Saturday, June 30, 2007

sniff sniff.
I realized that for almost a week-long hiatus, I missed a lot. HAHA. There are currently 16 unread e-messages in my Hotmail and ehr 165 in my Yahoo (I don't visit my yahoo page anymore. I just use my yahoo e-mail for YM). HAHA to those who commented and tagged (a suprising number of people did), I am very truly sorry for my inability to reply to your tags and comments earlier. Ang rami ko tuloy na'miss. Teehee.

Speaking of miss, here are the things you missed in my life. (PARDON?)
  1. My dearly loved PC is wrecked, once again. It's an effin sign. My mom needs to buy a new one. =P Well I love our PC right now. Its monitor is HUGE, and it's fast...and stuff like that. I haven't realized that it's been with us for three years or so now. Hahaha. So now, I'm using my mother's laptop. I want my own laptop. MAC MAC MAC MAC MAAAAAAAC!!!!!!

  2. I have colds and tonsilitis. Unfortunately, that does not qualify as an excuse not to attend my second cousin's 1st birthday. You want to know why I don't want to go? Because a) nakaka'op dun b) uhm hello, may sakit ako dito. *ting ting ting*. Still, my father does not make it an excuse. Shit. Sira pa naman yung charger ng iPod ko. And remember, we don't have our PC, so I can't charge it. T_T

  3. Sinisipon ako. Putek. HAHAHA.

  4. I'm dark as dark chocolate already. I'm not obssessing over it or anything, nakakatakot lang kung ano magiging itsura ko after the next two weeks.

  5. Brownout alert!! Yesterday, our so-called Transformer (coolio. Transformer pala tawag dun!) got wrecked. Two hours of freedom. LOL. It was freaking hot. I thought I was gonna faint or something. Buti nalang hindi. Hehehe.

  6. School year's getting better and better. I enjoy my classmates a LOT already, which is something, considering what a bitch I was during the first few weeks, diba? And people are nicer, atleast when in front of me. :P

  7. LONG TESTS! Putek, I'm not yet ready. Hahaha. I have to be. I'm not gauged (GAUGED???!!) for it. I can't take it anymore. I don't want long tests. T_T Nakakatamad magaral. He he he he.

  8. I found a 500-peso bill in my book, The Clique, by Lisi Harisson. Tehehehe. I don't know how it got there. Basta I'm happy. Hehehehe. Who wouldn't be, diba?

  9. Dreams dreams dreams. I have a series of weird and very random dreams every night. Last night, my mom told me I was talking in my sleep. Nako nakakahiya. When I asked them what I was saying, they just shrugged and said they didn't understand. Though my sister heard something raw, and she said that I said something like... "Sorry ah." Wooooo ano naman kaya yun?

  10. Stand up. Hahah I got this idea from Angeli's blog. Though you think that I am not the kind of person who needs standing up...I need some standing up to do. I'm there already. And things are much more clearer pag hindi ka praning. I've learned that. The art of un-paranoid-ism. Keep the poker face, and adjust your nunga-nungas (georgia =P) for battle, I'm going in! HAHAHAHA. Basically, some people have misunderstood me...nanaman. Sana pala I kept the MISSUNDERSTOOD url. Bagay na bagay sakin eh.

  11. Tinamad...ako mag peer tutoring. Haha. I wasn't explicitly invited anyway, so why should I?

  12. Three thirty days are the best. See, ANGELIQUE and HAZEL and some of the boys stay 'til 3:30 for no reason at all. I stay 'til 3:30 'cause it's a lot of fun. (i hope there's a way to say that in the RAMON BAUTISTA accent here, online. i could do it perfectly. HAHAH YABANG!). Chaka Angelique and I get to stay in the front seats of our bus if we stay till 3:30.

  13. Cool drummer guy...and bassist person. There was this guy who was playing the drums like a maniac yesterday, during club time. He was so freaking good, I fell in love with his playing...not necessarily with him. His beats were like, unusual, and irregular, tapos he looks really "concentrated" while playing. The bassist person is the cousin of someone I know (or someone I used to know). He looks nice while playing bass. HEHE.

  14. Biology is da bamb, beybe! I love our Bio teacher. Plus, I get higher grades in our quizzes. HEHE. Miss Eugenio is so funny. Bio is something I look forward to now albeit I felt otherwise last year.

  15. I could read a book within the day. May daya na yan, since I've read the book twice already. I read the book within a few hours' time lang. The book is... summer boys by hailey abbott. ahahah. yeah, the one with the scandalous picture in front. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

  16. Malapit na premier ng Harry Potter 5!!! I ♥ you, Harry Potter! (Speaking of which, I will be posting an OPEN LETTER to Daniel Radcliffe soon. :P)




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