Saturday, May 19, 2007

shwek the turd... (that doesn't quite sound right)
grabe don't you just love shrek? it's my ideal movie. not the departed, not crash, not the queen. SHREK. heck, it deserves an academy award! (well it did get one. the first movie, i mean. it was the best animated film...which was the first time they ever gave it to anyone). whoever came up with this kind of plot are magicians. who could have thought of that concept?

shrek is back, still as funny as ever, maybe even funnier.

it's got everything in it. romance,drama,comedy, comedy, comedy, lots of comedy, suspense, even an underdog story. it's amazing. it's uncunning. hahah.

grabe i can't get over it. ang groupie ko nanaman pakinggan.

the storyline is amazing too.

haaay i could go on babbling about shrek. but i'd spare you the drama, yes?




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