Sunday, July 29, 2007

why is the nucleus the control center of the cell?
I don't understand. According to our so-called Biology book, it's the control center of the cell, therefore it regulates cellular processes like metabolism and such. So I can easily say in my essay at our LongTest...(just for fun's sake. I'm bored out of my head. Due to my so-called boredom, I'm pretty sure I'm going to bomb my grades once again. Meaning, mabababa nanaman ang scores ko. Well that's according to the other people. Ako pag naka line of eight tawa ako nang tawa. Lalo na yung mga 81 na yan? SUS. hahahah. Really.)

Why is the nucleus called the "control center" of the cell?
a. f*%^ i don't know.
b. i forgot.
c. because it controls cellular processes
d. because it contains most of the genetic material and it regulates the dna to be replicated during mitosis. (according to wikipedia. :P)

So what do you think is the right answer?
Ewan. I'm out of my head.

I just came from ATC nga pala kanina for the routinal every 2 weeks Dad & Daughters bonding time. Waahaatever. SO basically we (I and my younger sister Chiara...who I forgot to tell you almost left her black Havaianas in the parking area near ruins. HAHAHAH. If you are not at all familiar with Ruins, it's a night market in BF Paranaque. You should go there sometime. It's pretty rad. :P SO yeah, if you go there often, you should know that kids will mob you every now and then to ask for money. Don't worry, they're not dangerous. So yeah, we were being mobbed by kids, whom I would like to consider my *fans* and so my mom was hurrying. Eh Chiara stepped on a puddle, so she settled one of her slippers outside muna. Since mom was screaming, Chiara closed the door immediately. She forgot about the slippers. You should have been there it was so funny. I can't even tell you. )we... where was I? So yeah we went to mass, ate at Jabi and then roamed around.

Huhuhu. I am just reminded why I don't want my dad here in our home anymore. Yeah I know, go on with your speeches. The f*^# you I don't even have a father you should appreciate your dad. Well honey I do appreciate my dad it's just that my God he could be a tad irritating sometimes. I love him and all, but do you have to tell me that I grew fatter? Dam. I have feelings too you know. Hahahah. Even if sometimes I could be so robotic when with him, I could be the sister of Optimus Prime. Hah.

Optima Prima.

Sounds like a name for some stupid wine?biscuit?store?


Sige na, I'm going. Hahaha. Magaaral pa ko.


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