Friday, May 18, 2007

pek ye.
listening to: extraordinary - liz phair ; thnks fr th mmrs - fob

(both of which are on repeat on my recently added playlist. i actually have another song left, bury your head, by saosin...but it doesn't fit my mood. so i'm not listening to it, though he actually belongs to the same genre these three songs do. =P well not really. but to hell with it.)

i am extraordinary...if you ever get to know me. =) - liz phair

who does he think he is? if that's the worse you got, better put back your fingers to the keys... one more night and more time, THANKS for the memories, even if they weren't so GREAT. - fall out boy

mood: in your face mood. whut?


oh, don't you just love the songs that i'm listening to? they're so full of self-empowerment. HAHAHA.

even if i'm not exactly a fan of pete wentz (i find it unfair that he's getting more publicity than patrick stump, who's the frontman of fall out boy)...i love him with THNKS FR TH MMRS' video. stupid monkeys. HAHAHAHA.

haaay bob is gorgeous, isn't he? i found myself dreaming about him while sleeping [again] awhile ago (i fell asleep reading pugad baboy). i swear, i don't know why i have really nice dreams!


it IS that time of the day.

you know what i'm talking about.

when everything is dead, and the sun is shining in its peak point. and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on TV.

i hate this time of the day. i swear to God. i DREAD this time of the day. it's a friday pa. nothing's good on tv on a friday. well except on etc. =)) there's FREDDIE and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

that is why i am here.


bat ba ang daming nag'react dun sa shy thing dun sa 15 things you don't know about me? I TOLD YOU. you just can't remember the time i WAS shy, because everyone else was shy, and if no one made the move, then I HAD TO. but i was dying on the spot.

not really. my mind just decided for me. if i'm not going to do it, who will?

nonetheless, i am very shy. putek.

you HAVE to believe me. even if i know you won't.



i don't want to go to school yet. i'm having too much fun. if i go to school, i have to face stupid people who want to ruin my life. well pek you, whoever you are. i don't even bother to bugger my mum to buy the school things. in fact, i keep on forgetting every weekend, because i'm bothered with other things. HEHE.

if i'm going to buy school shoes though, i want to buy those shoes we saw at TOPSHOP. =)) i didn't like it at that time, i didn't have the liking for flats yet. but my mom showed them to me (diba nga shoe freak yun) and she said, "uy isa o, ito nalang school shoes mo." i said EWW. and looked for a shirt.

if i'm going to buy a bag, i'm going to get one from the 50th avenue. or the one that i saw at adidas. whichever. =))

if i'm going to get a wallet, i'm definitely going for the one in human.

i'm not even buggered to be excited about printing the labels, and covering the new books...and which type of ballpen i'm going to buy...which notebook i'm going to buy.

they're all going to be wrecked by mid-year anyway. specifically talking about ballpens.

but really. i just don't want to see people.



i am enjoying my sister's PS2. hahahaha. yes yes yes. hahaha.


i feel like saying something, but i can't fathom what that something is.

OH YES MY MOTHER IS HOME. unfortunately, she is not in the mood to go out, because she has a headache. bad mummy. showing pa naman shrek 3 o. i'm so excited to see it!


do boys really have the need to be so f*&^@#?! superior? it annoys the HELL out of me. really. especially when they pick on the much younger guys, because they think they know everything.

well they don't.

they even show off to me. sorry boy, you DON'T impress me.

yes, i adore it when they get polite and all to me, but when they do the picking on younger guys thing, it annoys the heck out of me.

i swear to God, i'll unleash my guns the next time they do it.

maybe it's motherly instinct, but it's annoying, really.

you're in MY house ok. be nice.


i don't give a damn if you got abs. hello. i know tons of people who have abs. i don't care if you got abs at your age.


stop it. NAKAKINIS!!!

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