Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ooooehr and phwoar.
I watched Pride & Prejudice (for once and for all) on VCD (sorry, i'm not much of a DVD person. good gerl eh. :)) ). It's been in the movie "library" for a long time already, but i haven't paid much attention to it. Which is rather weird, because I have seen most cds that most probably have interested me.


Anyways, I found it amusing, but it was rather difficult to comprehend to what the hell the characters were saying.

Cool, though. :)

My mum asked me if I would have wanted to live at that point in time?

Answer is...yes and no.

Yes, because the people are waaay polite, and I find it amusing.

No, because the women are repressed (I think i'm a feminist. :))) Also because some men have to wear big wigs. Which are....senseless and weird.

Regular, regular school tomorrow.


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