Wednesday, June 6, 2007

well that sucked.
i knew i shouldn't have attended our orientation. sheesh. that was sheer torture.

not really. i had fun. :)

i am all over the place, right now.

grabe, i should be careful with what i wish for, it just might happen. happens when i don't want it to happen. fate, destiny, the stars and whatever is responsible for granting your wish in such a late time sucks.

what now. i feel like puking. seriously. gosh.

puke all the past feelings.

and now i'm listening to sad music. (who knew yellowcard and taking back sunday could be sad?)

everyone is sailing in their own boats while i am left in a shit creek without a paddle.


hahahaha. my section is weird. in fact, i feel weird about some of 'em. not good weird, not bad weird. just weird weird.

hahahah. there are so many girls, there are only 13 boys in my class. i belong to section 27. significant numbers in my life so far.

and what would you know, my very first favorite number has got something to do with why i want to puke.

poor guys, they won't be able to form a team during intrams, i think. unless they let jethro and someone else play. 'cause they have to have 15 in a team. o, 2 people left.


ayyyy. mcdo is loooove. diba angeli?


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