Tuesday, May 8, 2007

take me away.
i am very jealous of my mother, who gets to travel to AUSTRALIA for four days (Tues-Sat). even if she kept on telling me that it'll all be about meetings, i am still GREEN with envy. eversince last summer, when i have been given the opportunity to travel again, an opportunity not much presented to me, i have been craving to shop, and pack my things and get on a damn plane again--even if it means endless barfing, nausea and bad smells.

i especially want to go to EUROPE and random parts of ASIA, and AUSTRALIA. i don't think i'd want to visit the US for now, because it doesn't seem interesting to me. i've grown out of the DISNEYWORLD fantasy, and the US seems overrated to me now. it's like i've seen the US, even if i haven't really been there, because of the numerous TV shows shooted in there. still, maybe, you know...at the right time...

plus, european countries give you an excuse to really dress up and wear coats and boots. wear coats and boots here and you'd look completely out of this world.

here's the list of places i'd like to go to... somewhen (?!)

i don't know exactly why i would want to go to australia, but this country/continent interests me very much. it's culturally diverse, so maybe that's why. maybe the beach bum vibe would rub off on me. plus, the wildlife is something else.

because it hosted the latest FIFA WORLD CUP. it interested me greatly. i want to absorb the culture. their history also interests me--adolf hitler and all.

i've been here as a young child. stayed a week at PALERMO, for three days at ROME. i was a young child back then. what was i supposed to know about the italian stallions? i'd very much would like to revisit ST. PETER'S BASILICA, i'd love to see the LEANING TOWER OF PISA. i would want to go to MILAN since it's a fashion capital. for once, i'd actually would like to visit the countryside...i'd like to go to TUSCANY.

at the top of the list of almost every other girl, the most romantic country in the world (as most people claim) with PARIS as its capital...and the world's fashion capital. i would love to see the EIFELL TOWER. plus, wouldn't you love it if their great fashion sense, hot bods and sexy accents would rub off on you? =)) and i really really really would want to see the LOUVRE.

way back, if someone asked me if i wanted to go to japan for free, i would have said yes, only because it were free. i used to dislike japanese food a lot (i don't eat seafood)...and the way their homes are arranged (liit eh.). right now, surprisingly,even to myself, i'd like to visit japan because of its culture. the home of anime and manga...and as considered by some...popart. i would like to learn some of the graphic desingning techniques here. plus, they say you get computers,laptops,cameras etc. here for a cheaper price. what else would a self-confessed nerd want?

take me away.


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