Friday, August 31, 2007

of layouts and libraries.
I haven't been blogging for the last couple o' days because I was really busy. I'm not even kidding. With my sister hogging this computer constantly (may boyfriend na siguro yun. HAHAH), I have less time to work on the layout of the school's English magazine. Lately, I've been waking up to larger and darker puffs under my eyes, and really dreary and dull skin. I am constantly sleepy during class. And well, I've been such a loser lately. I'm blaming it to the all-nighters.

Whatever, I think this so-called lack of sleep I think is turning me into a dodo.

See, I was about to go with my friend Hazel to return books that she borrowed for our Biology class, and then I saw this guy I used to like, and then I ran and screamed like a crazy woman. I was fixing something in my bag, and then when I looked up, he was adjusting the straps to his bag, and then he looked at me and I ran immediately, screaming "WAAAAH WAAAH!". I don't even know why I did that. That was stupid. Never ever in the history of my whole entire life have I done that. I think.

Hazel's point of view in this story is much much funnier. She said she was about to enter the library and then she looked back to look for me, and then she saw him, and then she saw me running away. Running like a dodo. You know. IT WASN'T A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT. I wonder how the guy saw me. You know, his point of view. Hahahah. He could either have a) seen me as I have seen myself--a loser b) wondered why the hell i ran away c) thought if there was something in his face d) thought that when i saw him, i immediately remembered something e) all of the above. I think it was a, b and d. Hahahahahaha. I laugh everytime I remember it. Even if I'm alone I laugh to myself. Really, I wonder why I did it. We're wondering the same thing. It was on impulse. When I stopped running I asked myself "why the hell did you just do that?" yaaaahahahahah. Man I can't get over it. That was really funny. HAHAHAHA. To lessen my stupidity, I pretended to have remembered something and looked for Yani. And then I hugged Angeli cause I can't see Yani and then Angeli told me he was looking...ish. HAHAHAH. He must have thought I was a HUGE HUGE gigantimous DODO.

Also, I was speaker of the day today, which required me to ramble and babble about an experience that I had, and a lesson that I learned from it. Supposedly, I was to do a story about the guy referred to at the previous paragraphs, but I was too chickenshit to do it. Hahaha. There was no "climax" in the story. Little did I know that "my-summer-trip-to-London" had NO climax and NO lesson at all. The guy story had MANY lessons, DEAR GOD. WOW. And I thought we had no English time today due to the Filipino month program so I wasn't prepared at all. Good thing I handle speaking in front of people well. HAHAHA.

What else. Oh, awhile ago, during the Buwan ng Wika program, we were doing the Bedan hymn, and this guy, he was in a malong and it fitted him 'cause he looked the part (you know, the Datu), and then I imagined him saying "SUGOD, MGA KABABAYAN!!!" Complete with the facial expressions. Really, it isn't that hard to imagine. HAHAHAHA. That was funny, men. Hahaha.

Hahahahah. Do you find what I said funny? I bet you don't. You don't get to see my animated face when I tell my story. And how I do the screaming part. Man, that was raaad.


i lab yousif aljamal. HAHAH our english teacher reminded me of him. no i don't mean our english teacher looks like him, she just said that when they were out on a conference, they met him and had their pictures taken cause he was there. pbfffft. im jealous. ahwell. is he still playing for talk n text? 'cause i heard he got disqualified. which sucks. i should start watching basketball more. teeheehee


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

can you tell me what i want, what i really really want?
I don't know what I want to do in college. Recently kasi, I bought the July-August issue of Adobo magazine (it's a magazine on adverts and stuff. basta.), and then there was a feature on the Miami Ad School. And then they were saying that it's the best advertising school out there. And I believe them. Just the website would make you drool and occassionally smile. It's pixelized, and it's TSUPER COOL.

And then they have this program in Graphic Design and Art Direction. DUDE. It's so...soo cool. I downloaded the catalogs for both courses and I was VERY impressed by the Graphic Design one. Art Direction there kasi is an extention of the Florida International University's program on masterals of Mass Communication.

WAH. Tapos the introduction of the program's like... Are you artistic but organized? OOHLALA! Getting to be an artist, pero organized pa din! I mean, MAN! It's my calling! Woohoo. Haahaha. I can draw naman, I just need to devote more time to it. :P And drawing's not the primary thing in this course.

I'm seriously drooling. You can like, swim in my salivations on the floor.

And then they have this Quarter Away program. What you do is that for another year, and with 6 more quarter away locations (including LONDON NEW YORK CHICAGO PRAGUE AMSTERDAM etc etc), you get to travel to these major cities for every quarter of the year to absorb all their culture and design stuff.

Yummy yum yum.

The problem is...well, can I do it? That's not even the question. It's more of, do I really really want to do it? Is it the job for me? Is this NOT waste of money, time and effort?

Oh and by the way, where will I get the money? I told Lia awhile ago the safest bet would be if my mom would remarry a super duper rich guy. And then I can rip off his moolah faster than you can say "eksakli". They offer scholarship programs, but I was thinking more of the financial needs of living abroad. I don't even have any relatives in Miami.

But whatever, what I'm really planning to do is to get a MassCom degree in here, and then study graphic design in Miami Ad School. THAT way, I can get a job while studying. Oh diba? Kaya lang I think a job involving mass media's going to be demanding. But whatever. Atleast I have a long-term plan. That's a whole lot farther than having nothing in mind.

P.S. at this state, I still don't know what i want.


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Monday, August 27, 2007

my sunday.

Beautiful pictures courtesy of my (sony t3o). Galing noh? They're so sharp, and so pretty!!!


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Monday, August 20, 2007

in over my head.
i have to make this fast 'cause my sister's trying to get me off the computer no more time for punctuation marks. oh well yes, there's still time.

God I hate her. eversince she's been with her bestfriends. she's hogging the computer already. the only time i have to this good ol buddy of mine is 12 in the morning.



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Saturday, August 18, 2007

friendster's really stupid right now.
I got a clue with Nancy Drew awhile ago. Pretty interesting movie. I almost loved it. Well worth the 350, I guess. Throw in the loud commentators behind me (which amused me a lot) and... the people beside me who were pretty damn loud. Nakakatawa yung comments nila kasi...sila nagsabi. Hindi dahil nakakatawa talaga siya. HAHAHAHA. (Gueeeesss who.)

Anyways. The plot was pretty mature for someone like Nancy Drew, cause they were dealing with the murder of Dehlia Dreycott. yeah. the Black Dahlia... OOhhlala. But I loved it otherwise. Hahahah. And Rachel Ray was there. So yeah. I loved it.


Maayos na yung PC namin. I can safely say I can stay on for hours without anything going wrong. Yet it's still early to say...since kakarating lang nito sa bahay.

Still. I'm happy.


I'm pretty pissed off cause people are showing off their pics in friendster, in ym, in multiply, wherever and I can't show off MINE! GRRRRRRR.


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Friday, August 17, 2007

wake the dead.
guten Morgen, everyone!

listening to: lies for the liars- the used

Everytime i hear wake the dead, I remember ayana, my astoundingly pretty albeit really loud friend. 'cause the lyrics go... "across the sky they can hear you on the other side, a scream that's loud enough to wake the dead..." i mean, wow. a song tailor-made for yani. atleast the lyrics lang. i don't think she'd enjoy the song. she might burn me at the stake if i make her listen to it. HAHa. kidding.

Oh, and by the way, I did a review on the Used's new CD, sa school paper nga lang, and even though, I'm still not sure if they're going to publish it, 'cause it's pretty long.

If you have the CD already, watch out for their last song. It's pretty bad. Smother Me/Queso. Let me be the one who calls you baby all the time.


I love With Me Tonight. It reminds me so much of Lunacy Fringe. Hahah


I have a new multiply account, wala pang laman, wala pang layout, wala pang may alam.
I have a new YM account, marami naring may alam. It has long been established talaga, ngayon ko lang naisip gawin. Meron akong ginawa, kaya lang since in-add na nila yung account na yun, I didn't use the one that I made.


The online world of a perfectionist nga naman.


Oh dear I am in great trouble. We had this test thingy during guidance class last week, so that we could choose our career track next year. THey asked this thing question...something like...uhm... yung career na gusto mo ienter... i answered:
  1. entertainment
  2. business management
  3. art work

Patay ako. I'll be left off. Everybody wanted to go to MedSci, or PhySci(Engineering and Architecture). =( Atleast I was honest. Ako lang ata sa class namin yung ganyan yung set ng sagot eh.

Why entertainment. I've always wanted to become a PR girl. If not, a radio dj. I want to work behind the scenes. I want to be a directress.

Business management. Gusto ko maging CEO someday. I want to do advertising. :)

Art work. Ehem, graphic designing.


Pano na kaya ako?



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Thursday, August 16, 2007

and it's 12 in the morning...
I am still up because.
  1. I drank coffee during merienda time.
  2. I slept endlessly during the day. Time to make up for my sleep debt.

I have my own camera already!!! YEAH BOY YEAH YEAH YEAH. It's super cool and super sleek and it's JUST what I wanted, only a tad better, maybe. Hahahaha. Cheers to le rockstar uncle who gave me (what the hell) this...this... piece of machinery! HAHAHA.

Anyways...I'll put the pictures later, or maybe in a to-be multiply account. I want to make a new one. My present multiply sucks some major arse. Arse. Right.

One little blip though. I don't know how to transfer the pictures here. :D

I don't mind, though. I am just really happy with my camera.

Oh, and by the way. We have a handicam too!


No classes to day. Stupid effers, I was in school already. But I don't mind at all, 'cause we were supposed to have MATH today. It's a sign.

I'm going to get my 99 in math.

I never ever got a 99 in math.

Not even in grade school, oh no. I always have one mistake. No, not always. I always have many mistakes. Except last year, when I was the happiest lady (ehr, lady.) in the college building when i got a 98 in math. Holy shit man, 98. Wow. I was verrrry happy already. 98. WOW DUDE! HAHAHA.

Pero ngayon, I'm hitting the 8s. Muntik nang 7s. I'm still happy with that. Better 8 than 7. Oh well. I'm pretty sure I'll get a 99 in math anyway. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm praying. :P


I am an ambitious girl, but very often frustrated. There's always this little tiny projects in my head which never get to happen. I always start, but rarely finish. When I finish, I am always dissatisfied.

What the HELL is wrong with me.


Shit, it's raining hard and i am scared right off my ass.


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Thursday, August 9, 2007

iiiiii suck.
HAHAH I WAS (WAS???) such a big loser.

I was reading the archives of my old blogspot (whose link I won't give out) since I was hoping to find a link to my johari window in there. I kept on guessing my username, but to no avail. Who the hell knows what username I used, I had pretty much suck-ish ones.

Anyways, I enjoyed it SO MUCH, even if I SUCKED. HAHAH ANG ARTE KO NUN! OMFG. I cannot blame *^$# for running away from me, I posted some FREAKISH posts in there.

*^$# is the meanest person in the world
happy b-day to *^$#'s sister, $*)#^@



Dude, if you still read my blog (which I'm pretty sure you don't), I am so sorry for those freaking freaky posts in my last blog.

Visit my blog archives (March archives, specifically). Holy shit. Freaky freaky freaky freaky deaky. Any reader of mine who has supported my previous and now blog will know that my previous blog was better.

And now I reveal why I transferred blogs.

I was reading my archives the moment I decided to do it. You know, transfer. I just figured that I had to leave all the dramatic CRAP behind. I mean, seriously dude. TO hell with ranting on about people having fucking perfect lives. HAHAHA.

But really, I think I was fun-er during that blog. Whatever. Mas maarte nga lang. Pero I think I was more human. I mean, just because they SUCKED, I had fun reading them. Kahit yung dramatic posts. I was pretty amazed with myself.

Grabe that blog has lead me to so much trouble. It fucked up my lovelife before it even started. WHo knew. HAHAHA. That's okay. Atleast I know why I did not end up as first lady of our country. Posterity ba.

TAPOS ANG PAPANGIT NG PICTURES NA PINOPOST KO DUN! LIKE WHAT THE?! Hahaha. Good thing I got some nerve to put them up. I mean what what what the hell hell hell.

But as Angeli and I would like to believe, life's more fun when you're ugly. OR atleast that's how I think of it. Or whatever. I don't know how to put it down.

I sure as hell enjoyed reading the archives. I can't believe how much i liked the OC. I mean I know I liked it, but I didn't know I loved Marissa-Ryan so much.

That blog is an existing testimony to why my lovelife is fucked up.

Instant picker-upper. HAHAHA. DOn't worry, I'll resume to my old self (my old, missunderstood self) in a few posts. hahaha.

Hay, read it.


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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My godfather sent an e-mail, which I only got to read today.

The young lady in the first picture is Gaia, short for Ligaia. Isn't she beautiful? She's grown up much already, 'cause she didn't used to look like this since I last saw her. I think she looks like me. What do you think? Look at those ringlets!!!
In the second picture, my cousin is the one in right. His name's Matteo, and he is Angeli's soulmate. Matteo's the one in red, the one who looks like a tiger. If you're going to ask me who the guy on the left is, I don't know who he is. Maybe he's Spiderbaby. I don't know. They're both cute though, even if my cousin is undeniable CUTER. Sorry, guy-on-the-left / spiderbaby.
My mum is now in Japan, enjoying herself. Why can't I be with them and enjoy myself too? I mean Japan. Japan's like, the center of anime and all manga. And...well maybe graphics too. Shucks.
No classes today. Damn. Actually, it's a good thing we don't have classes today. Wednesdays have the worst schedules. We have ILP and one period PA (we were supposed to have our Quarter Exams today.)
P.A., P.A., I'm managing. We're doing HTML anyways, so it's kind of easy since I've been doing it for quite a long time already. :P
Ohwell. Conferencing with my classmates. :P Talking to them with our mic.


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tagged be genevieve and ana.
Genevieve tagged me sometime, and Ana tagged me a long time ago.

Genevieve's tag:

I have to list 8 things about me. Here goes nothing.
  1. I love reading books. I haven't met someone who would rather read books than do something else. I would love to meet someone like that, though.

  2. I love listening to music. While in the bus, in the car, while taking a bath, while studying, while doing homework.

  3. I always think. Random things. Sometimes I think too much, I forget what I'm doing in the first place. Like yesterday, during Filipino time. By God, what the hell happened to me?

  4. I used to hate sleeping as a kid. Yeah. I used to despise it, because my yaya would use to force me to sleep in the afternoon. Now, it's all I need.

  5. I don't know who I am. Surprise surprise.

  6. I love my dogs, Mikee and Vanilla, even if they stink so bad. HAHA. Well they got sick. The dogtor (pardon the pun) did not let them be bathed upon. So lo and behold.

  7. I am pitiful to animals. Especially the ones I see on the street. =(

  8. I am attracted to gay people. JUST KIDDING.

Ana's tag.

I have to put down six weird things about me. Hmmm. I think I did this already.

  1. I think too much. And yes, sometimes, due to obsessive thinking, I become like a robot.

  2. I am obsessed with grammar and spelling. If a guy has bad grammar I immediately dislike him. I'm so sorry. That happened to me way back. The guy's about me was in english, and it was really THAT bad. I'm sorry. T_T

  3. I drink coffee. People my age find that weird. God you go to Starbucks all the time. Isn't starbucks = coffee?

  4. I don't like seafood. I give any excuse I can give to free myself from eating them.

  5. The only seafood I eat is fish. And I'm very picky with that to. I loooove fried galungong. And tuyo, even if they kind of stink. I love the smell when they cook tuyo. It's so much like home.

  6. I am a perfectionist. I CANNOT stand it if anything is disorganized, especially with my online accounts.


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Sunday, August 5, 2007

drivin' slow on sunday morning.
Oh dear, I am absobloodylutely out of things to say.

Right. I'm lying. I just can't figure out what to say.

3 days lang! THREE SCHOOL DAYS. NYAHAHA. I even brought it to school since I know I won't be able to think about anything but. It was so addictive, pare. Hindi naman addictive, but it's really, really HARD to put down.

Damn. I want a Harry Potter 8...and a Harry Potter 9. Hell, I'll even buy Harry potter 7.5 if it means I'll read about Harry Potter again.

Haaaay. Babay, Harry me boy.


on the dramatic side of life.

i fucking miss the fucking bastard who fucking fucked up my really fucked up life.



(i'm so sorry for the fuck-ful sentence. if my MOM reads this, i will have LOADS of telling off. she will never let me hear the end of it. and with her immortal words..."such language!")


my rockstar uncle (called as so because he used to be in a band, he's tall and his hair is all spikes with black roots and blonde ends. he wears all black. but OH NO, he doesn't wear EYELINER, just like a real rockstar does), as i (and ANGELI) would fondly identify to him... or tito plong/pong as we know it, is coming over here. and then he and my mum are going to JAPAN.

they suck. =(

if my mom doesn't get a new digital camera, i might have to kill myself for my failed hopes and dreams


does whatever a spider pig does.
can he swing from a web?
no he can't
cause he's a pig
look out!


i am so HUNG OVER.



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