Monday, May 7, 2007

o, bakit ang init init sa bansa na ire...
if there's anything i can never fathom, it's what can i do to keep the heat from my body which is also enviromentally friendly. these days, the electric fan is never enough, atleast not for me. open windows do no good to me, since theoretically, mas mainit. that's why i open up our aircon system.

i'm just scared, because they say it contributes to global warming...

haaay, i want to save our environment. i turn off unneeded lights, save water, save paper...

what else can i do?


these upcoming elections are amusing me. i only say that, because i don't have the right to suffrage...yet. well i do, i'm just not old enough to exercise it. =D

first, i tried picking sides. go, then unity, and then i just settled to handpicking the candidates.

and then my mom asked me to do this compliation of the running Senatoriables. if he/she is an incumbent, i should put their present position, their qualifications and achievements. if he/she is new to the whole senator race, i would put down their qualifications, and why they should/not vote for the senatoriable.

i found the task hard, since...WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT WHY THEY SHOULD/NOT VOTE FOR THIS PERSON?! that's why in the end of the document, i put up a note which stated that all reasons for not/voting this person are biased. hahaha.

while researching, i stumbled upon this website, which showed various comments of various personalities on the list of senatoriables.

reading ALL of these comments, it made me think.

i should leave the choosing to those who'll vote. yeah, our country might be desperate for good politicians, but i did my part, which is doing this list of senatoriables of my mom...'cause she sent it to her officemates...and i think it'll do good. i guess. =))

grabe ang gulo-gulo.

i just found it awful that people thought na wala nang pagasa ang pilipinas. meron parin, there still is. it's just hard to find that hope when you don't know who to trust. it's hard separating fact from fiction.

kaya pala ayaw ng nanay ko na mag'politics ako. it's hard stuff. politics is showbiz for the ugly people daw.

sino ba dapat iboboto?

ito lang ang masasabi ko...

mga kababayan, sa darating na eleksyon, vote wisely. =)) pano? come on, i'google mo. i'wikipedia mo (they have entries there)... diba?


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