Monday, May 28, 2007

major wiggage.

hmmm. this is something i found on youtube. i was watching something when i chanced upon it. i got interested and so i clicked the link and viewed it.

it features josh (aj perez) and nelle (lauren young) from abt ur love, a teen TV show from abs-cbn. the song is pretty cheezy, but hey, the scenes were pretty cheezy as well. they make a cute couple, i guess. they even have their own cutesy couple-y name already, just like brangelina and tomkat. ajren's the name. hahaha.

ang groupie ko yak. but hey there are more groupie-ish people out there. try searching josh and nelle at youtube. toink. dumadami ang fans nila. give em a little more time and they'll have their own movie already. hahahaha.

pero kasi ang weird ni aj umarte eh. well it isn't bad. there's just something weird about it.

the josh kid is our age i think, and so is nelle. they don't look like our age though. no actually they do. hahah. aj is like, cut out to be a matinee idol or something. i mean look at him. that smile, that face, that HAIR. hahahah. maybe they're going to be the next john lloyd - bea thing. (i hate it when you have to type lloyd too. kaya lang john cruz doesn't sound so matinee idol-y.) and then they're going to have their names and faces (aj and lauren, i meant) plastered on banners when they do guestings.

and then if they get REALLY popular, like kim and gerald (i'm sorry, but i don't like them. i liked them in itchyworms' video though. HAHA. dun LANG. i'd rather kim and mikee ), they're going to have their faces and bodies in weird outfits and weird poses in notebooks that many people are going to buy.

creepy, huh.

how will it feel kaya to have your own face in a notebook bought by some person you have no idea of?

aj and lauren make a cute couple, chemistry-wise. which is really all that would matter. aj's gwapo and...well...aj. lauren's pretty, and tall with really really pretty hair that i covet. HAHAH.

the first time i saw this show, i saw them both first. it was the part/episode when nelle was telling josh that she likes someone else. and then may part that josh thinks that nelle likes a girl, given that nelle is tomboy-ish. that was funny. hahaha. pero nakakakilig.

well i like them better than what people say about aj perez and empress shuck. mas bagay si empress and the...what's his name guy. dino imperial. yeah. the one in candy.

ang masa kasi nilang dalawa eh. and their story. guy and girl best friends. girl secretly falls for guy. guy thinks girl likes another girl. HAHAH. and then i didn't follow their story so... yeah.

oh and the episode where they tried to kiss too. when josh and nelle make those fish lips. HAHAH nakakatawa yun. and there was one shot, when he was trying to kiss her, aj looked really nice in that. ahhah i like him already. ;;) oh and oh, i like how aj dresses up. as josh, i guess. nakakakilig yung smile niya. he makes me shiver when he smiles. (YAAAAAHAAAK!!!)

eww ang groupie ko. i should accept this groupie part of myself. HAHAHAHAHAH. natatawa nalang ako sa sarili ko.

this is the only time after a long time that i fancied some people in the local industry. besides matteo. when i liked him, he wasn't on tv. besides that weird head and shoulders commercial.

nakakatakot ako pag groupie.

view it nalang if you got nought to do. ;) corny alert nga lang.

hahah this is major wiggage.

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