Monday, April 30, 2007

i tweaked my layout a bit. i added a background image, and changed the header text to all lowercase.

i haven't done the full thing since i am not in the mood. i just checked if i still knew my stuff.

turns out, i still do.

and take note, i am doing it all on my own, without the help and guide of someone else's coding.

which makes it twice as hard.

ohwell. when i think of something, i'll do it.

or atleast when i'm in the right mood to do something juicy.

alright then, i'll be back when something juicy hits me.


give me something to believe in, 'cause i don't believe in you anymore, anymore.

haay maroon 5.

maroon 5

everyone, meet SEAN FARIS

I've been reminded of Sean while watching SLEEPOVER. then i remembered him being the DINO guy in LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. yey sean!


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i cannot believe april is ending already. APRIL is one of the best months i've ever had this year. it went by, just like THAT. oh well. so long, april.

on a lighter note...

april has brought opportunities. it's funny that a lot can happen in a span of 30 days or so. i've gathered the courage to start soccer lessons. i have not cried over something or someone. i've been inspired to do SO many things. i've made new friends, heard new stories, shared my own story.

isn't it great?

i've even learned to commute to and from bene by MYSELF!

this april i tried to explore other genres of music. heck, i listen to oldies and bossa nova now!

corny na kung corny. che. atleast varied. :P

i've gone back to listening to maroon 5 (i swear I'll grab their album the moment i lay eyes on it. or rather, ask my uncles in london to get one for me, and then maybe, in some way, i'll pay them back.) , coldplay, keane. i listen to vanessa anne hudgens now (say ok lang naman).

i've learned to do something without thinking of what other people think.

i've mastered the art of don't-think-about-it , do-not-expect-anything and being a full-fledged optimist. =)) well, i am anyway [an optimist].

haay, so long, april.

i hope may will be a good month.


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Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'll sing it one last time for you
Then we really have to go
You've been the only thing that's right
In all I've done

And I can barely look at you
But every single time I do
I know we'll make it anywhere
Away from here

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear

Louder louder
And we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say

To think I might not see those eyes
Makes it so hard not to cry
And as we say our long goodbye
I nearly do

Light up...

Slower slower
We don't have time for that
All I want is to find an easier way
To get out of our little heads

Have heart my dear
We're bound to be afraid
Even if it's just for a few days
Making up for all this mess

The lyrics are beautiful, but the song is more beautiful than you would have expected out of the patch of these words.

Snow Patrol is good, though I did not really like their last single. This one's a hit for me, even if it was released waaay back. Especially the way their lead vocalist sings the song. He makes me feel like he is serenading me, or atleast talking to me. Grabe, the impact is so beautiful it makes me cry. =)) The lyrics were really...what's the word I'm looking for...can't find the word... The lyrics were really clear, straight-to-the-point, but it still conveys as much emotion and feeling as a song written with sheer poetry--even more. First time I sang to it accompanied by the lyrics I got it na. Haha. I have an affinity for this song. =P

Call it lame, i call it music at it's best.



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therefore i look stupid. =)
Hearing Makes Me Wonder suddenly blast from my iPod earphones reduces me to nothing but nought of a head and a girlish grin in my face. And then when the chorus finally comes in, the part that I most love, I suddenly dance. Yeah, I dance. While in bed, while reading, while in the computer (using iTunes)...really.

Therefore I look stupid. But I really wouldn't mind about that anyway.

We had soccer training today. I had a good training day today. I arrived at about 7:24. Our call-time was 7:30. I thought there would be people everywhere. My thought proved me wrong. 'Cause when I came in, I only saw ANNA in the bleachers of the grandstand.

I'm glad I am getting acquainted to the people in my team. I can now talk to them and share stuff to them. We may not be very close, but hey. Atleast I'm trying to get to know them.

And I'm glad to say I'm improving. I may not be as good, but I guess I'm on my way there. Practice nalang and years of training. Hey, it's a good start. And it's also helpful that the coaches advise me on what to do, where to stand, how to handle the ball.

I'm glad I went through this training.

I'm not sure if I'm losing weight, because I think I gain what I lose.

To hell with it. Hey, atleast I gain something I love.


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

due to the lack of substantial posts...
i am making one. there's no telling if this one's going to be substantial, but the heck with it.


wow. for the first time in my life, i have got nothing to say.

...accessing brain headquarters...



hah? since when did my access to my own nucleus (WHAT?) been denied?

baka walang inaaccess.


maybe i just need some sleep. i've been keeping myself from sleeping today due to the incident last monday (the day before my training). monday night i couldn't sleep. as in up to until my mom [supposedly] woke me up for my training gising pa ako. kaya... hindi ako nag'attend ng training. come on i have to be in school earlier than the regular time, tapos hindi pa ako nakakatulog? keep in mind that i'll be playing soccer afterwards.

so syempre. common sense. hindi ako umatend.

haay nako. i'll just suggest to you to view my friendster profile, which has a new layout. :P

be chill


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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

makes me wonder...

isn't ADAM LEVINE so sexy? i mean come on. he sings, he could play the guitar, he can rock out behind the drums. i love a guy who raises his eyebrows. a guy in a tux. a guy who knows how to strut his stuff. a guy who could gyrate his hips anytime... you gotta love a guy in shiny shoes

something's telling me it might be you...

i'm inloooooooovee!!!

HAHAHA. something's telling me adam will be my prince charming for the night.

and it really makes me wonder if i ever gave a f--- about you...

that's right, baby. that's how you say it.

p.s. adam makes travelling look so sexy. it isn't. it's countless hours of uncomfortableness (unless you're in the 1st class). one of my wishes in the world is to be able to fly 1st class. a guy who would offer me that, i would marry. =))

p.p.s/p.s.s. aww i miss maroon 5's old drummer! he was so hot!

ang ditzy na ng dating ko!!! dayum!



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Thursday, April 19, 2007

i love my template.
this template is something i've been longing for a long time already. it' just that i don't know, i didn't think about it. :))

don't you just love how clean and white it is?

i do. :P

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tagged by iza.
i got tagged by iza.

Rules: Put up a post "Real Moms (insert what they do here)", followed by an explanation, a photo, and a "Real Moms. Making...".

Then tag five people.

(I partially did not understand the instructions, but I'll just do what iza did. =D)

Real Moms care--and show it. It's not enough letting one child know that you care, you have to show genuine affection. That's what moms are for.

Real Moms affirm. Real moms do not criticize and scrutinize everything their child does, rather a real mother to me would encourage and feed the self-esteem of the child.

Real Moms do not spoil their children. let's be real here. everyone wants to be spoiled, but spoiling children, as most of us know, do not really lead to anything good.

Real Moms recognize the need of their child. be it love, or food, as long as it's a need it's definitely a priority.

Real Moms do everything for their child. To me, this is the best quality a real mom can ever have.

lablab my mommy.

OK OK. So I will tag:



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first night...or rather first morning ko palang in this "new" blog tapos apat na post ko (this being the fourth one)... hahaha.

i am really interested with pbb right now. kanina i was watching sa primetime, and everyone was crying. tapos bruce was in the so-called "hot-seat" and most of them were in a morose kind of mood. tapos parang may narinig akong something about the call of God. yes, i thought i heard something about bruce being a priest.

kelangan ko na maglinis ng tenga.

tapos ako naman parang...

"huh. e diba si bruce pupunta lang ng slovenia? ano yun? magpapari pala siya?"

"magpapari si bruce? bakit ba nde nalang magintrude si toni to tell me what's going on?"

"wow. grabe humagulgol si wendy. ako hinde ko kaya ganun humagulgol."

"does wendy like bruce and vice-versa? or friends lang talaga? i think they'd make a good couple. like the typical highschool story. jock and cheerleader. pero nde nga lang cheerleader si wendy. pero ok lang, her looks and personality would totally qualify her as one."

"awww moment! sweet naman ni nel and ni bruce!!!"

"ganun ba yun? diba lalabas din naman silang lahat sa bahay? eh diba magkikita-kita din sila after? so bat sila sobra umiyak?"

"ayy oo nga pala. syempre mal'lose din nila yung contact."

"huh. hindi magpapari si bruce?"

"ang know-it-all pala ng dating ni mickey. sayang. krash ko pa naman siya. "

"ah ok. pupunta lang pala si bruce sa slovenia"

HAHAHA. grabe. a true testimony to the understatement that i think too much

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Grabe, I recently just made a new blog and now I'm post-hungry. HAHAHA. It's so funny. You have to love my profile. I found it funny.

Inspired by the people I find inspiring.

Hmm. I wonder when I'll break it to my blogfans (BLOGFANS? ULOL!) that I'll be leaving, and that I'll be staying here... :))


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copypasted from my LJ
Yesterday (or rather, a day ago...since it's 1:19 am ALREADY), I ate lunch at the school canteen, because I had to enroll myself, and I just came from football practice, which was very tiring indeedy. So I had lunch. I bought my all-time favorite 2 pc. barbeque and rice. And a large iced tea.

So I was trying to enjoy my food, which wasn't as much enjoyable, because the barbeque was gnarly. it's like it was half-cooked. and the rice wasn't soft or hot at all. but that's the kind of skill that you acquire while always eating at the canteen.

so i was eating and listening to my iPod, when i saw this small cat looking at me...and seemingly, meowing. I am, generally, a pet-person. I would usually pronounce myself as a dog-person, but due to my recent discovery, i am a cat person as well. i am not one of the many who get squeamish around cats. this small cat even put her paws in my lap, to let me know of her need for the extra food or my scraps.

this event, really amused me. so i gave this little cat the taba remaining from my barbeque. i don't eat the taba kasi eh. hahahaha. so i give all the remaining taba of the barbeque (which surprisedly, is atleast half of the whole meat in the barbeque)...

tapos on the way home, i did some thinking, which is usually the only think you could do appropriate to the situation. i mean, you can't use your cellphone while riding the jeep, can you?

tapos two small children came in, and they started giving out envelopes and then the other one started drumming. no other choice (i only have enough money for my pamasahe) i gave my envelope back. and i thought, even if i had money, i wouldn't give money in it.

it shamed me. 'cause the next day, i saw these children again,together with many more, garnered around, and then i saw that they were sharing money to themselves. and then when they got their half, they bought their food.

really, it's a shame when i can give to a starving cat but not to a starving child.


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first post.
more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap.
more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap. more crap.
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therefore more FUN!

enjoy, kids!!!


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