Monday, May 21, 2007

go the distance.
i just received an e-mail from CHIARA. no, not my sister (why the hell would she do that, she can plainly SCREAM at my face). she's my italian friend, whom i met from my godfather's wedding the last decade (prolly 1997),at palermo, italia. yes, he's married to an italiana. how lucky. =))

anyway.the last time i corresponded with her was...

well i can't remember.

and she just e-mailed me today. well i wasn't certain when she e-mailed me, but i doesn't matter, because i just read it today.

it says...

Hi Isabel,I'm Chiara
Do you remember me???
I have your hotmail address because my mum sent an e-mail to your aunt Cettina...
How are you??? How is your family???
We are fine...
Yesterday there was my birthday's party, it was fantastic!!!! :-)
I and my friends danced and played volleyball...
I receved a pink portable telephone (MOTOROLA V3):very beautiful!!!!
I'm 15 years old now, and you??? How old are you???
see you soon



P.S. Excuse me if my english isn't perfect
back to the days when cellphones weren't rampant, we exchanged letters. i sent her christmas cards, and artworks. the most recent, besides this e-mail, was another e-mail. but that was years ago.

it's cool. i was just thinking of her the other day (no, no. not in THAT way), because i was e-mailing my ninong and she just popped in my mind.

you don't know how glad i am to hear from her! =) yes.

back during my ninong's the reception, i gravitated toward her because she stayed with me when i didn't want to play with the other italian kids. i remember even talking to her in tagalog. i was saying i don't want to play with them. i was TOO SHY. it was weird, because she seemed to understand what i said, even if i was talking crap the whole time. well i was definitely not nodding, and i was doing hand gestures, so that could have helped.

grabe i'm happy. hahaha.

and all i sent her was a loser e-mail.

i should improve on my e-mailing skills. oh well, there's always next time.

i hope to see her soon!!! :) pictures nga lang.

1st picture: digging the outfit. =)
2nd picture: isn't she pretty?

1st: there's moi. with chiara.
2nd: and moi. this is a pretty picture.
this is moi. with chiara, my sister. at the beach beside our hotel.
belissima! (this is tito plip)
the happy couple. the now have 2 kids. matteo, and gaia.

gaialicious. wut? :) you HAVE to dig the ringlets. they're natural.
this is little matty. angeli's soulmate (hi angeli). he's a cute kid. :)


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