Thursday, June 7, 2007

she's a maneater...
mood: have you noticed that when spelled backwards, it spells doom? :) mood is...sad. yet inspired.
listening to: maneater - nelly furtado; accidentally in love - counting crows ; what's it feel like to be a ghost? - taking back sunday
i just finished my layout for celine! kaya lang there's something wrong with blogger, so i'm not yet done with the coding. i love it 'cause it's kinda weird. and it was kinda hard to do. well not really. i didn't have any distractions anyway (i'm talking about people in ym, friendster, multiply...and my e-mail).

ayoko mag'ym. baka lalo ako madepress. HAHAHAH. ganun?



ay mali. sa tuesday pa pala yun. well not really. i mean we have classes tomorrow.

naninibago parin ako sa classmates ko. from noisy, outgoing, all-over the place 16 to quiet, cool and organized 27. shitty. but hey, what do you know. this year might be better. i miss all the people we lost from section 16, and i would love to get to know the knew people we'll be having this year.

our adviser, ms. eugenio is also starting to grow on me already. she told us that grades aren't everything, and that she doesn't want us to compete against each other.

fat chance. i'm not much of a competitive person as before, but i know the other people are. i'm not grade-conscious either. i don't think so. the time i got an 84 in math, i laughed it off. i've never laughed so good and so much in my life. well not really. but it was a good and genuine laugh, i can remember.


i woke up today to an empty house, the pups are sleeping behind the couch, and chiara's gone to school.

actually, i woke up crying once again. hahaha. i launched into a full-on crying binge last night, and i have piggy eyes right now. good thing i stopped before my mom arrived, 'cause i was taking care of the puppies, since you have to make them go to sleep with you before you put them back to their cage.

it's all different now.

it's real, real sad. ='(

it just sunk in na it wouldn't be me there. it wouldn't me who would be doing this, would be doing that...



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