Thursday, May 31, 2007

humanity is a parade of fools, and i am at the front of it, twirling a baton.
i believe in faith. i believe in horoscopes. i believe in finding "the one" for you. i believe in true love. i believe in karma. i believe in stars. i believe in aliens. i believe in the unexpected. i believe that our minds are intertwined and interconnected in some haywired way. i believe that first love never dies, though i have yet to prove it.

maybe i am that superficial.

maybe i don't know myself that well. maybe some other people know me better.

how should i know?

i want to say sorry for something i don't know if i did. i want to say sorry though i know everyone would say i have got nothing to be sorry about. plus, i would make myself look like a fool. people might think i'd be sucking up and running after this person.

i want to talk to somebody but i know it wouldn't happen. but it's something i wish for. every night, when i pray, everytime i get a wishbone when i eat. everytime i get a chance to write a wish in a balloon to send it far a way. everytime i get this little wishy-wishy stuff that you learned about in seed propagation class in gradeschool. everytime i see a shooting star. everytime i get a hair from my eye (what do you call them?) and guess if it sticks in my index finger and thumb.

every chance i have.

i'm superficial, thinking things will all work out the way i'd thought they'd be. i should know about this already.

maybe i am that superficial.

nakakainis when the solution to my long-time problem has been there all the time, i was just denying myself to it.

forgive and forget. yun na yun.


episode 12, part 2 out of 4

nakakakilig si JOSH and si NELLE! OMG they're going to kiss.

ay di natuloy. badtrip naman o. ang gwapo ni aj dun sa isang angle. ayyy shet.

isa pa raw sabi ni aj. hahaha. he's teaching her how to kiss kasi eh. long story long story. hello. view the vid nalang.kaya lang matagal magload. shouldn't nelle atleast look up? i mean she might kiss aj's chin.

nakakaasar naman si kuya gens o.

i'm glad i liked aj, so i have a new distraction. plus, it gives me a good feeling. gushing, ranting and babbling about a show most people i know, know. well it's the otherwise sometimes. it's in abs-cbn kasi, and 'they' watch etc, discovery, mtv, etc. i watch those too. hahaha. :P

ang cute ni bill. i like him already.

nakakatawa si webb and si rickson.

i'm talking complete nonsense.

nako, ganyan daw pag obsession na!

episode twelve, part four out of four.

i wonder how starmagic comes up with loveteams. they're highly effective huh.

wow ang daming may crush kay aj/josh ah. :D

wait ang labo. pink ang cellphone ni victor basa?

onga pala tough guys wear pink. eh he's not wearing it. HAHA joke lang.

NAKAKAASAR NAMAN SI NELLE EHHHHH! hindi pa sinabi kay aj na she likes him.

badtrip. ang tagal pa naman magload ng videos sa youtube, kelangan ko pa magabang. ohwell. ok lang yun. =D

ayy yuck liza and nelle. uhm. yeah. can i skip this part?

i don't like vince. he's got a weird way of speaking. he's like...nasally challenged or something.

i can't take this. it's an obsession.

gwapo ni aj.


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