Thursday, May 10, 2007

by the numbers.
wow, many many thanks to the people who commented and dropped by. and for those who asked...the congressman is... "akjdakjdakljdr;;;kjskjfdu;;;akfjakjff;;;yal;fakjd;a" huwaaatta beautiful name. he sure had hard time writing it down in his pre-school days...semi-colons and all.

oh look, there's PANDA boy! oh no. PANDA boy won't go. i HATE PANDA boy as much as i LOVE him. labo.

i'm sorry. i'm just spending much-needed time in my own bubble of nothingness. i should find a buddy who could spends much time in nothingness as i.


i just acquired the lastest issue of CANDY mag as i habitually do every month. i couldn't resist. this month's cover is really really cute, with my favorite color combination in it. BLUE and ORANGE. i love their relatively new art director's doing. he's a guy, which is kind of weird being in a magazine for adolescent (i prefer adolescent than teenager. NGAAAAK! ) females (oh dear.). but his being male makes it all the better (in some way). the new series of covers looks sleeker, cleaner, and more attractive. plus the colors don't come in very predictable schemes. oh, diba?

and by the way, my liking to this month's cover has got absolutely NOTHING to do with the person in it. by that, i mean ENCHONG DEE. he looks cute in first glance, but i really don't fancy him. sorry.

i am not yet done reading the magazine thoroughly, i save that when i get my call of nature or when i have a hard time getting to sleep, or when i have got absolutely nothing better to do.

anyways, candy put up a list of 10 THINGS YOU'VE GOT TO DO BEFORE SUMMER ENDS.

(i hope it's legal to put it down here. )
  1. go shoe-crazy and buy a new pair of black school shoes [i'm sure my mom won't let me go to school without a new pair of shoes. she's THAT type of mother. absolutely twice the shoe-crazy person that i am. she insists that i should have as much pairs of school shoes because it's practically good hygiene. maybe she thinks my feet are prone to stinkiness, therfore double safety measures should be taken. so maybe i can cross this out?]
  2. splurge a little and add a new school bag to your loot [i would very much like to cross this one out. i think i will. i just need to egg the 'rents more.]
  3. give your hair a deep conditioning treatment [done. ]
  4. take one more trip to the beach [i think i've taken more trips to the beach than necessary. kidding. i would love to take one more.]
  5. stay up all night with your friends to watch the sunrise [must do this, might never do.]
  6. visit one last out-of-town place you've never been to [i want to go to pangasinan for some WEIRD reason]
  7. bike down that hill really fast! [totally out of this world. nuh-uh. not doing it. HAHA.]
  8. get a pretty haircut (boring trims don't count!) [HELL YEAH!!!]
  9. sing your fave summer anthem at the top of your lungs [AND IT REALLY MAKES ME WONDER IF I EVER GAVE A F*** ABOUT YOU!!!]
  10. train before trying out for soccer varsity [DAMN STRAIGHT, BABY! this is my favorite-est thing of all. well, it wasn't really an intention to join the varsity team, since i didn't know they put it back until i started my training na. i just want to play soccer because i WANT to. i absolutely do.]

haaay don't you just love candy?

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