Monday, May 14, 2007

weekends and a monday.
i've seen spideyman 3 already, and i must say, it wasn't as GREAT as i expected it to be. i love JAMES FRANCO, though. =) but he wimped out. tsk. bad butler. =))

my favorite part was when spidey got all "emo" (with his hairdo. and do i see a spot of mascara/eyeliner in there?), well, he LOOKED emo, he sure as hell didn't act like one...walang kwenta sumayaw. not that i am stereotyping emo, because ofcourse, it is only a type of music, and nothing else. but still, you can't help getting carried away.

what else. i think i just spent the first saturday this year at home. i am NEVER home at a saturday-- feeling party girl-ish that may sound. too bad it's true. i always feel the need to get out of there and do something. anything. go around and look for dresses (i have got a mad affinity to dresses this summer, yes? and ballet flats. OH NO I'M BECOMING A GIRLY-GIRL!) or something. maybe bags. i love bags. and shades. i love shades, even if i don't have the privilege seeing 20/20 with shades on.

oh, wait.


so after seeing spiderman 3, signal fire played while the credits were rolling. so i told my mom to wait for the song to finish. we were there, on the verge of goin out, when i bumped into this man, so that atleast he'd think i was courteous, i said sorry. i thought the man thought of me as "one of those kids", uncourteous and all, so i looked at him. when i looked behind me i saw a guy. not just a guy, he was some guy. i thought he was bob (yes, the one from carmona.), but i didn't see well, since it was DARK, and he was behind me.

so i ignored the whole thing, since bob should be in cebu now. he might be. i'll never know.

i saw him again, and i really really THINK he was bob. we were on the way down the escalator. i glanced at cafe mediterranean and i saw him. he was looking at me too.

and that was weird.


don't you just LOVE pugad baboy?


hindi ko kayo sasantuhin. i'll babble about the elections sometime else.

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