Saturday, June 23, 2007

raindrops keep falling on my head.
This week is... one heck of a week. So much things happened that I don't know what to talk about. Plus, I haven't blogged for almost a week! Oi, I call it an accomplishment! I've tried to stay away from the computer for the past few days, just because. Teehee. =) O, bullet form nalang? Let's try numbers. :)
  1. This schoolyear's getting better and better. Tama din naman, sa simula lang. Though nothing can compare to last year (unless my new classmates prove otherwise...), I'm having fun already. I find myself concentrating on the stuff I should be concentrating on. I found myself drifting off during discussions eh. Lalo na pag math, napagiiwanan tuloy ako. Yeah, I resolve to do better this year. And I will. =) Plus, it's really great that I don't have to be mindful of what I do ALL the time. Kanta dito, kanta dun. Gulo dito, gulo don. O diba? Sweet stuff. Plus, I recite more. =) yeah yeah yeah!

  2. Music-wise, i'm getting better. I listen to varied stuff, not like before. It's fun not to have boundaries, not having to watch out to what I listen to. I'm not caring, really.

  3. I'm getting darker by the minute. First, due to soccer. Now due to the weekly swimming classes that we have. AYOKO NA! First I didn't care. Now I do. HAHA.

  4. Decisions, decisions are to be made. Love for soccer, or what? Kasi I find it unfair to my other teammates who love soccer so much. Eh ako, I'm not really determined, and my mind is into much more other stuff. I'm quitting, but I'm finding reasons not to. I'm hiding, and I need help. I'd miss playing soccer though.

  5. People change so fast. One thing, you know them well, the next, you're like...uh yeah who are you? Well, can't blame them. The only constant thing in this world is change.

  6. Dumby died. In Harry Potter 6, which I recently just finished reading (LOSERRRRR). I actually cried, because Dumbledore died. Ms. Rowling is a super genius. Haaay. Nakakawalang gana basahin yung 7. Wala na naman si Dumbledore eh. I like him 'cause he was so wise, so full of mystery, and so freaking nice. He's fair to people (kahit favorite niya si Harry). There's something about him. Also, he can have his own book full of his wise sayings. Ang dami kong napick-up sa harry potter 6. Sana magkaroon ng spin-off from the series. About Dumbledore naman. Gago si Snape, but I think there was something about him eh. I'm pretty certain about that. So far, Harry Potter 6 is the best book in the series.

  7. Woo di na ako late! Cheeeeeers to that.

  8. I'm getting the hang of the let-go thing. NOT! Hindi, it's ok. I'm not stopping myself, it'll just make everything worse. Insteaaad, I'm letting everything go by. Let me have the full servings. Hopefully, magsasawa rin ako. I like this guy, but he doesn't deserve it. And I'm not saying I'm over him, but hey. It takes time. And I understand that. It's a new approach, diba. I think it's better. Do it until I find someone else more fitting.

  9. 18 na si Ate Monica! Owyes. My childhood/neighbor friend. She's super. I bow down to her. She contributed to my knowledge of computers, especially HTML. She introduced me to it. See, I'm freaking lucky. And she's so cool pa. HAHAA. O diba? I'm so proud of her, even my friends know about her na. :P

  10. I want to do peer tutoring...pero yung it'tutor lang is Bio and Math. I can do Bio, but not Math. Sana Social Studies nalang =( But it's ok. It's actually how Haley and Nathan met up sa One Tree Hill, diba? Malay mo naman. De joke lang. It's unlikely Migs will fail a class. He's not that desperate. GANUN?

  11. Yung mongo seeds ko. This funny thing happened. Yung ROOTS pala yung na'measure ko, and not the plant itself. But no problem, tumubo na siya. Oh wait. Yes problem, kasi... NABAGSAK yung lalagyanan nung seeds, so it broke... Patay. =(

  12. Why do people don't want to speak English? It's not like we don't have to speak english, kasi WALA TAYO SA AMERICA. Hey dude, whatever. For all I know, you're barely passing your Filipino class. Binabastos mo pa Filipino teacher mo. O ano? Plus, it's for you din. Whatever. Sanayan lang yan.


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