Friday, June 8, 2007

just ask the question, come untie the knot say you won't care. say you won't care.
listening to: new american classic - taking back sunday


why my day is terrible. el terrible.

  • ich vermisse jemand.sie. ich le be dich. tama ba? HAHAHA. well i don't mean the ich le be dich part. i just mean the first part, which is kind of a pain of the ass, because i don't get to...véalo tanto como hice antes. that is not accurate, but if you know spanish and you know me, you might get the point. also, je suis très jaloux. of nothing, really. but it makes me feel bad. i cried so much the other day. and i still get طعن الألم في قلبي whenever i see ele. wow international na 'ko. this is a good idea, huh. nakakainis talaga.

  • ***

    ultimatum: bahala na kung maintindihan mo, ko o niyo.

    li manco, io sono spiacente, io non ho significato quello.

    gagi nahirapan ako diyan.


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