Saturday, May 19, 2007

blogger beta...
Blogger is getting better and better. first it improved its outloook and made it more user friendly, therefore the queries i receive about it get lesser and lesser. don't get me wrong, i love answering questions, it's just that some people don't always have the luxury of time.

i love its new option, the AUTOSAVE option, because as a blogger for a year and 9 months, i have lost a LOT of posts, which i thought were very fit for posting up here.

so cheers to blogger.

also, many people are going back to blogger. and more people are making their own blogs.

hurrah to that! =)


i don't think i had the chance to have a good night's sleep. i don't think i even had the chance to sleep AT ALL. it's annoying. and i still have a headache, which i had yesterday...a few days ago... =))

anyways, i'll go snag ADVIL at the drugstore later.

it always does the magic for me. =P


wahaaay more and more people are asking for requests! =))

ok ok let's make things clear.

if you're going to make a request you have to...

yes, i can say i'd make good layouts, but they'd look better if you became more specific. i'm not a psychic, especially not on these things. the more specific the better, i guess.

oh and also...

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