Tuesday, May 8, 2007

of blogs and politicians
i was reading this blog of one of the congressman-iables (how do you say it when a person is running for congressman position?)...and even if the last time it was updated was MARCH 6, i am still very much impressed. he made his blog WAY before the election campaigning started, thus i saw sincerity, spontaneosity and...somehow fun in it. i had a nice time reading his posts, which, trust me, were very, very long.

i choose not to disclose the name of this certain congressman and his blog link because my life will be endangered if i do so.

NO NO i don't MEAN it in that way. it just so happens that this congressman is related to someone i know, and this someone i know...we're not in good terms.

i think the initial thing that made me interested in his blog, despite the fact that he is related to someone i know, is that his topics aren't always about laws, and the grand stuff that he did.

alam niyo naman pag election period. pagnagka'blog/website ang tumatakbo, kung anu-anong bagay ang nakalagay. kung paano nila tinulungan ang mga bata sa payatas, kung paano nila pinagawa ang mga ganitong kalye, mga pabahay...

this blog is different. he does his posts while the congress is in session (i think. well, it's a heck lot better than those who doze off). i really do wish that he'd update, but i guess he wouldn't be able to, because of the hype of the upcoming elections. he's going against a pretty tough competitor if you ask me.

tapos when he talks of his children and most especially his wife with most affection. and when he tried to help his then-batchmate--who isn't even his constituent--that's looking for a job...napapa"awww" nalang ako! and the way he puts his words together. napapa"wow" ako. seryoso.

i hope i could say this man's name, but i'd be jeopardizing my name here somehow. when i get the guts and the urge and the right timing...i'd say his name out loud, in the largest letter size available, bold, italicized and underlined.

this is a man who i think deserves his position.

i really hope he wins as congressman of muntinlupa.


p.s. opinions stated above are not biased. not at all. =)


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