Tuesday, May 1, 2007

life's life.
Huhu. Huhuhuhu. One of the movies I have been wanting to see since I saw its predecessor, and I DON'T SEE IT IN ITS PREMIER DAY. how AWFUL is that? Anyways, read on about my day nalang. and my affinity to spideyman. :P

I had a pretty...interesting...day today. I don't know if you'd find it interesting, because I sure as hell don't. But you know, that's a way to put it.

First thing off, I had a facial today. It's 'quite' my first time having one. I've had a diamond peel before, but it wasn't...I don't know...significant? Ok, back to the facial. Ok, so I'm here in this room, the aesthetician lady, and then she keeps on putting stuff in my face, she spreads them to my face...very, very, relaxing. Now, of course, as any learned aesthetician lady, she introduced every product and procedure that she did to my face. So syempre relax relax lang. And then she mumbled something I did not understand. Maybe I just wasn't listening, because of course, my mind is on its own. Drifting away to faraway places.

And then it occured to me, that she said, "Ma'm, pricking". Uh, ok. Sige, prick away. It did not occur to me before that I have several foreign stuff in my face, and man, pricking is PAINFUL. Especially when she pricked the stuff in my nose, GOD! I can't even make my nostrils big anymore, 'cause it hurts when I do that.

Ok, so went home, yada yada yada boring boring boring.

OK. So we all decided to go to ATC and try to catch Spiderman 3. I've been excited eversince about this movie. Three antagonists? Could you imagine that? That's so cool. Oh wait, make it four antagonists, 'cause there's a kind of, you know, internal-thing person going on. =)) PARKING was AGONY. Man! Ilang beses kaming inagawan. Tapos when we entered ATC, GRABE! I've never seen it packed with so many people! It was SO FREAKIN' HOT! Grabe. And I was wearing a tank top na niyan ah. GRABE. I thought I was going to die of heat stroke.

So, when we found out na SOLD OUT pala yung Spider man 3, we just decided to do the grocery. Sayang yung parking, tsk tsk. Tagal naming nagantay dun o. HAHA. ATC kasi eh, dapat all cinemas showed Spideyman nalang. I mean, come on. It's so unfair. I love Josh Hutcherson and all, but I love spideyman more. Ohwell, sold out din yung Firehouse Dog eh. :))

So grocery, grocery. I absolutely did NOT want to do the grocery because, MAN! I'm dog tired. It's so freakin' hot, and I just want to go home and sleep. But noooo. We had to do the grocery. It's ok, 'cause I forgot about my woes the moment my mother handed me the marketlist. I'm practically training to be...I dunno. Training to be...a...someone who knows how to do the grocery. Yeah, that's it.

So after doing the grocery, syempre we paid, and I saw these magazines they were selling at the cashier area. Headlines:

Poor celebrities. I saw one headline that I liked though, something about DAVID & VICTORIA BECKHAM. How do they do it? I mean come on, I love those two. They're Britain's royal celeb couple, but they're still together. There's no rumor of David going to the strip club, or hitting it off with the househelper... No issues about Victoria's quirks and whatevers. They manage to keep their family life private while still being superstars! GOD! How lucky! And to think that I used to hate being Posh Spice when we were trying to act out the Spice Girls when I was young. Yeah, everyone was vying for Baby Spice...She's got the blonde preppy thing going on.

Nako naman. I didn't get to read the magazine which featured the William and Kate thing. I'm sorry for both of them, I thought they were perfect for each other. And Kate has got the Lady Di thing going on. She'd make a good Queen someday, since everybody loved her anyway. Wow, ang TAGAL na pala ng news na yan. Eh kasi hindi naman ako mahilig sa mga ganyang bagay eh. I just happen to listen to those things, pero I don't intentionally watch them. Ahwell, William, I guess won't have a hard time finding a new 'mate'. I guess. But how does he sift the gold diggers from the real deals? Ahwell.

Poor Kate, it slipped from her that their breakup was because of William's 'daddy'. Really. It's hard being a princess. Good thing I never wanted to be one. =))

Life's life, I guess.



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