Monday, June 4, 2007

why i blog.
i live in a delusional world. i try hard to oppress who i really am, because i might but my so-called "rep" in hazard. i want people to like me. i am a perfectionist. the way i see it, it's a disease rather than a quality.

when you think ahead of yourself too much, it's wrong. you stop anything you want to say, which hinders you to getting along with people.

that's the hard part of being me.

i'm happy that i have friends who spend much time on not really useless things. i have a mom who goes nuts with me. ditto with my sister.

it gets lonely sometimes, even if you're in a group, or in a room full of people, and you realize you don't really get on with them. and it leads you to thinking that you did something wrong. and you get an ill feeling about yourself.

being the positive person that i am... i be happy.

and i blog. :)


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