Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Adidas Traxion spikes, US Size 9, colors black, silver and white.
More info...
That's my new multiply, btw. Ehr. No adding and accepting for now. Just focusing on uploading everything in time. :))
contact me @: vicky.marquez@yahoo.com
(add me up in ym, in case you're interested. tough luck. :)) )


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

So this is what it's like...

To have nothing lined up next, to have no test or quiz to study for... To not worry about a deadline. (Wait, meron pa pala isa.)

I have long forgotten how slow and simple things were. Lately, it's been tests, projects, deadlines. Sunod-sunod-sunod-sunod. And then you have to put in a tablespoon of high school drama, which is REALLY all you need in the moment. It's like you reach home by 4, you sleep 'till 6, have dinner, and then study and do homework till 10.

Which is simple, I guess, but not me.

Heck, I am the QUEEN of procrastination. I FIND reasons NOT to do things. But I guess that's how I operate, working a day before the whole thing is due. Studying a day before the test. 'Cause I figured, that's how I got my best results. Why argue with results?

Anyways, the QUARTER EXAMS are over. Math is agony. Well not really, 'cause I finished it... and I hope to God I get most stuff right. Hahaha. Studying for SS and Bio is agony, 'cause my mind wasn't really into it, if you know what I'm saying. But all's well, I guess.

Teka, masyado akong masaya. I still have one day left. Half a day, technically.

Pictures sometime else.


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

time after time.
I haven't been tinkering with our Photoshop recently. Quite nothing like putting so much time and effort on something and seeing it appreciated by other people. I feel like being creative. Just taking pictures.

Come to think of it, I haven't been creative lately. Haven't been creative in dealing with the workload in school, not much so in dealing with everyday life. I haven't had my hands on drawing, or writing or doing anything that requires creative juices.

Oh wait, I did take some pictures the other day, which I guess requires creativity.

I really miss doing my old stuff. Just tinkering away, inspired by whatever. Time passing by. Learning new things, trying new things, my abilities and skills evolving with me.

I need time. I haven't got the time. People say that if you really want to have time, you'd go out of your way to find it. That doesn't make sense for me. How the hell do you find time for yourself? Time is a funny thing.

I want to learn how to finally work with vectors the way I learned how to do Photoshop. On my own, in an afternoon just chatting with people worth my while, chips and soda on the side. Inspired by the music I'm listening to. The people around me. :-)

I want more. I want to be good at this. I want deviantart-worthy works.

So as my creative juices ebb away, I shall post a recent "artwork" if you could call it that, done in atleast a span of 15-30 minutes.

click it to see. 'cause something's wrong with blogger and i can't see the picture but if you click this box here, it'll appear. :))


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Sunday, October 7, 2007


Not just materially-induced happiness. Happiness... krooooo. :))

Labo ko noh. Ohwell. Be back later. Will be going back to town to watch a movie.



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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

he's got me love stoned.
Thank you MIA!

Yehey. Gwapo. :)) Yousif Aljamal, everyone. Wala lang, I like him. He's a good ball player, and it also helps that he's gorgeous. He's not that gorgeous in that picture, gorgeous lang yung biceps niya. WOOT.

Oh dude, by the way. I think you do the PEACE sign with a smile.

NOW I know what's different with him, he's got a beardo. Weirdo. I prefer clean cut guys. And guys my age. Hahaha.

Hahaha. He caused quite a stir today. Cause I found a picture of him on the newspaper yesterday (and BOY did I wake the neighborhood with my screaming), so I cut it out. And then I carried it with me. Then I decided to put it behind my ID, and then I went around the whole room, saying that he was my boyfriend. [Man, if ever Mr. Aljie has a girlfriend, she'll kill me. Or maybe not, since I am no threat to her boyfriend. I come in peace. We are united in good taste. :))] Oh, edi after that, everyone was like... OMG he looks like blah blah blah blah blah.


I don't know why, it irks me to hear that. Even if I agree with them ("mas maganda lang yung ganito ganyan ganyan ganun ni ano"), wala lang.

It has actually occurred to me that the reason I like this man is because of the STRIKING resemblance between him and the aforementioned (wait, i didn't even mention him...well not his entirety) dude. Well, they do look alike, one's practically a projection of the other 5-8 years from now, give or take a few years. Hmmm, could it be that I am channeling all my energy from the other guy to Mr. Aljamal?

Could be.


I hope it does not irk the guy that i mentioned-but-not-so that I talk about him. That is, if he knows it's him I talk about. I don't worry anyways, we don't share one thing at all. :P



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