Thursday, August 16, 2007

and it's 12 in the morning...
I am still up because.
  1. I drank coffee during merienda time.
  2. I slept endlessly during the day. Time to make up for my sleep debt.

I have my own camera already!!! YEAH BOY YEAH YEAH YEAH. It's super cool and super sleek and it's JUST what I wanted, only a tad better, maybe. Hahahaha. Cheers to le rockstar uncle who gave me (what the hell) this...this... piece of machinery! HAHAHA.

Anyways...I'll put the pictures later, or maybe in a to-be multiply account. I want to make a new one. My present multiply sucks some major arse. Arse. Right.

One little blip though. I don't know how to transfer the pictures here. :D

I don't mind, though. I am just really happy with my camera.

Oh, and by the way. We have a handicam too!


No classes to day. Stupid effers, I was in school already. But I don't mind at all, 'cause we were supposed to have MATH today. It's a sign.

I'm going to get my 99 in math.

I never ever got a 99 in math.

Not even in grade school, oh no. I always have one mistake. No, not always. I always have many mistakes. Except last year, when I was the happiest lady (ehr, lady.) in the college building when i got a 98 in math. Holy shit man, 98. Wow. I was verrrry happy already. 98. WOW DUDE! HAHAHA.

Pero ngayon, I'm hitting the 8s. Muntik nang 7s. I'm still happy with that. Better 8 than 7. Oh well. I'm pretty sure I'll get a 99 in math anyway. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm praying. :P


I am an ambitious girl, but very often frustrated. There's always this little tiny projects in my head which never get to happen. I always start, but rarely finish. When I finish, I am always dissatisfied.

What the HELL is wrong with me.


Shit, it's raining hard and i am scared right off my ass.


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