May 7, 2007

o, bakit ang init init sa bansa na ire...
if there's anything i can never fathom, it's what can i do to keep the heat from my body which is also enviromentally friendly. these days, the electric fan is never enough, atleast not for me. open windows do no good to me, since theoretically, mas mainit. that's why i open up our aircon system.

i'm just scared, because they say it contributes to global warming...

haaay, i want to save our environment. i turn off unneeded lights, save water, save paper...

what else can i do?


these upcoming elections are amusing me. i only say that, because i don't have the right to suffrage...yet. well i do, i'm just not old enough to exercise it. =D

first, i tried picking sides. go, then unity, and then i just settled to handpicking the candidates.

and then my mom asked me to do this compliation of the running Senatoriables. if he/she is an incumbent, i should put their present position, their qualifications and achievements. if he/she is new to the whole senator race, i would put down their qualifications, and why they should/not vote for the senatoriable.

i found the task hard, since...WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT WHY THEY SHOULD/NOT VOTE FOR THIS PERSON?! that's why in the end of the document, i put up a note which stated that all reasons for not/voting this person are biased. hahaha.

while researching, i stumbled upon this website, which showed various comments of various personalities on the list of senatoriables.

reading ALL of these comments, it made me think.

i should leave the choosing to those who'll vote. yeah, our country might be desperate for good politicians, but i did my part, which is doing this list of senatoriables of my mom...'cause she sent it to her officemates...and i think it'll do good. i guess. =))

grabe ang gulo-gulo.

i just found it awful that people thought na wala nang pagasa ang pilipinas. meron parin, there still is. it's just hard to find that hope when you don't know who to trust. it's hard separating fact from fiction.

kaya pala ayaw ng nanay ko na mag'politics ako. it's hard stuff. politics is showbiz for the ugly people daw.

sino ba dapat iboboto?

ito lang ang masasabi ko...

mga kababayan, sa darating na eleksyon, vote wisely. =)) pano? come on, i'google mo. i'wikipedia mo (they have entries there)... diba?


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Sunday, May 6, 2007

i have never,ever seen so many hot guys in one day. really man. REALLY. i am NOT kidding. absolutely NOT.

ang kulit. =))

long story short, HAZEL's uncle, KUYA MIKE, invited us to go with him to CARMONA, since he had a couple of races coming up. so we had to stay at hazel's for the night. be we, i meant ANGELI and i. BARBIE was there earlier, but she did not stay. ANGELIQUE wasn't there, but i really wished she were. the girls were never complete. =(

anyways, we went to CARMONA. i've been told that i'd be seeing a lot of MATTEO GUIDICELLI, but really, i didn't expect anything. i used to like a matteo a lot, but it was a short thing...if you get what i mean.

so we get there, and i see a lot of eye candies...but i really didn't mind. ANGELI got kilig (papatayin ako nito). seriously. they were so cute we had codenamed them. =)) BOB and JUNJUN. why bob and junjun, i know not. the names just sprung out of our crazy little heads... in fairness to bob and junjun, they're both goodlooking hah. (mas bagay lang kasi si angeli kay JUNJUN. ). bob in the mysterious, shy and quiet kind of way. man of few words...literally. on the other hand, junjun is his opposite. cute, extroverted, cool, and friendly. yeah... =))

so we were there for like, 7 hours or something... but i had LOADS of fun. BIANCA and ATE EUNELL (bianca being kuya mike's daughter...the latter being his wife). bianca was really adorable. ate eunell was accomodating, funny and very friendly. plus, there were loads of boys there. we wouldn't mind 7 hours. hahaha.

anyways, MATTEO looked better in person. he looked a lot friendlier too. yeah. i like his face 'cause it's a fresh one, if you get what i mean. he doesn't look like someone else. plus, he's got a cute smile, and a curly mop of hair. i love his hair. =))

after that, angeli went with us to SM Sucat (DAMING TAO!!) because my mom had to buy a new stroller for her trip to AUSTRALIA. i've never seen so many people congested in one place in my life...well maybe besides the time when we went to SM City. dear lord.

dropped angeli by st. jerome emiliani's church at atc, and we went to atc to have dinner, since we were very hungry.

saw some someones (hahahahahahahaha)...and then CHAMP of HALE, and his brother, CHINO.

grabe. ang dami! 7 cute guys hah. not bad! =))

i'm tired. dead tired. we have training tomorrow, and i have to attend, since we will have a game on the 13th, which is mother's day. and then there are a bunch of people asking me to edit their pictures for them, eversince they saw me edit ANGELI's pictures.

i told myself that i wouldn't do edits na, since they didn't show their appreciation the last time i did them. but angeli really was such a DARLING that i didn't resist.

nung ginawa ko yung pictures niya, chaka lang nagsulputan yung gustong magpagawa.

bahala kayo. matagal pa bago ko magagawa yun noh. i've got priorities, and i've got LAYOUTS to make.

i feel sorry for those who asked earlier, lalo na si ANGELIQUE. i owe her BIGTIME. sorry talaga hah. i'll make your layout FIRST. since you ask FIRST-est. ahahah. to the others...wait nalang. i'm not a robot who remembers everything. to those who politely asked me in YM, thank you.

if you want something to be made or edited, PLEASE give me specifics.

and be patient. first come first served.

i should charge for my edits, don't you think? =))

edits for angeli. these are my favorites. i love SUNSET most...because... i don't know. =))



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Friday, May 4, 2007

summer is making me go stupid.
Summer is making me go stupid.

Yesterday, when I woke up, I thought it was already 4 in the afternoon, 'cause the long hand of the clock is pointed at four.

I panicked, so I immediately went outside to see if the clock inside our room was incorrect. Oh, gosh, it says the same time! It's 4:45 already! I MAJORLY overslept!

So I immediately took a bath, and then I wondered why the people around me weren't buggered by the time that I woke up.

So I figured that I should turn the TV on to find out if what I read on the clock is correct. I switched to ETC, and saw nothing but reruns. Figures, it's 4 in the afternoon anyway.

So I texted two friends. PRINCESS & CARLO. I told them the same thing. "Man, I woke up at 4!"

And then Princess asked, 4 a.m.?

And then I caught a glimpse of the time that Princess sent the message...which said

10:13 a.m.

Holy crap.

I misread the clock!

Atleast this summer's going on great! It might not surpass the greatness and the blissfulness of LAST YEAR'S SUMMER, but hey, this isn't as bad as I expected! I actually don't want to go back to school, 'cause it's too good to end! (groans and boos in the background) I don't want to go to school. It'll only cause trouble to my mind. It'll make me more of a nut than I originally am. Sucks, man!

It's ok, I can go on misreading clocks, as long as summer can go on for as long as I want. =)


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ticked off.
i'm really ticked off right now. i wish i was older so that i could tell you off. i feel stupid. meyn. people suck. i feel so f***ing immature and stupid and senseless.

heyll no, i won't get emo on you. there's no place for that in this blog.not anymore. hahah.

ahwell. time for put it behind my head and move on.

and that's what we'll do.

why do you think people in highschool try too hard to belong? it sucks. i mean, come on. i hate it when people change, and this changed person is someone you suddenly don't know anymore. and then all of a sudden everything changes, and *poof*...

right. acceptance. i hate it. i haaate it.


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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

As expected of the Spideyman (don't you just love saying Spideyman than SpideRman? hahaha. so childish.) movies, they always have the coolest soundtrack. Seriously. I loved Spiderman 2's soundtrack, especially YELLOWCARD's GIFTS& CURSES, whose lyrics I love. I think they were commissioned to create that song just for Spiderman. You know why?

Mary belongs to the words of a song.
I try to be strong for her, try not to be wrong for her.
But she will not wait for me, anymore, anymore.
Why did I say all those things before? I was sure.

(She is the one), but I have a purpose,
(she is the one), and I have to fight this,
(she is the one), a villian I can't knock down.

I see your face with every punch I take,
and every bone I break, it's all for you.
And my worst pains are words I cannot say,
still I will always fight on for you.

Mary's alive in the bright New York sky,
the city lights shine for her, above them I cry for her.
Everything's small on the ground below, down below.
What if I fall, then where would I go, would she know?

(She is the one), all that I wanted,
(she is the one), and I will be haunted,
(she is the one), this gift is my curse for now.

I see your face with every punch I take,
and every bone I break, it's all for you.
And my worst pains are words I cannot say,
Still I will always fight on for you. Fight on for you ...

I see your face with every punch I take,
and every bone I break, its all for you
and my worst pains are words I cannot say
still I will always fight on for you. Fight on for you. Fight on for you...

O, diba? Astig! If you've seen Spidey2, you'd get what the lyrics say.

And now, I'm loving Spidey3's soundtrack. You might have heard of SNOW PATROL's SIGNAL FIRE.

The perfect words never crossed my mind,
'cause there was nothing in there but you,
I felt every ounce of me screaming out,
But the sound was trapped deep in me,
All I wanted just span right past me,
While I was rooted fast to the earth,
I could be stuck here for a thousand years,
Without your arms to drag me out,

There you are standing right in front of me
There you are standing right in front of me
All this here falls away to leave me naked,
Hold me close cause I need you to guide me to safety

No I wont wait forever
No I wont wait forever
In the confusion and the aftermath,
You are my signal fire,
The only resolution and the only joy,
Is the faint spark of forgiveness in your eyes,

There you are standing right in front of me
There you are standing right in front of me
All this here falls away to leave me naked,
Hold me close cause I need you to guide me to safety,

There you are standing right in front of me
There you are standing right in front of me
All this here falls away to leave me naked,
Hold me close cause I need you to guide me to safety,

No I wont wait forever
No I wont wait forever
No I wont wait forever

I LOVE the first two lines:

The perfect words, never crossed my mind, 'cause there was nothing in there but you.

Cheesy, corny, whatever. I love it 'cause it proves true to me. True, very true. How beautiful can it get? Sweet. So, so sweet.

Maganda din yung...

Hold me close, 'cause I need you to guide me to safety.

I don't know. I love how blunt and honest it is. Isn't that what any girl wants? Someone to hold them close?

DARN. I'm getting cheesy na. Ew. HAHA.


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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

life's life.
Huhu. Huhuhuhu. One of the movies I have been wanting to see since I saw its predecessor, and I DON'T SEE IT IN ITS PREMIER DAY. how AWFUL is that? Anyways, read on about my day nalang. and my affinity to spideyman. :P

I had a today. I don't know if you'd find it interesting, because I sure as hell don't. But you know, that's a way to put it.

First thing off, I had a facial today. It's 'quite' my first time having one. I've had a diamond peel before, but it wasn't...I don't know...significant? Ok, back to the facial. Ok, so I'm here in this room, the aesthetician lady, and then she keeps on putting stuff in my face, she spreads them to my face...very, very, relaxing. Now, of course, as any learned aesthetician lady, she introduced every product and procedure that she did to my face. So syempre relax relax lang. And then she mumbled something I did not understand. Maybe I just wasn't listening, because of course, my mind is on its own. Drifting away to faraway places.

And then it occured to me, that she said, "Ma'm, pricking". Uh, ok. Sige, prick away. It did not occur to me before that I have several foreign stuff in my face, and man, pricking is PAINFUL. Especially when she pricked the stuff in my nose, GOD! I can't even make my nostrils big anymore, 'cause it hurts when I do that.

Ok, so went home, yada yada yada boring boring boring.

OK. So we all decided to go to ATC and try to catch Spiderman 3. I've been excited eversince about this movie. Three antagonists? Could you imagine that? That's so cool. Oh wait, make it four antagonists, 'cause there's a kind of, you know, internal-thing person going on. =)) PARKING was AGONY. Man! Ilang beses kaming inagawan. Tapos when we entered ATC, GRABE! I've never seen it packed with so many people! It was SO FREAKIN' HOT! Grabe. And I was wearing a tank top na niyan ah. GRABE. I thought I was going to die of heat stroke.

So, when we found out na SOLD OUT pala yung Spider man 3, we just decided to do the grocery. Sayang yung parking, tsk tsk. Tagal naming nagantay dun o. HAHA. ATC kasi eh, dapat all cinemas showed Spideyman nalang. I mean, come on. It's so unfair. I love Josh Hutcherson and all, but I love spideyman more. Ohwell, sold out din yung Firehouse Dog eh. :))

So grocery, grocery. I absolutely did NOT want to do the grocery because, MAN! I'm dog tired. It's so freakin' hot, and I just want to go home and sleep. But noooo. We had to do the grocery. It's ok, 'cause I forgot about my woes the moment my mother handed me the marketlist. I'm practically training to be...I dunno. Training to be...a...someone who knows how to do the grocery. Yeah, that's it.

So after doing the grocery, syempre we paid, and I saw these magazines they were selling at the cashier area. Headlines:

Poor celebrities. I saw one headline that I liked though, something about DAVID & VICTORIA BECKHAM. How do they do it? I mean come on, I love those two. They're Britain's royal celeb couple, but they're still together. There's no rumor of David going to the strip club, or hitting it off with the househelper... No issues about Victoria's quirks and whatevers. They manage to keep their family life private while still being superstars! GOD! How lucky! And to think that I used to hate being Posh Spice when we were trying to act out the Spice Girls when I was young. Yeah, everyone was vying for Baby Spice...She's got the blonde preppy thing going on.

Nako naman. I didn't get to read the magazine which featured the William and Kate thing. I'm sorry for both of them, I thought they were perfect for each other. And Kate has got the Lady Di thing going on. She'd make a good Queen someday, since everybody loved her anyway. Wow, ang TAGAL na pala ng news na yan. Eh kasi hindi naman ako mahilig sa mga ganyang bagay eh. I just happen to listen to those things, pero I don't intentionally watch them. Ahwell, William, I guess won't have a hard time finding a new 'mate'. I guess. But how does he sift the gold diggers from the real deals? Ahwell.

Poor Kate, it slipped from her that their breakup was because of William's 'daddy'. Really. It's hard being a princess. Good thing I never wanted to be one. =))

Life's life, I guess.



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