Monday, December 31, 2007

fListening to: nothing.
Watching? fresh. hmmm. there's high school musical in the background. wild cats in the house?

In atleast 4 hours and 30 minutes, we will be welcoming a new FREAKING year!!!


My dad says..."the year of the Rat will bring forth many great challenges to people who were born in the year of the Rooster."

Well that's refreshing. Whatever. It's not like I haven't had much challenges lately.

I say.,bebe.


And since Bia was fortunate enough to remember the significant things that happened to her this year, I think I should do the same thing...just for the sake of posterity. :)) So...the credit of this idea goes to Bia. :))

Here goes nothing.


The significant things that happened to Vicky this 2007.

First and foremost, nothing much happened this year. My lovelife was STAGNANT...nothing exceptional. But whatever. HAHA. KJ. :-P

1. Section 16's farewell party?
I was such an idiot, thinking we had our farewell party last 2006. Idiot. I don't know, it just seemed significant.

2. Had a short haircut.
Really, I never had any idea the hairdresser would cut it THAT short. It was insanely short. I was just so innocent, reading Vogue and all the fancy magazines laid in front of me. Yeah, I did see that so much hair was being cut off, but I was thinking that he was just thinning my ever-so-bushy hair out.

Turns out, the short haircut became an open door to better style, mucho more confidence-o and non-conformity (later to find out na uso pala short hair). Really, I don't regret that, though I love my hair more now, 'cause it's grown out and it's quite longer. And I don't look like an old frumpy lady anymore.

3. Had soccer lessons.
Well, hindi naman lessons. I just trained. And I really didn't ever think in my WHOLE life that I'd do it. And I'd never forget it. To why I stopped training, I never could still never fathom why. But it was one of the best-est things that I did, I just realized now. Yeah, I sucked, and I wasn't very valuable to the team, but I guess there's this feeling inside me that hates not finishing what I started. I hated how I felt that I was chicken to continue doing something I really love. Scared of what other people think, scared of failing once again, scared of kicking the ball the wrong way, scared of...whatever. Well now I'm paying for everything. Everytime I see people kicking balls in the field during the afternoon, I really genuinely wish I were with them. And I had the freaking chance.

4. Had a genuine interest for articles of clothing.
I don't know. I think I looked like a DORK before now. Even when I was in first year. It was because of the freaking hair. The Now I like going window shopping by myself, or with my mum, or sometimes with friends. I do try clothes on. And I am set on the style that I have, the shops that I shop in and the money I spend with the clothes that I buy (I'm not much of a tiangge person, solely because nothing ever fits me there, I think. I don't even buy in the local stores, like Bench and Penshoppe and Human. Same reason with the tiangge. Besides, I hate seeing someone else with the same shirt as mine.) :-)

5. Started to seriously think about the future.
What could I do. Kailangan eh.

6. Stopped being a dork?
Whatever, I'm probably still a dork now, in relation with myself in the future. Meaning, today, I might not think I'm a dork, but next year, I probably will. :)

7. Read so much books!
Update HAHA. Anyways. These last two weeks I think, I've been reading and buying a new book every two days. I think I've read more than I've ever had. Which is cool, since it keeps me preoccupied. I hate NOT doing anything. Sobra. All books I've bought lately are by Julia Quinn, and I'm 3 books away from completing the Bridgerton Series!!! YEAH! Too bad, the first book in the series seems to be the last thing I'll be buying.

Which isn't so bad. In fact, when I failed, I laughed. It was bad, yeah. But I was relishing the feeling of failing. Wasn't so bad, since MANY people failed din. (Oh yes, Nicole's 15th Christmas light.) I failed my Math test. HAHAHA.


See. Nothing special. Most things were put down in vain. :))



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Thursday, December 27, 2007

rock and roll!
I DID IT!!! I couldn't wait till January 1st. I just had to show my layout. It isn't so graphic-savvy, and I chose it to be that way. I preferred it that way. That was what I had always had in mind. A small header at the top left portion. Not the huge, rectangular ones in the middle. Medyo magulo tignan yung sidebar, and I still have to make up my mind with what to do with it. For now, that will probably do. :D

You know'd probably be okay that way. Naiinis lang ako dun sa dalawang unang header (oh noh, here she bombs with the techie talk) per post. Meaning, the date and the title of the post. Hindi magkakadikit. But whatever. I'm too tired to discover how it's done.

But this is fun, hah. I've spent atleast 3 hours on the computer without my knowing. Time breezes by when you're having fun.

I guess I was out of touch of CSS-ing for a while, but now, I guess I'm back in track!!!

I'm proud of myself for finding out how to do the archive and the comments! I dissected the very code of the old template. Too bad widget lang yung links, now I have to ask for links once again. Which isn't so bad, I guess. Since some people in my links don't even bother to visit, which is sad. But what the hell, man. The only links I've got are the ones who tagged in my tagbox. :P

I'm missing my old template still, thought. Oh well. Malay mo mag-comeback. :))

Hmmm. I seem to forget all the pain when in front of the computer. Pag alis ko sa harap ng screen, WOAH. Sakit ulo, sakit likod, sakit pwet.

Ohwell. Thursday na! Sheyeeet. Sige na. Paalam.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

oh my god.
what happened to my layout? it's boring. :)) all the codes and stuff that i modified are gonneeee!
ah well. might as well make a new one.


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five four three, zero. yeah. :))
Listening to:
Happy Ending - Mika
Coming Home *the album* - New Found Glory
Upside Down - Jack Johnson (vicky lovesit.)
Take You There - Sean Kingston
(i love the chorus,though i feel the urgency to kill his label for allowing him to release such a SUMMER song during the HOLIDAYS)
Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown (i love chris brown. he's really good. :) )

(all songs are in my Recently Added playlist, which is on shuffle.)

Feeling: Restless...which is what you feel when you're anxious.


I am anxious right now, or it may be that I just can't find nothing good for myself to do. Or the circumstances won't allow it. I want to clean my room (as I do when stressed/ anxious), but the ates are occupying me room, since my uncles just arrived from the UK, and they have to occupy the room that the ates were using. There's no permanent 'residence' in this house, if you get what I mean. Well if you're dim enough not to get what I mean, it means that nobody has a permanent 'private' room in this place. No place to clear your mind or when you feel like being alone.

Last night, I prayed to God that he zap an extra room in this place just so I have a place to clear my mind. I was so restless last night. The warm, fuzzy feeling is bugging the HELL out of me again. It's not that I was feeling bad last night, I was just feeling so good that I can't sleep.

I thought it only happened to boys. You know, you're so into thinking about someone (or something), and the warm, fuzzy feeling is there, and I WAS ACTUALLY STARING AT THE CEILING. I don't think I ever did that. I thought that only happened to poor, love-sick boys. I was staring at the freaking ceiling with a weird smile in my face. I slept well, and then I woke up in the middle of the night, and I found myself staring at the ceiling for HOURS. I only got to sleep again when my mum woke me up so I could transfer beds. (She's going to work, so she allowed me to use the top bed. My bed kasi is a pull-under, or under-pull or WHATEVER. :)) )

I promised myself not to single-out people in this blog (I'm well on my way on doing so, with the staring-at-the-ceiling-warm-fuzzy-feeling talk). So God help me.

I'm feeling really ODD right now.

So to prevent more singling-out, I'll just talk about how much I want my own room.

Reasons to give Vicky her own room:

Oh diba? :))

I need to know what I want in life. I really do. I'm jealous of the people who know what they want.

I NEED MY OWN PHONE!!! It's hard sharing phones with your mum. She reads your messages. It's not like I don't tell her most stuff that happen with my life, it's just different eh. I don't know. I feel violated when she reads my messages. :)) It's not that I'm HIDING anything from her... ayoko lang talaga.

Plus, it's hard when someone's texting her and you're texting someone.

And, it's hard texting using her phone, which has a complete QWERTY keyboard (what's qwerty? honey, check the first six letters in your keyboard, above the home row keys).

I need my own phone. :(( Eh when I have my mind set on one phone, I WILL find a way to get it. Which means I get it in the end...pero in the end pa. Not now. I need the phone now. Eh the phone I want is expensive. N81? Hey, it's 5,000 pesos cheaper than the N32i. :))

Grabe. I want so much things.

No wait. I NEED so much things.


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Monday, December 24, 2007

2007 survey
Was browsing through blogs and I remembered Patty Laurel's. And then I looked through her links and saw this from one of her links, Alessa (may bago na kong idol! :P)

1. What did you do in 2007 that you'd never done before?
Hah. Nothing. In fact, when I was thinking of answers to this question...I'm like...May makabuluhan bang nangyari sa akin sa taong ito? Let me get back on this one.
I have my answer!!! (I actually did answer the other questions before I remembered)



Watched Grease/SixteenCandles/Grease2. Totally oldies movie trip, mang.

Collected VCDs? Not fake DVDs. Original VCDs. Woo.

2. Where did you study/ work?
Wait, you mean school? Same old skewl. But if you're asking where I studied for tests, God forbid I name every study-able place in this house. See, I have no permanent room yet which is very very inconvenient, I tell you.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
Well they aren't really close to me, but yeah.

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Fortunately, wala.

5. What countries did you visit?

6. Did you move anywhere?
Move anywhere. Hmm. No. Wow. I actually am quite a boring person, yes? Or it may be na nagfee-feeling old nanaman ako. I mean what can a 14-year-old kid actually do with her life besides study, boys,shop and whatnot?

7. What sporting events did you go to?
WALA! Hmmm I suck. Oh meron pala. I played for our team. Football. Loser.

8. What concerts did you go to?
Wala. I suck suck suck.

9. Who was your Valentine in 2007?
Wala. My Valentine's day this year was awwwwfuuuuul.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Puro bruises. Oh!!! *I now remember my answer to question 1!!!*

11. What was your best month?
April. :) First time I EVER loved summer.

12. Where did most of your money go?
clothes. T_T

13. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
football. my life sucks. :))

14. What song will always remind you of 2007?
Any song from: Rihanna, Sean Kingston (holy mother of...); Sexy Back, I Think that She Knows (ano nga orig title nun? yan ba?), What Goes Around- JT; OH! KANYE!!! :P

15. What did you do on the 4th of July?
It's a well-known fact 4th of Julys arent celebrated here sa 'Pinas.

16. What were the best...

* books you read?
Harry Potter 6 and 7
The Viscount Who Loved Me

* movies you saw?
The Simpsons Movie
Hm. (If I couldn't remember the movie, then it probably doesn't deserve to be here. Eh naalala ko lang naman yang mga movie na yan because the previous person who answered the survey had it on her list!!!)
2007 ba yung James Bond? I totally dug that.

* CDs you listened to?
Teehee. :) Paramore's Riot? Although I really didn't like a majority of their songs, a handful lang. Grabe, I used to see everything through misty-eyes.
Oh. FutureSex/LoveSounds.
Where You Want to Be - Taking Back Sunday (it's not their latest, matagal na 'to. I just loved it this year. come to think of it, my taste in music eventually evolved, thank God. I now shun emo. What. Hindi naman. HAHA. As long as it's good, emo or not. )

17. What do you wish you'd done more of?
Play football T_T
Photoshop. This year is official photoshop down time.

18. What do you wish you'd done less of?

19. How will you be spending Christmas?
At home!!! WEEEWOOO. :) I wish sometime in my life may Christmas Noche Buena with friends and everyone who matter. Ay Christmas day, I'll officially become ninang to my second godchild.

20. Did you fall in love in 2007?
Fall out? Maybe? NO.

21. How many one-night stands?
ugh. wala. toink.

22. What was your favorite TV program?
grey's anatomy!!! ugly betty. :P antm, as usual. and then MIAMI INKKK!

23. Compared to this time last year, are you:

* happier or sadder?
sadder? definitely. 2006 was such a happy year i can't get over it. HAHA.

* thinner or fatter?
ugh. same, i guess.

* richer or poorer?
wala. same. cause once i get money i spend it kagad. T_T

24. What was your favorite summer memory of 2007?
Wala. Cruising around the field, kicking balls (HAHAHAH). That was the best na ha. Basta, football and the memories that went with it.

25. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
Atleast one of the best birthdays I had evaaah. I turned 14, and I spent it with my friends in T.G.I.Friiidaaays! It was alatta fun. :P I was a queencess for a day. LOL.

26. What was your greatest musical discovery?
Kate Nash
Jack Johnson
Kanye West (ano to, rediscovery?)
OK Go? (Well not really, since last year pa siya, 'cause I remember watching the Here It Goes video *also known as the many-treadmills-men-a-jumping-video over and over again for every morning 'till I waited for the bus. Pero I only really listened to their music recently lang.)

27. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Hmmm. Britney. LOL. Kidding.
PENN BADGELY zomg.(The Dan Humphrey guy from GossipGirl. He is scrumptious.)
Also fancied Jared Leto for a while.

28. Who was the best new person you met?

29. Where were you when 2007 began and who were you with?
Boracay. Must have known the year would suck. Imagine, I was about to appreciate the fireworks when my darling little sister wanted to go back to our room, while my mum and uncle partied the night away. I was stuck with Raven and Hannah Montana.

30. What are your plans for 2008?
I want this year to be the BOMB!



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who's up in the break of dawn?
That is, if you consider 8 AM as the break of dawn, which is hardly what it is. Whatever. Anyways. I am up early today, everyone in the house is still sleeping, except for the househelp. Which is kind of weird, really, since it's 8 AM and I do think everyone should be up right now. The sun is shining as brightly as...ehr two bright things. Yehey.

You know what, everyone's still sleeping. Almost everyone in my YM list is on I'm on SMS mode, which I think is really useless. A few are up, though. Oh... I think some are... invisible.

Grabe, it's December 24th na pala ngayon! I couldn't believe it. Lately, I haven't been feeling like it's Christmas. Even when I chose my gifts. Before, Christmas used to mean giving tons of gifts out, even if it means that you won't be receiving some in exchange (I only gave out 5 gifts by will this year, and I feel guilty for not giving gifts to those who gave me. See, it's actually better to give more than to receive more. O:-) ). I missed that, actually. I guess I didn't put as much effort into giving gifts this year. (Yeah, sorry girls. I'll make it up to you?? =D )

I've been in uber-senti mode lately, which sucks, since Vicky is barely your senti person. I hate it when I get sentimental, I really do. Corny eh. HAHA.


It's actually quite a lot like a Sunday Morning today if you ask me. The sun is shining shinily...and...well. Everything's so nice and quiet.


Grabe I feel like babbling and babbling and babbliiiiiing!!!


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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

so how much longer will it take to cure this?
Eeyore is love. I'm talking like a complete prat, but HELL he is the most adorable thing on earth (I'm talking about the REAL Eeyore. The donkeeeh. know. The codename thing. HAHAHA. I just revealed myself online, how stupid. Whatever.) Weee. Weee.

Initial addiction to Eeyore actually caused by apparent interest with the person which was codenamed Eeyore. Don't ask how the codenamed person became Eeyore, it just came about. Hmmm, now that I think of it, Marco should be the one called Eeyore, since they have the very same droopy, sleepy eyes, but Eeyore is adorable, and Marco, well, isn't. He's ruggedy buggedy boo (Marco, I meant). But Marco's already a codename (HAH! We have a knack for making cool codenames.) and soo...yeah.

Also, addiction caused by this writer's ability to mimick his voice when he says "I lost my tail." Ooooh.




WOO. I managed to get through without any serious injuries, though I do have a bruise (pero diba pasa yung bruise? i have a gasgas in my left leg. oh, my left leg always gets the injuries.) and it hurts and it's stingy. But I don't mind, I'm kind of used to it, I guess. It won't hurt if you won't let it. Woooot.

I joined the Dinuron game, which involves a bamboo pole, a huge circle in the field, and 10 players in 2 teams. Basically, it's Tug-of-War, inversed. The objective is to have your opponent's foot to get out of the circle. So basically, you just push and push and push. It was a TOUGH game, given that we're fighting against the merciless (according to jiggy f.) students of section 28. Hey, it took us 5 games at least to determine the winner, and we were DEAD TIRED. Score nga 2-1 eh. We won the first game. We lost 'cause Menandro wasn't there (skwater. :P ) and he was our biggest and strongest guy. Sayang. It was tiring, given that I couldn't feel my arms right after, but I guess I enjoyed it! :P

Section 27 is such a funny section. My classmates amuse me so much. Wala lang, we were just so bonded and noisy and eager to support, because I guess that we're all we have. But I love love love them babes. Hahah. Whut. Kanina nga eh, hindi pa nagsisimula yung relay sumisigaw na sila. It was deafening, but what the heck. It was funny. :)) :)) I guess the other people in the area got irritated, but I don't see whaddahell is wrong with supporting your section. Though I feel them when it comes to the screaming part. I was only too eager to cover Ina's mouth, since she was screaming the louuuudeeest. (Peyce, Ina.) Nakakatawaaaa hahah.


I'm reading The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn. I absobloodlylutely looove it. I haven't even finished it, but yeah. Them sex scenes are too graphic though. Do I really need to know all that? Sheesh.

But really. I love Historical Romance. You know, books made at this point in time, but its settings involve Victorian eras and really just vintage stuff. :)) You know, kind of like Nicola and the Viscount and Victoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot. I enjoyed Nicola and the Viscount so much, but I never got to finish Victoria and the Rogue, ironically with the title bearing my name.

Wala lang, I guess in my previous life, I existed in that era. The manner of speaking was enormously valued, and everything was so elegant and elaborate, wala lang. It just irks me that females weren' know, as powerful.

OMG I just found out that the Bridgerton family has its own series!!! OOOOH I'm in love. Grabe, I was just,like wondering what the story of the two other characters in the story were, and well, they have a book pala! ASTEEEEG.

Okay, okay okay. Kwento na.

Basically, the story is...

between Anthony Bridgerton and Katharine Sheffield. Kate (Katharine)'s sister is Edwina,who is the most popular debutante out this season (seasons are a 'part' of a year when debutantes are set out on dances and parties so that they could meet prospective husbands). Anthony decides to marry Edwina, she, being the practical and pragmatic decision, since Anthony did not want to fall in love with his wife, as he is haunted by his father's early death (kind of a psychological thing going on about abandonment issues which i will not rave on about).

So Anthony decides to pursue Edwina, and then Kate comes into the equation, apparently disapproving of Mr. Bridgerton, since he was known as a playboy (a rake, known at that time.) So they argue and they argue and then slowly, they fall for each other, until Anthony makes the mistake of kissing Kate, which then affirms his feelings for her (but of course Anthony denies it to himself. Agh, such a boy. HAHA.)

Ayun, and then in some point, they had to get married, because Anthony was caught sucking the venom of a bee that stung Kate in her chest, which, if you ask me, is a rather very compromising position. And then their mothers saw it, and Lady Featherington too, who is the best-known and worst gossip about town. So they rant about how they should get married, since he was "kissing" her chest and stuff like that. And so Anthony decided that they really should marry because of the compromising position they were caught in (rather scandalous at those times, my dear friends). But really, I think Anthony decided they marry because he really wanted her.

But then again, Anthony decides not to fall in love with Kate, should she be first in leaving the earth for heaven. and vice-versa.

Ayun. di pa ko tapos.

I'd bet you could barely keep up.

Fine. Basically, to keep everything interesting, it's about fighting your feelings. And discovering that actually fighting them feelings make that feeling stronger.

Just read the damn book. T_T I like this book because you could understand how to title came about, and it's got substance, albeit the graphic...ehr stuff.


So speaking of the book that I'm reading. The Viscount Who Loved Me, I was thinking kanina about how much it was similar to Nicola and the Viscount. The characters, I guess. I mean it would be a given that the setting would be similar.

Basically, the dude denies that he likes the girl.



If anyone's still wondering what to give me for christmas, a Powerbooks/Fully Booked gift certificate worth gazillions of pesos would be wonderfully appreciated.

I am unashamed and unabashed about my bookishness. I mean what the f*ck is wrong with that?


I am becoming more babblative these days, haven't i?


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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Listening to: Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows

I've been avoiding Friendster for well more than a month now, and the specific reason to why I'm doing it escapes me. No, it doesn't. Maybe I'm just too ashamed to admit it to myself, what more to the other people out there. Wala lang. Sometimes kasi I see things I don't want to see, and they make me hurt. And I don't like that. They bother me. Yeah, I move on with it quickly, but if all these things go simultaneously, wala. Hirap.


So much things have been going on! :))

Attended the annual highschool dance last night. DRIFT, pare. Bunch o'fun, atleast my friends danced a lot. Unlike last year, paputol-putol. I enjoyed the bonding moments outside more, though. The stars were at their brightest (may nakita akong FALLING STAR!!! wish wish wish!), and we were just sitting at the benches, talking, kidding around, and joking (wait, does Danton's stint qualify? sarap batuhin eh. kidding. lab yoo danton :)) ). Angeli was soliciting her Christmas money from her grandfather, Paul (again, with the highschool family trees). My feet hurt so much last night. And the 9'o clock shadows are being casted away by Marco. Sleepy-eyed, muscular, bad boy Marco. How about the huggable,shy,sweet,wide-eyed one? Ay ewan.

Speaking of family trees, we just completed the KABUTE family tree. Kabute, kasi wala pa kaming maisip na decenteng surname. Kabute is tagalog for mushroom, by the way. Wala lang, it's funny eh. And we're a funny, happy (though incomplete) family . Imagine, I have 12 kids! Cheaper by the dozen!
And the way we conspired their births were pretty amazing. Take Angeli and Barbie for example. Angeli sneezed her way out while Barbie farted her way out. No actually, it was their dad who bore them. He sneezed, and at the same time, he farted. And then came Angeli and Barbie. We still have to figure out how to integrate Angeli's Swedish mountain goats into the whole story. Poor dad. I wonder if he knows he fathered 12 kids? Peace dude. I didn't know I had 13 kids (the one was fathered by someone else.) until I decided to do the tree. Woy.

Ang baho. Fathered by someone else. T_T


Whatelsewhatelse. Well I, along with 2 other people, am representing our batch for the Extemporaneous Speech Contest. Which is kind of weird, since I just found out that I qualified when they posted the names in the bulletin. I didn't even know I would be included. And besides, I had no intention of joining. There weren't even any auditions or anything. But whatever I say, I guess I'd like to join. Well I am joining. I guess I'd want to win. Surprisingly, it's my first time when it comes to these things.

(Listening to: When Your Heart Stops Beating : +44 ; C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips: OK Go)
Oh and OH!!! I lost my phone at SM yesterday, where I, Angelique and Hazel had our lunch. We were at Papemelroti, checking some things out, and then when we went out, I tapped by pockets, and then realized that my P900 was gone. As usual, chill lang ako. Angeli panicked like wow. Ewan ko. I guess I was just waiting for it to happen. I needed a new phone, and it's not like I used that phone all the time. Nakakapanghinayang lang. So much memories went with that phone. That phone used to be my friend. Well in some ironic, metaphoric way.


My taste in music has slowly evolved. Atleast I've let my guard down and I now enjoy random stuff, not just alternative, rock things. Those songs bother me sometimes. (Listening to: Just Perfect- Tracy Bonham).


Wooo vacation's almost there!


Oh. I'm going to have another godchild. A second one, this time. Wala lang, it irks me. 'Cause I think being a godparent has got a huge responsibilty going it, and if something happens to the baby's parents, then I'd have to support my godchild. For heaven's sake, I can't even support myself, what more another gentle, sweet human being?

People nowadays have forgotten the real reason behind godparents. Wala, eh kasi puro Pamasko iniisip. T_T

Speaking of which, I have many godparents who owe me 14 years of Christmases.



Oh. Super song. Just what I needed. A song which I think would be perfect if a certain someone would like to berate me with BS. (Except for the line, my best side was your worst invention. Haven't done any inventing lately. what.) I like the song still, though. It's odd how I think I know what he'll tell me. Or I'm just imagining things, as usual.



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Saturday, December 8, 2007

vicky goes kilig.
Here are somethings that make me feel kilig. As in shuddery, smiley, squealy kilig. Some just make me feel genuinely happy. Not jolly, happy. There's a difference, isn't there?

1. Tall, Dark and Handsome
By girl standards, this is a classic. Dark, in the sense that he's mysterious, or something like that. Not necessarily dark-skinned, though I don't have anything wrong with that. I just love tall guys, because, well there's this need for girls like I to feel, you know, the secure stuff and those things. Handsome. Well. Self-explanatory, isn't it? Who is handsome to me? Someone clean-cut, confident and doe-eyed. Ish. I also like sleepy eyes.

2. Shy smiles.
So far I could name 2 people who have the nicest shy smiles I've seen. Coincidentally, they are quite related to each other.
Shy smiles, you'd know when you see. It's really just hard to explain.

3. Crinkly smiles.
Think the Hugh Grant eyes when he smiles, all crinkly at the side of his eyes (which get crinklier as he gets old. kidding.). I adoooore those kind of smiles.

4. Semi-dimples.
I am not a fan of deep, deep dimples (except for Johann's who has the deepest dimples known to humanity. this is biased. :-)) ) I find it quite adorable when a person smiles, and he has this dimples which are just kind of line-ish. Not so deep, just that when you smile, they become half-dimples which are line-ish. What.

5. Dudes with thick-rimmed eyeglasses.
Not just glasses, I want thick-rimmed, black eyeglasses. Quite a lot like mine. Wala lang. When I see handsome guys with thick-rimmed eyeglasses, it's like a euphoric feeling. Woah.

6. Couples.
Not all couples. Some couples make me want to throw something at them. I'm thinking of quite a few couples I know and see a lot. There's something nice about seeing someone you know with someone he/she deserves. This doesn't make me go kilig, this makes me happy. Wala lang. When they sit together, when they hold hands, when he carries her stuff (even her bag), when he kisses her head (right.), the way he goes gaga when she gets lost, the way he worries when she gets hurt. Wala lang. Seeing them just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

7. Nice clothes.
Genuinely nice clothes make me go kilig. Not necessarily clothes that I'm wearing, clothes other people wear can make me go kilig, just not the same way smiles do. You know, it's like you want to go up to them and say, "Hey there, where did you get what you're wearing? You look really nice today." Wala lang. I just don't do it 'cause nakakahiya. :)) And like hello, how would you react if someone came up to you and said that? Yeah, you'd probably feel good, pero ang weird din.

8. Nice eyes.
Period. Nice, big, round and doe eyes make me melt. I like sleepy eyes, but they don't make me melt. They make me smile. Eyes are nicer when they look into mine (WHAT?).

9. A really good song.
There's this thing between me and good music. Before a song earns a kilobyte or two in my iPod, it has to tug a heartstring. It has to be relatable. It has to make me smile, make me feel bad, sad whatever. Well hindi naman, some songs are just plain nice. But for something to be a favorite, yan. It has to tug a heartstring. Sometimes a really good song, probably something like Slowdance on the Inside (Taking Back Sunday), when I hear it first, parang there's this euphoric, odd feeling that I have. Once again, the warm, fuzzy feeling.

10. A good conversation.
Nothing like a good conversation. I haven't had so much of genuine, long, super conversations that leave me hanging by every word. A good conversation, not necessarily about intellectual stuff. Just stuff. Anything, everything, whatever.

11. Eeyore (literally and figuratively.) and Marco.
Inside joke time? Maybe. Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh is just the sweetest thing. He always loses his tail, and his low, slow voice is adorable. And the way he says "I lost my tail" (which I can imitate, by the way) is really cute. And my Eeyore stuffed toy is adorable. And he's purple. And he's just sweet.
Marco, you don't know, and I don't know either. What is up with that?


happy, happy birthday JP!
Happy birthday to my super friend, super baby (ang pangit pakinggan pag super SON eh) JP. He's not my boyfriend, he's my son-kuno. You know, way back in high school, or gradeschool, there are just people that you call mummy because they're...well,motherly figures. Well, yeah, I am that. And I call all my kids baby.

Thank you for everything, dude. You're one of the bluntest, nicest, most honest friends I have. And I treasure you for that. Yahahaha. The person I could talk to when I feel like babbling about people who suck in basketball. The dude I go to when I feel like hating all boy-kind. The person I could talk to when I feel low, and my days suck. He doesn't serve his cakes sweet and all iced-up, he serves them raw, tough and cold. But once you leave the cake outside to thaw and warm it up in the oven, the sweetness and the icing comes.

He's one of the sweetest people that I know, and he deserves a greeting because he's having a bad, bad day, I think.

Happy birthday dude!


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Friday, December 7, 2007

vicky and her apple.
It feels so GOOD to have everything over with this week. The oration, the play (we killed it. GO EARLEEEHHH!!! *happy birthday din*), my guidance project, our music presentation.


I am soooo proud of my groupmates. We put up a good show, I guess. EARLY was the BOMB! Benedic was sexy lol. :)) Barbie and I were having our own comedy under the teacher's table. It wasn't a super presentation, but that could be explained because we lacked practice (at laging tamad yung director.) But my actors and actresses saved my ass. It was good hearing the laughter of my classmates who were watching. It felt good. :) The props were complete. Couldn't be any prouder. Naks. I'm such a mother.

Konti nalang. And then CHRISTMAS BREAAAK!

Huwaaat else.

We just got our yearbooks. Laughtrips from memory lane pare. When we found out that the yearbook just got released, we RAN all the way down to grade 6 to get it. Mga nene't mga totoy. Solid memories.

Meron akong isang picture, mukha akong EWAN :)) The one where I was trying to light the candle during the Candlelight Ceremony. Tapos ang tagal kong onstage, and when I finally lighted it, the crowd roared. Eh kasi matagal akong nasa stage, and it was sooo funny. I was thinking of things like, "Hala. Baka masunog ako nang buhay. What a scene." Eh pano naman kasi, ayaw mag'light nung candle. Ang pangit ng gradpic ko dun. Well di naman. I just looked...odd. And my teeth were still misaligned back then. And I had long, bushy hair. Oh, my long, bushy hair.

Wait. I had long,bushy hair rin pala last year. Hahaha.

I love my hair right now, even if it always goes the wrong way with its flyaways. Atleast it's short, and I find it much easier to dress up now. Chaka di na ako mukhang manang. Wala lang. My long hair only looked nice when I ironed it or something. And I think it fits me well. :-P

And it's grown own already, so hindi na ako mukhang MUSHROOM.

Hahahahah nakakatawa talaga yung yearbook.



Vicky and her apple.

Angeli made this testimonial for me in the yearbook (we had the longest testimonials, I'd bet.) and in one part, she said.

"Vicky, just like any normal, living girl out there, has an apple in her eye. I can't really mention who he is right now, because by the time that you're reading this, she may have eaten that apple already and changed it with a new one."

I'm not sure which apple she's talking about, but heck. I have four eyes, and well, if you have an apple per pair of eyes, then I'd get 2.

I'm such a loser.

Anyways, well, guess what. The apple's rotting and a cute worm (just like in pictures)'s living in it and well Vicky still wants the apple. With the cute worm. But I'm not eating the worm, that's just disgusting.

The point is, the apple is rotting, and it doesn't deserve someone like Vicky, because Vicky deserves a SHINY SHINY new apple, crispy and juicy (parang manok HAHA). Vicky is on her way, pero mag'graduate na yung shiny new apple, and besides I know nothing about the apple. Well I know his favorite animal, pero that is that.

Time to throw the apple to the bin. If my heart wouldn't pity it so much.

Heck, it's just an apple.



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