Tuesday, June 5, 2007

i want a new phone...
hahahah. just because my p9oo is scratched, has bad key-registry, and i lost its reserve stylus.


i really want a new one. hahaha. ewan ko nalang what i'll get. i'm currently eyeing on the n93i, but it's so expensive. hahaha. but it's what i want. for now.

i'm a picky person. my new phone must have...


the coolest thing about the n93i is the front part, the shiny shiny part, which shows the time, you phone's current status (battery, signal) and if you have a message, or a missed call...and many many more things.

the downer is that it's freakng huge. hahaha.

ohwell. can't have everything.


will have orientation tomorrow! i'm pretty excited at this point of the day (or night. whichever) yeah. it bums me out that summer vacay's gotta end...but hey. things might turn out differently this year.

God. i suck. hahaha. nakakainiiss si vicky.

and we have soccer practice tomorrow.

i was about to not attend orientation when someone convinced me to do so. it'll be fun, i guess, sitting in the cold room with familiar people, and to some, complete strangers. gosh. hahaha. what happened to me?

i want to screammmmmmmmmm. shyeeet. i'm nerved, wrought-up right now.


there you go. :)


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