Tuesday, April 24, 2007

makes me wonder...

isn't ADAM LEVINE so sexy? i mean come on. he sings, he could play the guitar, he can rock out behind the drums. i love a guy who raises his eyebrows. a guy in a tux. a guy who knows how to strut his stuff. a guy who could gyrate his hips anytime... you gotta love a guy in shiny shoes

something's telling me it might be you...

i'm inloooooooovee!!!

HAHAHA. something's telling me adam will be my prince charming for the night.

and it really makes me wonder if i ever gave a f--- about you...

that's right, baby. that's how you say it.

p.s. adam makes travelling look so sexy. it isn't. it's countless hours of uncomfortableness (unless you're in the 1st class). one of my wishes in the world is to be able to fly 1st class. a guy who would offer me that, i would marry. =))

p.p.s/p.s.s. aww i miss maroon 5's old drummer! he was so hot!

ang ditzy na ng dating ko!!! dayum!



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