Thursday, April 26, 2007

therefore i look stupid. =)
Hearing Makes Me Wonder suddenly blast from my iPod earphones reduces me to nothing but nought of a head and a girlish grin in my face. And then when the chorus finally comes in, the part that I most love, I suddenly dance. Yeah, I dance. While in bed, while reading, while in the computer (using iTunes)...really.

Therefore I look stupid. But I really wouldn't mind about that anyway.

We had soccer training today. I had a good training day today. I arrived at about 7:24. Our call-time was 7:30. I thought there would be people everywhere. My thought proved me wrong. 'Cause when I came in, I only saw ANNA in the bleachers of the grandstand.

I'm glad I am getting acquainted to the people in my team. I can now talk to them and share stuff to them. We may not be very close, but hey. Atleast I'm trying to get to know them.

And I'm glad to say I'm improving. I may not be as good, but I guess I'm on my way there. Practice nalang and years of training. Hey, it's a good start. And it's also helpful that the coaches advise me on what to do, where to stand, how to handle the ball.

I'm glad I went through this training.

I'm not sure if I'm losing weight, because I think I gain what I lose.

To hell with it. Hey, atleast I gain something I love.


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