Saturday, June 30, 2007

sniff sniff.
I realized that for almost a week-long hiatus, I missed a lot. HAHA. There are currently 16 unread e-messages in my Hotmail and ehr 165 in my Yahoo (I don't visit my yahoo page anymore. I just use my yahoo e-mail for YM). HAHA to those who commented and tagged (a suprising number of people did), I am very truly sorry for my inability to reply to your tags and comments earlier. Ang rami ko tuloy na'miss. Teehee.

Speaking of miss, here are the things you missed in my life. (PARDON?)
  1. My dearly loved PC is wrecked, once again. It's an effin sign. My mom needs to buy a new one. =P Well I love our PC right now. Its monitor is HUGE, and it's fast...and stuff like that. I haven't realized that it's been with us for three years or so now. Hahaha. So now, I'm using my mother's laptop. I want my own laptop. MAC MAC MAC MAC MAAAAAAAC!!!!!!

  2. I have colds and tonsilitis. Unfortunately, that does not qualify as an excuse not to attend my second cousin's 1st birthday. You want to know why I don't want to go? Because a) nakaka'op dun b) uhm hello, may sakit ako dito. *ting ting ting*. Still, my father does not make it an excuse. Shit. Sira pa naman yung charger ng iPod ko. And remember, we don't have our PC, so I can't charge it. T_T

  3. Sinisipon ako. Putek. HAHAHA.

  4. I'm dark as dark chocolate already. I'm not obssessing over it or anything, nakakatakot lang kung ano magiging itsura ko after the next two weeks.

  5. Brownout alert!! Yesterday, our so-called Transformer (coolio. Transformer pala tawag dun!) got wrecked. Two hours of freedom. LOL. It was freaking hot. I thought I was gonna faint or something. Buti nalang hindi. Hehehe.

  6. School year's getting better and better. I enjoy my classmates a LOT already, which is something, considering what a bitch I was during the first few weeks, diba? And people are nicer, atleast when in front of me. :P

  7. LONG TESTS! Putek, I'm not yet ready. Hahaha. I have to be. I'm not gauged (GAUGED???!!) for it. I can't take it anymore. I don't want long tests. T_T Nakakatamad magaral. He he he he.

  8. I found a 500-peso bill in my book, The Clique, by Lisi Harisson. Tehehehe. I don't know how it got there. Basta I'm happy. Hehehehe. Who wouldn't be, diba?

  9. Dreams dreams dreams. I have a series of weird and very random dreams every night. Last night, my mom told me I was talking in my sleep. Nako nakakahiya. When I asked them what I was saying, they just shrugged and said they didn't understand. Though my sister heard something raw, and she said that I said something like... "Sorry ah." Wooooo ano naman kaya yun?

  10. Stand up. Hahah I got this idea from Angeli's blog. Though you think that I am not the kind of person who needs standing up...I need some standing up to do. I'm there already. And things are much more clearer pag hindi ka praning. I've learned that. The art of un-paranoid-ism. Keep the poker face, and adjust your nunga-nungas (georgia =P) for battle, I'm going in! HAHAHAHA. Basically, some people have misunderstood me...nanaman. Sana pala I kept the MISSUNDERSTOOD url. Bagay na bagay sakin eh.

  11. Tinamad...ako mag peer tutoring. Haha. I wasn't explicitly invited anyway, so why should I?

  12. Three thirty days are the best. See, ANGELIQUE and HAZEL and some of the boys stay 'til 3:30 for no reason at all. I stay 'til 3:30 'cause it's a lot of fun. (i hope there's a way to say that in the RAMON BAUTISTA accent here, online. i could do it perfectly. HAHAH YABANG!). Chaka Angelique and I get to stay in the front seats of our bus if we stay till 3:30.

  13. Cool drummer guy...and bassist person. There was this guy who was playing the drums like a maniac yesterday, during club time. He was so freaking good, I fell in love with his playing...not necessarily with him. His beats were like, unusual, and irregular, tapos he looks really "concentrated" while playing. The bassist person is the cousin of someone I know (or someone I used to know). He looks nice while playing bass. HEHE.

  14. Biology is da bamb, beybe! I love our Bio teacher. Plus, I get higher grades in our quizzes. HEHE. Miss Eugenio is so funny. Bio is something I look forward to now albeit I felt otherwise last year.

  15. I could read a book within the day. May daya na yan, since I've read the book twice already. I read the book within a few hours' time lang. The book is... summer boys by hailey abbott. ahahah. yeah, the one with the scandalous picture in front. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

  16. Malapit na premier ng Harry Potter 5!!! I ♥ you, Harry Potter! (Speaking of which, I will be posting an OPEN LETTER to Daniel Radcliffe soon. :P)




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Saturday, June 23, 2007

raindrops keep falling on my head.
This week is... one heck of a week. So much things happened that I don't know what to talk about. Plus, I haven't blogged for almost a week! Oi, I call it an accomplishment! I've tried to stay away from the computer for the past few days, just because. Teehee. =) O, bullet form nalang? Let's try numbers. :)
  1. This schoolyear's getting better and better. Tama din naman, sa simula lang. Though nothing can compare to last year (unless my new classmates prove otherwise...), I'm having fun already. I find myself concentrating on the stuff I should be concentrating on. I found myself drifting off during discussions eh. Lalo na pag math, napagiiwanan tuloy ako. Yeah, I resolve to do better this year. And I will. =) Plus, it's really great that I don't have to be mindful of what I do ALL the time. Kanta dito, kanta dun. Gulo dito, gulo don. O diba? Sweet stuff. Plus, I recite more. =) yeah yeah yeah!

  2. Music-wise, i'm getting better. I listen to varied stuff, not like before. It's fun not to have boundaries, not having to watch out to what I listen to. I'm not caring, really.

  3. I'm getting darker by the minute. First, due to soccer. Now due to the weekly swimming classes that we have. AYOKO NA! First I didn't care. Now I do. HAHA.

  4. Decisions, decisions are to be made. Love for soccer, or what? Kasi I find it unfair to my other teammates who love soccer so much. Eh ako, I'm not really determined, and my mind is into much more other stuff. I'm quitting, but I'm finding reasons not to. I'm hiding, and I need help. I'd miss playing soccer though.

  5. People change so fast. One thing, you know them well, the next, you're like...uh yeah who are you? Well, can't blame them. The only constant thing in this world is change.

  6. Dumby died. In Harry Potter 6, which I recently just finished reading (LOSERRRRR). I actually cried, because Dumbledore died. Ms. Rowling is a super genius. Haaay. Nakakawalang gana basahin yung 7. Wala na naman si Dumbledore eh. I like him 'cause he was so wise, so full of mystery, and so freaking nice. He's fair to people (kahit favorite niya si Harry). There's something about him. Also, he can have his own book full of his wise sayings. Ang dami kong napick-up sa harry potter 6. Sana magkaroon ng spin-off from the series. About Dumbledore naman. Gago si Snape, but I think there was something about him eh. I'm pretty certain about that. So far, Harry Potter 6 is the best book in the series.

  7. Woo di na ako late! Cheeeeeers to that.

  8. I'm getting the hang of the let-go thing. NOT! Hindi, it's ok. I'm not stopping myself, it'll just make everything worse. Insteaaad, I'm letting everything go by. Let me have the full servings. Hopefully, magsasawa rin ako. I like this guy, but he doesn't deserve it. And I'm not saying I'm over him, but hey. It takes time. And I understand that. It's a new approach, diba. I think it's better. Do it until I find someone else more fitting.

  9. 18 na si Ate Monica! Owyes. My childhood/neighbor friend. She's super. I bow down to her. She contributed to my knowledge of computers, especially HTML. She introduced me to it. See, I'm freaking lucky. And she's so cool pa. HAHAA. O diba? I'm so proud of her, even my friends know about her na. :P

  10. I want to do peer tutoring...pero yung it'tutor lang is Bio and Math. I can do Bio, but not Math. Sana Social Studies nalang =( But it's ok. It's actually how Haley and Nathan met up sa One Tree Hill, diba? Malay mo naman. De joke lang. It's unlikely Migs will fail a class. He's not that desperate. GANUN?

  11. Yung mongo seeds ko. This funny thing happened. Yung ROOTS pala yung na'measure ko, and not the plant itself. But no problem, tumubo na siya. Oh wait. Yes problem, kasi... NABAGSAK yung lalagyanan nung seeds, so it broke... Patay. =(

  12. Why do people don't want to speak English? It's not like we don't have to speak english, kasi WALA TAYO SA AMERICA. Hey dude, whatever. For all I know, you're barely passing your Filipino class. Binabastos mo pa Filipino teacher mo. O ano? Plus, it's for you din. Whatever. Sanayan lang yan.


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Monday, June 18, 2007

school's not cool.
I find it hard to find a reason to sleep early and wake up early in the morning to go to school these days. You go to school, be late, and get a reprimand for something that wasn't entirely your fault (it was the bus'). You get elected for a position you didn't really want (it's not that bad--yet). You get a reprimand for being noisy. To cap it all off, you get scolded for being so noisy, people can hear your noise through the thick wall of cement (which really wasn't true.).

But hey, you can't have everything. :-)

For the good points of today:


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Sunday, June 17, 2007

i realized that...


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ooooehr and phwoar.
I watched Pride & Prejudice (for once and for all) on VCD (sorry, i'm not much of a DVD person. good gerl eh. :)) ). It's been in the movie "library" for a long time already, but i haven't paid much attention to it. Which is rather weird, because I have seen most cds that most probably have interested me.


Anyways, I found it amusing, but it was rather difficult to comprehend to what the hell the characters were saying.

Cool, though. :)

My mum asked me if I would have wanted to live at that point in time?

Answer is...yes and no.

Yes, because the people are waaay polite, and I find it amusing.

No, because the women are repressed (I think i'm a feminist. :))) Also because some men have to wear big wigs. Which are....senseless and weird.

Regular, regular school tomorrow.


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Friday, June 8, 2007

just ask the question, come untie the knot say you won't care. say you won't care.
listening to: new american classic - taking back sunday


why my day is terrible. el terrible.

  • ich vermisse jemand.sie. ich le be dich. tama ba? HAHAHA. well i don't mean the ich le be dich part. i just mean the first part, which is kind of a pain of the ass, because i don't get to...véalo tanto como hice antes. that is not accurate, but if you know spanish and you know me, you might get the point. also, je suis très jaloux. of nothing, really. but it makes me feel bad. i cried so much the other day. and i still get طعن الألم في قلبي whenever i see ele. wow international na 'ko. this is a good idea, huh. nakakainis talaga.

  • ***

    ultimatum: bahala na kung maintindihan mo, ko o niyo.

    li manco, io sono spiacente, io non ho significato quello.

    gagi nahirapan ako diyan.


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    Thursday, June 7, 2007

    she's a maneater...
    mood: have you noticed that when spelled backwards, it spells doom? :) mood is...sad. yet inspired.
    listening to: maneater - nelly furtado; accidentally in love - counting crows ; what's it feel like to be a ghost? - taking back sunday
    i just finished my layout for celine! kaya lang there's something wrong with blogger, so i'm not yet done with the coding. i love it 'cause it's kinda weird. and it was kinda hard to do. well not really. i didn't have any distractions anyway (i'm talking about people in ym, friendster, multiply...and my e-mail).

    ayoko mag'ym. baka lalo ako madepress. HAHAHAH. ganun?



    ay mali. sa tuesday pa pala yun. well not really. i mean we have classes tomorrow.

    naninibago parin ako sa classmates ko. from noisy, outgoing, all-over the place 16 to quiet, cool and organized 27. shitty. but hey, what do you know. this year might be better. i miss all the people we lost from section 16, and i would love to get to know the knew people we'll be having this year.

    our adviser, ms. eugenio is also starting to grow on me already. she told us that grades aren't everything, and that she doesn't want us to compete against each other.

    fat chance. i'm not much of a competitive person as before, but i know the other people are. i'm not grade-conscious either. i don't think so. the time i got an 84 in math, i laughed it off. i've never laughed so good and so much in my life. well not really. but it was a good and genuine laugh, i can remember.


    i woke up today to an empty house, the pups are sleeping behind the couch, and chiara's gone to school.

    actually, i woke up crying once again. hahaha. i launched into a full-on crying binge last night, and i have piggy eyes right now. good thing i stopped before my mom arrived, 'cause i was taking care of the puppies, since you have to make them go to sleep with you before you put them back to their cage.

    it's all different now.

    it's real, real sad. ='(

    it just sunk in na it wouldn't be me there. it wouldn't me who would be doing this, would be doing that...



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    Wednesday, June 6, 2007

    well that sucked.
    i knew i shouldn't have attended our orientation. sheesh. that was sheer torture.

    not really. i had fun. :)

    i am all over the place, right now.

    grabe, i should be careful with what i wish for, it just might happen. happens when i don't want it to happen. fate, destiny, the stars and whatever is responsible for granting your wish in such a late time sucks.

    what now. i feel like puking. seriously. gosh.

    puke all the past feelings.

    and now i'm listening to sad music. (who knew yellowcard and taking back sunday could be sad?)

    everyone is sailing in their own boats while i am left in a shit creek without a paddle.


    hahahaha. my section is weird. in fact, i feel weird about some of 'em. not good weird, not bad weird. just weird weird.

    hahahah. there are so many girls, there are only 13 boys in my class. i belong to section 27. significant numbers in my life so far.

    and what would you know, my very first favorite number has got something to do with why i want to puke.

    poor guys, they won't be able to form a team during intrams, i think. unless they let jethro and someone else play. 'cause they have to have 15 in a team. o, 2 people left.


    ayyyy. mcdo is loooove. diba angeli?


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    Tuesday, June 5, 2007

    i want a new phone...
    hahahah. just because my p9oo is scratched, has bad key-registry, and i lost its reserve stylus.


    i really want a new one. hahaha. ewan ko nalang what i'll get. i'm currently eyeing on the n93i, but it's so expensive. hahaha. but it's what i want. for now.

    i'm a picky person. my new phone must have...


    the coolest thing about the n93i is the front part, the shiny shiny part, which shows the time, you phone's current status (battery, signal) and if you have a message, or a missed call...and many many more things.

    the downer is that it's freakng huge. hahaha.

    ohwell. can't have everything.


    will have orientation tomorrow! i'm pretty excited at this point of the day (or night. whichever) yeah. it bums me out that summer vacay's gotta end...but hey. things might turn out differently this year.

    God. i suck. hahaha. nakakainiiss si vicky.

    and we have soccer practice tomorrow.

    i was about to not attend orientation when someone convinced me to do so. it'll be fun, i guess, sitting in the cold room with familiar people, and to some, complete strangers. gosh. hahaha. what happened to me?

    i want to screammmmmmmmmm. shyeeet. i'm nerved, wrought-up right now.


    there you go. :)


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    Monday, June 4, 2007

    why i blog.
    i live in a delusional world. i try hard to oppress who i really am, because i might but my so-called "rep" in hazard. i want people to like me. i am a perfectionist. the way i see it, it's a disease rather than a quality.

    when you think ahead of yourself too much, it's wrong. you stop anything you want to say, which hinders you to getting along with people.

    that's the hard part of being me.

    i'm happy that i have friends who spend much time on not really useless things. i have a mom who goes nuts with me. ditto with my sister.

    it gets lonely sometimes, even if you're in a group, or in a room full of people, and you realize you don't really get on with them. and it leads you to thinking that you did something wrong. and you get an ill feeling about yourself.

    being the positive person that i am... i be happy.

    and i blog. :)


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    dear Lord.
    i know i've been bad, i know i've been a mean mean girl...

    but please, PLEASE, don't make me go to school just yet.

    i mean, come on.

    i'm losing my mind here, and school hasn't even started yet.

    tapos i'm always out of my mind. like when we have soccer games, i'm totally out of the world. and i know i should focus, and there's this thing about constantly proving yourself, but i forget about focusing when i'm there. 'cause i think too much.

    nagmumukha tuloy ako di marunong na tanga.

    buset. i mean i'm not that good and all, but i know i could do better than that.

    tapos there are stuff with other people pa...nakooo naman.

    see, due to my excessive thinking, there are times when i forget to think... like when...

    there were other more stupid what-the-f&*^-is-wrong-with-me episodes, i just forgot them.

    i'm just having a hard time, and i don't want history to repeat itself.

    LORD NO!!!

    haay i just should be passive about these things.


    after seeing abt ur love, ur lyf 2, i lost all interest. nelle's being malabo, and prince. I HATE PRINCE. hahahaha. they didn't even focus on nelle and aj. just nelle and stupid prince. i hate them na.

    you know who i love?

    giselle and rickson.

    AYYYYYYYEEEEHEEEEE! rickson reminds me of my uncle. the rockstar uncle of mine. i love him already. just because he reminds me of my uncle. and they have a cute story too. =D


    Wait until it is night before saying that it has been a fine day. -- French Proverb



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    Friday, June 1, 2007

    it's official.
    i can't believe this. aj reminds me of someone i know. gosh. well someone i don't want to know/remember fo sho.

    aj please don't jut out your jaw. T_T

    i'm imagining things, noh?

    groupie na ako. oo. masa na ako. oo. is it a sin? i mean networks make these shows for our pleasure--my pleasure, so have i got no right to enjoy it?

    i'm in love. hahaha.

    hindi, joke lang.

    i'm up at 2:21 am, and i'm still watching at youtube.

    yep, nakakahook. hahah.

    i'm scaring myself already ha. i haven't gone this far for something. hahahaha.

    nakakakilig si josh and si nelle. omaygash. hahahahaaahaha.

    sige na sige na. i'm gay. but i like them, finafast-forward ko nga dun sa scene kung saan kasama silang dalawa eh.

    ang gwapo ni aj perez.


    haaaaay. =)

    ang weird lang nung naging "girl" si nelle. haha. i liked her when she was boyish. ohwell. jelle parin for life HAHAHAHA. ulol.

    nakakabaliw kasi ang bagal. like, i even went over sa archive ng blogs of note ng blogger. you know, when they feature blogs of different and very random interest "catch". teehee.

    shet he might read this blog. tapos iisipin niya...

    whut a loser. loser loser double loser snap snap get the picture?


    ohwell. i won't meet him anyway. =)

    i googled aj perez already and my blog didn't come up. YES! =) safe pa. hahhahaahahahaha.

    and what is this, this arno person? the prince guy? i hate you... huhu. kaya lang siguro ang boring nga naman kung walang interruption si aj and si nelle. i mean...camon. haha everyone needs something bad.

    tapos magiging si rickson and si giselle? shet.

    i'm in love with the CHARACTERS. yung "younger" batch ah. i mean josh nelle rickson webb giselle bill hillary. =D nakakatuwa sila eh. i could relate to them, even if i didn't pretend that i was tomboy just to get closer with the guy i like. i like nelle. i like josh too. favorites. hahaha.

    i'd reckon no one would get what i'm blabbing about.

    don't matter. i'm HAPPY. =)


    you have no idea how overwhelmed i am with this "obsession" of mine. when my mom arrived home she asked if i was drunk. hahaha. tipsy lang. just kidding. i didn't even drink.

    nako nakakahiya heeeheee.



    this is NOT fun anymore.

    ang pangit pag nakakarelate ka tapos ayaw mo maalala.

    no no. gootta stay loyal to aj and nelle.


    sige na. goodnight.

    este, good morning.



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