Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Yesterday (or rather, a day ago...since it's 1:19 am ALREADY), I ate lunch at the school canteen, because I had to enroll myself, and I just came from football practice, which was very tiring indeedy. So I had lunch. I bought my all-time favorite 2 pc. barbeque and rice. And a large iced tea.

So I was trying to enjoy my food, which wasn't as much enjoyable, because the barbeque was gnarly. it's like it was half-cooked. and the rice wasn't soft or hot at all. but that's the kind of skill that you acquire while always eating at the canteen.

so i was eating and listening to my iPod, when i saw this small cat looking at me...and seemingly, meowing. I am, generally, a pet-person. I would usually pronounce myself as a dog-person, but due to my recent discovery, i am a cat person as well. i am not one of the many who get squeamish around cats. this small cat even put her paws in my lap, to let me know of her need for the extra food or my scraps.

this event, really amused me. so i gave this little cat the taba remaining from my barbeque. i don't eat the taba kasi eh. hahahaha. so i give all the remaining taba of the barbeque (which surprisedly, is atleast half of the whole meat in the barbeque)...

tapos on the way home, i did some thinking, which is usually the only think you could do appropriate to the situation. i mean, you can't use your cellphone while riding the jeep, can you?

tapos two small children came in, and they started giving out envelopes and then the other one started drumming. no other choice (i only have enough money for my pamasahe) i gave my envelope back. and i thought, even if i had money, i wouldn't give money in it.

it shamed me. 'cause the next day, i saw these children again,together with many more, garnered around, and then i saw that they were sharing money to themselves. and then when they got their half, they bought their food.

really, it's a shame when i can give to a starving cat but not to a starving child.


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