Thursday, May 17, 2007

randomnosities on a new layout, bob, copycats and the election.
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wow ang tagal ko na palang hindi naririnig 'tong mga kantang 'to. bad memories daw? HAHA.

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Wow. I just finished my first layout after my transfer. This layout is for Angel, who asked me to do it for her. I haven't made those kind of layouts for a long time already, since I had a hard time conceptualizing something for her...and executing it well.

Nonetheless, I came through. yehey!

Anyways, this layout was a breakthrough, because I think it can be both viewed in IE and Firefox. Previously, my layouts can only be viewed in IE. Now I made it a point that the person who'd use my layout can view it in Firefox. Plus, I've got to make layouts for other people who use Firefox. Ang hirap lang, kasi not everything in IE registers in Firefox. Kaya I used Firefox for this project.

Now this should make making the other layouts easier. =D


Everybody LOVES Bob. So far, there have been 7 people who asked me who was on my picture. (I used his picture in YM. =)) =)) just for kicks. )

What can I say, gwapo naman talaga eh.

But of course, I made him look gwapo-er because of my photo-taking skills.



There are many copycats in this world who don't know it. Or maybe they know it, they just don't let their consciences bother them. What kind of person are you, a psychopath? It's ANNOYING! Nakakinis. Graaaabe.


Wow, it's actually great to go on switching channels without encountering a bad TV campaign of a senatoriable...or any person running for position. Finally, it's over. Well, not really, since they have to count the votes pa. Good luck nalang! =)


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