Thursday, May 31, 2007

ang baklang side ni vicky.
hahahahahahah. i can't believe it. i'm in loooooo0o0o0o00ove. hahahaha. hell i stayed up to three am just to watch him in youtube. that's gotta be love man.

i'm kidding. i'm not that superficial.

grabe i just saw him on abt ur love (ur lyf 2) [hell they just HAD to have THAT tagline] and he's bigger, brawnier and tanner.

i love him. kaya lang there's going to be someone "new" between josh and nelle. his name's prince. uhm prince. yeah. whatever. loser loser snap snap take a picture. hahaha. i hate you. T_T

anyways. ngayon lang ulit ako nakanood sa youtube. 'cause yesterday my sister took over my thone, and the other day...well nagf'fluctuate yung electricity. so i had to load all five parts of one episode all over again.

that kind of ticked me off.

so i just skipped some episodes and went to the one where nelle gets interested in josh already. hahahahaha. :P kilig. eh yung iba naman wala akong pakialam. basta josh and nelle gets together, we're good. haha.

haaayyyyayayyyy he's so gwapo talaga.


btw i'm talking about aj perez. HAHAHA.

nakakatawa din si bill and hillary. tapos magkakaron din daw ng isang 3rd party. ano kaya pangalan nun? chelsea? how about monica? hahahah.

political types inside joke.

i like bill and hillary too. they're cute. :D haha. sila din naman magkakatuluyan.

nako. what if i forget about it on saturday? i mean we have LOADS to do on saturday. huhuhu. T_T i cannot afford to miss this. fo sho i'd be screaming all afternoon.

fo sho. ano ako, ghett-o?

now what. our neighbor ate monica woke the sleeping prince and princess (mikee and vanilla). has she got any idea how ear-piercing vanilla's scream is?

yan buti nalang natulog uli.

i tasted el hombre tequila already. onting onti lang (i promise). natamaan na ako. sumakit nga ulo ko eh. haha. kawawa naman ako. T_T tapos they taught me how to play poker. oye. james bond, here i come. :D we went over to nicole's after soccer practice. haha. we had a hard time finding a place to stay in. lols.

picture nalang. they're from nicole. visit HERE.

ayyyyy naliligo si josh! teka nood lang ako youtube. =D


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