Friday, June 1, 2007

it's official.
i can't believe this. aj reminds me of someone i know. gosh. well someone i don't want to know/remember fo sho.

aj please don't jut out your jaw. T_T

i'm imagining things, noh?

groupie na ako. oo. masa na ako. oo. is it a sin? i mean networks make these shows for our pleasure--my pleasure, so have i got no right to enjoy it?

i'm in love. hahaha.

hindi, joke lang.

i'm up at 2:21 am, and i'm still watching at youtube.

yep, nakakahook. hahah.

i'm scaring myself already ha. i haven't gone this far for something. hahahaha.

nakakakilig si josh and si nelle. omaygash. hahahahaaahaha.

sige na sige na. i'm gay. but i like them, finafast-forward ko nga dun sa scene kung saan kasama silang dalawa eh.

ang gwapo ni aj perez.


haaaaay. =)

ang weird lang nung naging "girl" si nelle. haha. i liked her when she was boyish. ohwell. jelle parin for life HAHAHAHA. ulol.

nakakabaliw kasi ang bagal. like, i even went over sa archive ng blogs of note ng blogger. you know, when they feature blogs of different and very random interest "catch". teehee.

shet he might read this blog. tapos iisipin niya...

whut a loser. loser loser double loser snap snap get the picture?


ohwell. i won't meet him anyway. =)

i googled aj perez already and my blog didn't come up. YES! =) safe pa. hahhahaahahahaha.

and what is this, this arno person? the prince guy? i hate you... huhu. kaya lang siguro ang boring nga naman kung walang interruption si aj and si nelle. i mean...camon. haha everyone needs something bad.

tapos magiging si rickson and si giselle? shet.

i'm in love with the CHARACTERS. yung "younger" batch ah. i mean josh nelle rickson webb giselle bill hillary. =D nakakatuwa sila eh. i could relate to them, even if i didn't pretend that i was tomboy just to get closer with the guy i like. i like nelle. i like josh too. favorites. hahaha.

i'd reckon no one would get what i'm blabbing about.

don't matter. i'm HAPPY. =)


you have no idea how overwhelmed i am with this "obsession" of mine. when my mom arrived home she asked if i was drunk. hahaha. tipsy lang. just kidding. i didn't even drink.

nako nakakahiya heeeheee.



this is NOT fun anymore.

ang pangit pag nakakarelate ka tapos ayaw mo maalala.

no no. gootta stay loyal to aj and nelle.


sige na. goodnight.

este, good morning.



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