Friday, May 25, 2007

happy birdie!
today is my sister CHIARA's birthday. she just turned 11.

if i get in the mood, i'll write a post about her. :D


since today is chiara's birthday, ANGELIQUE and HAZEL came over. also most of chiara's friends here in the neighborhood came over. everybody had a blast, though angelique, hazel and i did different stuff compared to chiara's friends. :)


we're going to have a football competition tomorrow. sweet. it's my first time getting involved in something like this.

i used to think twice about this when someone told me about the news. wala lang. maybe i was just scared.


i decided to make myself my own layout. i figured it'd be easy enough. and i know what i want.

i came up with this header:

i'll think about how i'll play with it. i like it a lot. classic, clean, black and white, my favorite color combination.


i just tasted my very first drop of tequila rose. yum yum.

plus, i never felt good about myself. pano kasi...iba diyan. HAH! diba ANGELIQUE? HAZEL?



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