Monday, April 30, 2007

i tweaked my layout a bit. i added a background image, and changed the header text to all lowercase.

i haven't done the full thing since i am not in the mood. i just checked if i still knew my stuff.

turns out, i still do.

and take note, i am doing it all on my own, without the help and guide of someone else's coding.

which makes it twice as hard.

ohwell. when i think of something, i'll do it.

or atleast when i'm in the right mood to do something juicy.

alright then, i'll be back when something juicy hits me.


give me something to believe in, 'cause i don't believe in you anymore, anymore.

haay maroon 5.

maroon 5

everyone, meet SEAN FARIS

I've been reminded of Sean while watching SLEEPOVER. then i remembered him being the DINO guy in LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. yey sean!


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