Sunday, May 6, 2007

i have never,ever seen so many hot guys in one day. really man. REALLY. i am NOT kidding. absolutely NOT.

ang kulit. =))

long story short, HAZEL's uncle, KUYA MIKE, invited us to go with him to CARMONA, since he had a couple of races coming up. so we had to stay at hazel's for the night. be we, i meant ANGELI and i. BARBIE was there earlier, but she did not stay. ANGELIQUE wasn't there, but i really wished she were. the girls were never complete. =(

anyways, we went to CARMONA. i've been told that i'd be seeing a lot of MATTEO GUIDICELLI, but really, i didn't expect anything. i used to like a matteo a lot, but it was a short thing...if you get what i mean.

so we get there, and i see a lot of eye candies...but i really didn't mind. ANGELI got kilig (papatayin ako nito). seriously. they were so cute we had codenamed them. =)) BOB and JUNJUN. why bob and junjun, i know not. the names just sprung out of our crazy little heads... in fairness to bob and junjun, they're both goodlooking hah. (mas bagay lang kasi si angeli kay JUNJUN. ). bob in the mysterious, shy and quiet kind of way. man of few words...literally. on the other hand, junjun is his opposite. cute, extroverted, cool, and friendly. yeah... =))

so we were there for like, 7 hours or something... but i had LOADS of fun. BIANCA and ATE EUNELL (bianca being kuya mike's daughter...the latter being his wife). bianca was really adorable. ate eunell was accomodating, funny and very friendly. plus, there were loads of boys there. we wouldn't mind 7 hours. hahaha.

anyways, MATTEO looked better in person. he looked a lot friendlier too. yeah. i like his face 'cause it's a fresh one, if you get what i mean. he doesn't look like someone else. plus, he's got a cute smile, and a curly mop of hair. i love his hair. =))

after that, angeli went with us to SM Sucat (DAMING TAO!!) because my mom had to buy a new stroller for her trip to AUSTRALIA. i've never seen so many people congested in one place in my life...well maybe besides the time when we went to SM City. dear lord.

dropped angeli by st. jerome emiliani's church at atc, and we went to atc to have dinner, since we were very hungry.

saw some someones (hahahahahahahaha)...and then CHAMP of HALE, and his brother, CHINO.

grabe. ang dami! 7 cute guys hah. not bad! =))

i'm tired. dead tired. we have training tomorrow, and i have to attend, since we will have a game on the 13th, which is mother's day. and then there are a bunch of people asking me to edit their pictures for them, eversince they saw me edit ANGELI's pictures.

i told myself that i wouldn't do edits na, since they didn't show their appreciation the last time i did them. but angeli really was such a DARLING that i didn't resist.

nung ginawa ko yung pictures niya, chaka lang nagsulputan yung gustong magpagawa.

bahala kayo. matagal pa bago ko magagawa yun noh. i've got priorities, and i've got LAYOUTS to make.

i feel sorry for those who asked earlier, lalo na si ANGELIQUE. i owe her BIGTIME. sorry talaga hah. i'll make your layout FIRST. since you ask FIRST-est. ahahah. to the others...wait nalang. i'm not a robot who remembers everything. to those who politely asked me in YM, thank you.

if you want something to be made or edited, PLEASE give me specifics.

and be patient. first come first served.

i should charge for my edits, don't you think? =))

edits for angeli. these are my favorites. i love SUNSET most...because... i don't know. =))



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