Monday, June 4, 2007

dear Lord.
i know i've been bad, i know i've been a mean mean girl...

but please, PLEASE, don't make me go to school just yet.

i mean, come on.

i'm losing my mind here, and school hasn't even started yet.

tapos i'm always out of my mind. like when we have soccer games, i'm totally out of the world. and i know i should focus, and there's this thing about constantly proving yourself, but i forget about focusing when i'm there. 'cause i think too much.

nagmumukha tuloy ako di marunong na tanga.

buset. i mean i'm not that good and all, but i know i could do better than that.

tapos there are stuff with other people pa...nakooo naman.

see, due to my excessive thinking, there are times when i forget to think... like when...

there were other more stupid what-the-f&*^-is-wrong-with-me episodes, i just forgot them.

i'm just having a hard time, and i don't want history to repeat itself.


haay i just should be passive about these things.


after seeing abt ur love, ur lyf 2, i lost all interest. nelle's being malabo, and prince. I HATE PRINCE. hahahaha. they didn't even focus on nelle and aj. just nelle and stupid prince. i hate them na.

you know who i love?

giselle and rickson.

AYYYYYYYEEEEHEEEEE! rickson reminds me of my uncle. the rockstar uncle of mine. i love him already. just because he reminds me of my uncle. and they have a cute story too. =D


Wait until it is night before saying that it has been a fine day. -- French Proverb



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