Sunday, July 29, 2007

why is the nucleus the control center of the cell?
I don't understand. According to our so-called Biology book, it's the control center of the cell, therefore it regulates cellular processes like metabolism and such. So I can easily say in my essay at our LongTest...(just for fun's sake. I'm bored out of my head. Due to my so-called boredom, I'm pretty sure I'm going to bomb my grades once again. Meaning, mabababa nanaman ang scores ko. Well that's according to the other people. Ako pag naka line of eight tawa ako nang tawa. Lalo na yung mga 81 na yan? SUS. hahahah. Really.)

Why is the nucleus called the "control center" of the cell?
a. f*%^ i don't know.
b. i forgot.
c. because it controls cellular processes
d. because it contains most of the genetic material and it regulates the dna to be replicated during mitosis. (according to wikipedia. :P)

So what do you think is the right answer?
Ewan. I'm out of my head.

I just came from ATC nga pala kanina for the routinal every 2 weeks Dad & Daughters bonding time. Waahaatever. SO basically we (I and my younger sister Chiara...who I forgot to tell you almost left her black Havaianas in the parking area near ruins. HAHAHAH. If you are not at all familiar with Ruins, it's a night market in BF Paranaque. You should go there sometime. It's pretty rad. :P SO yeah, if you go there often, you should know that kids will mob you every now and then to ask for money. Don't worry, they're not dangerous. So yeah, we were being mobbed by kids, whom I would like to consider my *fans* and so my mom was hurrying. Eh Chiara stepped on a puddle, so she settled one of her slippers outside muna. Since mom was screaming, Chiara closed the door immediately. She forgot about the slippers. You should have been there it was so funny. I can't even tell you. )we... where was I? So yeah we went to mass, ate at Jabi and then roamed around.

Huhuhu. I am just reminded why I don't want my dad here in our home anymore. Yeah I know, go on with your speeches. The f*^# you I don't even have a father you should appreciate your dad. Well honey I do appreciate my dad it's just that my God he could be a tad irritating sometimes. I love him and all, but do you have to tell me that I grew fatter? Dam. I have feelings too you know. Hahahah. Even if sometimes I could be so robotic when with him, I could be the sister of Optimus Prime. Hah.

Optima Prima.

Sounds like a name for some stupid wine?biscuit?store?


Sige na, I'm going. Hahaha. Magaaral pa ko.


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Saturday, July 28, 2007

milo everyday.
Sweet, hot Milo on a good Saturday morning. AAAAh this is the LIFE.

Anyways, I have been reading Introducing: Kierkegaard for the third time already. This time I understand what Kierkegaard is trying to say. The first time around, I read it because of the "controversial" illustrations (heck, there was one picture where there was a woman...and...argh leave it nga lang!). The second time, because I couldn't understand it. The third, because I WANT to understand it.

So who is Kierkegaard, Soren Kierkegaard (say that part with the Bond, James Bond thing.)? Soren Kierkegaard is the founder of Existentialism and the first modern theologian. You can read more about him here. Yes.

So due to this book, I am planning to buy more books from the Introducing... series. There are some pretty interesting books on the front flap and the back flap. Yeah. I want to buy the Jung one. I've heard of him often mentioned in the Princess Diaries. The book series. Yeah, I think he found self-actualization? Yeah yeah yeah.

SO yes, pretty much, I am a philosopher-ess in the making.

Oh dear.

Anyways. Kierkegaard is very interesting, though a very hard read. You have to break down the statements to analyze them.

More on Kierkegaard LATEEER.


Anyways, to the bits and pieces of my week.

  1. Our 2nd Long Tests are coming up! Oh dear. Parang kailan lang. I have to make up!

  2. The Gossip Girl will be turned into a TV series! OMYG! Nakakinlove yung cast!! Especially the one who plays Nate. HE's eye candy. On the other hand, I love the one who plays Dan Humphrey MORE. He reminds me of someone I *secretly* like. WAAAHAHAHAHAHAAY! Kilig. This is what YOUTUBE is for. Sa US lang siya showing eh. THEY SUCK. I KNOW!!!

  3. Humahaba na hair ko... Hahahha. Though I love my short hair, I would like to find out how it will grow. Low maintenance 'tong hair na to, and it makes me look my age. DUh mukha akong manang nung mahaba hair ko. You're just used to the old long hair.

  4. My multiply page SUCKS. it's so boring, it's in black and white. DUH. I hate it. Hahaha. I want a new one. :P

  5. Vicky the hulk, in the theatres near you!!! God, I am turning GREEN with envy. And jealousnosity. I hate myself. I have no one to talk to. Well I have someone to talk to. Actually. I have people to talk to. I just don't know what to say, and I'm far too ashamed of myself to share.


    Thanks to wikipedia for the image.

7. I have to make a CD review. So what's what? The Click Five, The Used, or Maroon 5?



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Sunday, July 22, 2007

I am so hung over. =O From yesterday. And what I've seen. No, I did not drink. I need not drink to get a bad hang over. TSK. I don't know if I'll be pissed off, or productive, or happy, or introspective. Anyways.

Tapos na ang aming retreat. Lot of pictures, and lot of fun stuff. ANG GWAPO NG RETREAT MASTER NAMIN. Can I hear a WOOOOHOOOOO!??! Even if the retreat wasn't as fun as last year's, it was good. Hahah. Last year's retreat was kickass. May pasayaw-sayaw pang nalalaman eh.

Anyways. I need a classmate of mine to go online. I forgot my homework notebook at my locker...or maybe I lost it, I really don't know.

They released Harry Potter 7 nga pala yesterday, and I KNOW what's gonna happen. I haven't got my book yet, but I read the EPILOGUE at POWERBOOKS. NYAHAHAHA. You want me to tell you what will happen???

Wag na. Sus.

So The Clique is going to be turned into a movie. Fahntabuloussss. Whatever. I'm such a loser. Ang dami na palang books sa series na yun. I have a long way to go. Hahaha.


Hmm. I do hope she ends up with DAVE, though. Masimo and Robbie are too hot for her sake. =))

I am really pissed of now. =)) I'm pissed of with myself for feeling so freaking stupid. WHy can't people know what they want?? Why don't I know what I want? Should I know what I want? What do I do to know what I want? Do you want what I want? Does SHE want what I want? Of course she freaking does, you idiot.

What do I want?

I want jollibee chicken. =)) Premier comfort food. =P


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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

brosures, blafhemy and acomoddations. holy shiznats. i want a yellow chevy camaro, and i want it to come to LIFE!
Dear God, I have to say sorry to so MANY PEOPLE who tagged and commented on my daniel-slash-emma-slash-rupert post. Sorry 'cause I really can't get back to you right now. I have...err problems.

You see, I've been wanting to get back online. But since our buggered computer isn't computer-ing (uhm what the hell), I can't photoshop, i can't blog, i can't bash and i can't make parinig like good old times. My mom even told me she'd pay me 700 pesos if I could fix our computer. You see, i was nearly there. I ALMOST FIXED IT. I was even looking forward to typing in this blog, saying i'm a computer geniyooos. who's yo mama? But unfortunately, otherwise. The sodding windows xp software won't ehrr... soften, and even if i retype and retype the cd code, it still says that it's the wrong pin.

I wonder if the deal's still on with my mother. She could atleast pay me 300 pesos. HAHA. HI MOM. Yeah, she reads my blog.


I MISSED THE ONLINE WORLD SO MUCH! Not only the blogosphere, also YM. Not really friendster, I don't give much of a damn anymore. =)) :P I want to photoshoooop mygaaash.


I am not going to school today. Not only because I find absolutely no reason to go (we have double Bio today. I love Bio! Aw.), it's because we have to go to the doctor. You see, friends and fellowmen, I've been having this disgusting feeling for over three weeks now. It's like I need/want to vom, pero each time I do the stupid facial expression and stuff, nothing comes out. Trust me, I tried to vomit, pero NOTHING happens.

Now's the only time we'd go to the doctor's, 'cause it only got THAT bad this time. It's like I have LBM or something. Ewan. Kadiri naman =)) WE're hoping it's not appendicitis, 'cause that'd be MUCH hassle. Plus, I do NOT want to get operated. But if I ever that I will, dear friends, please visit me. I love those kind of things. Not the operation part, but, you know, going to the hospital to visit part. But I don't think anyone has got the time to visit anyway. Hmm. YOu think the hospital has Nickelodeon on TV?

On the random part, I'm going to blab nalang.

  1. grease lightning, oh grease lightning. HAHAHAHAHA hahahah hahahha. I've been watching grease and grease 2 frequently, due to my lack of vcds/dvds to watch. I should stock up, really. Grease stars Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. Medyo corny, pero you get it. It's like the earlier version of High School Musical. Actually I think they got the idea of the plot of HSM from Grease. Stupid suckers. I like this one more though. Grease, I mean. Danny Zucco was more real than Troy Bolton. OA kasi minsan si Troy. And he's a guy for God's sakes. He can't be THAT corny. He's gwapo with dark hair though. Olivia and John are really, really funny. Actually, the whole movie was funny, 'cause everyone, like even the macho papi guys were dancing really cheesy dance steps. I enjoy that. Haha. You know what, my sister even told me that I was singing in my sleep. Oh scratch that. I was also DANCING raw. If you've seen grease, I was doing the grease lightning, oh grease lightning part daw. Memorize ko steps dun eh. HAHAHAHA. =P

    As for grease 2, well it's cool. I can't decide which I like more, grease 1 or grease 2. Mas masaya kasi yung songs sa grease 2, and mas GWAPO yung leading man. And I really like Michelle Pfeiffer in this movie. She's so cool. =)) Pero I didn't see any cars. Just motorbikes. I mean hello. This is supposed to be GREASE. You're supposed to be GREASERS. Whatever. Anyways, the sad part is, we don't get to see the GWAPO leading man doing any dancing. COrny. T_T Chaka I missed the opening sequence sa grease 1. Yung cartoons sila...and stuff.

  2. Harry POtter 5 reviews says it's great. I haven't seen harry potter five yet, given the chance to do so yesterday, since we had no classes kahapon. But I bet Harry Potter 6 is gonna get better, kasi mas maganda yung Half-blood prince kesa sa Order of the Phoenix. We reserved a book dun sa scholastic book fair sa grade school ng san beda. I'm going to get a copy on the 21st!!!! YEAAAAAHEAAAAA!!!!

  3. I need more books to read. I read a LOT, more than the recommended daily allowance (what the f*&$), and I've read almost every book on my library twice. Hehehe. I still have Angela's Ashes and Portrait of a Lady. I don't want to read them, I'm not in the mood. Chaka they're both heavy drama. I mean even if Angela's ashes is tragedy but put in a more light-hearted way, I can't bear rereading the tragedies. Nakakaawa. As of portrait of a lady, it's a BORE. it's a classic kasi, and they just HAVE TO exaggerate everything. Hello, nasa first 200 pages na ko and there's still no action. Wala pa yung guy meets girl and stuff like that.

  4. I saw transformers already and it's MIGHTY GOOD. Hah. we all love JOSH DUHAMEL OH MY GOD. =)) Sorry, i'm turning to my babaeng bakla phase. So let me be. Oh my god he's so hot and so cool. Shit shit shit shit. Fergie's so fucking lucky. I hate that bitch. HAHAH mura na ako ng mura. I don't mean anything. WOW. Mr. Duhamel has got it going. Tapos diba he has this show, Vegas ba yon? I don't know the title, I just guessed it was vegas 'cause there were casinos and i saw the paris hotel (i want to go there HAHA) tapos i saw his name in the opening credits tapos i screamed. eh yung kj kong kapatid who's anti-boys suddenly switched to video mode and played her now-favorite ps2 game, BULLY. Yeah. Dati GTA, or...yeah GTA. Hahahah. Well diba both are Rockstar productions??? Diba? Diba? Like hello. I don't even play FIFA anymore. It sucks sa ps2. God I want a ps3. God I want a PSP!!! yeheey. Oh kahit nintendo ds okay na. I don't know. I just think there's something cool about someone like me having something like that. And then I'll bring it to school all the time and stuff like that. See. I'm a boy. I am so not a girl. =)) =))

    And please, please MOMMY, if ever you're reading. When I turn eighteen, can I have a chevy camaro? or a volkswagon? or...well... a mustang? YEAH A MUSTANG!! sucker for vintage cars. hahah i love cars. i mean even if my sister's a whole lot BETTER when it comes to identifying which cars are which (like kunwari we see this expensive car when we go somewhere. and then she goes. OOOOOOYYY! IT'S A ENZO FERRARI!!! or HOLY SHIT! IT'S A LAMBORGHINI uhm...ano nga yung version bago sa GALLARDO?. ako naman parang. TALAGa? MAGANDA BA YAN? see i got this car interest with my dad. Yeah I am a tad interested with cars. :P Told you I'm a boy.

  5. I am maganda, I have kissable lips, tantalizing eyes, and a close-up smile. Malabo rin mata ko, and mataray ako. They think I'm a babaeng bakla. Oh sige na I admit it. I am actually talking about the human bingo we had during homeroom time last monday. There are descriptions on the paper, and you have to ask someone to sign under the box which is appropriate to him/her. Minsan pakapalan ng mukha. :)) But hey. Maganda daw ako!!! Kahit isa lang nagsabi. HEEHEEHEEHEE.

OOps. GOTTA GO. I think I have a fart coming on. HAHAHA KADIRI!!!

Btw, the clique rocks hahaha sarap basahin uli and uli and uli!



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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Life lesson:

"Never expect anything."
Something my mom says oftentimes (rather,nags) and much to my chagrin, it's always, always true. It makes me feel stupid, even, saying it. Cause it's a fact of life. Everyone knows things won't always go the way they thought it'd be. That's why I just let everything be, as much as possible. I don't want to expect anything, because I, more often than not, end up despairing and regretting and depressing over the most useless stuff. =P



To the people who I haven't hit on their blogs yet, I am sorry, once again. My mother's laptop seems to have a disliking for me...Or maybe I just open too many windows...(Internet Explorer 6 pag gamit nito. No tabs yet. HAHAHA. Primitive xP) When I get the chance, though...I'll hit back on you people.
I love love love love love love you!!! TO da max!

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