Tuesday, August 28, 2007

can you tell me what i want, what i really really want?
I don't know what I want to do in college. Recently kasi, I bought the July-August issue of Adobo magazine (it's a magazine on adverts and stuff. basta.), and then there was a feature on the Miami Ad School. And then they were saying that it's the best advertising school out there. And I believe them. Just the website would make you drool and occassionally smile. It's pixelized, and it's TSUPER COOL.

And then they have this program in Graphic Design and Art Direction. DUDE. It's so...soo cool. I downloaded the catalogs for both courses and I was VERY impressed by the Graphic Design one. Art Direction there kasi is an extention of the Florida International University's program on masterals of Mass Communication.

WAH. Tapos the introduction of the program's like... Are you artistic but organized? OOHLALA! Getting to be an artist, pero organized pa din! I mean, MAN! It's my calling! Woohoo. Haahaha. I can draw naman, I just need to devote more time to it. :P And drawing's not the primary thing in this course.

I'm seriously drooling. You can like, swim in my salivations on the floor.

And then they have this Quarter Away program. What you do is that for another year, and with 6 more quarter away locations (including LONDON NEW YORK CHICAGO PRAGUE AMSTERDAM etc etc), you get to travel to these major cities for every quarter of the year to absorb all their culture and design stuff.

Yummy yum yum.

The problem is...well, can I do it? That's not even the question. It's more of, do I really really want to do it? Is it the job for me? Is this NOT waste of money, time and effort?

Oh and by the way, where will I get the money? I told Lia awhile ago the safest bet would be if my mom would remarry a super duper rich guy. And then I can rip off his moolah faster than you can say "eksakli". They offer scholarship programs, but I was thinking more of the financial needs of living abroad. I don't even have any relatives in Miami.

But whatever, what I'm really planning to do is to get a MassCom degree in here, and then study graphic design in Miami Ad School. THAT way, I can get a job while studying. Oh diba? Kaya lang I think a job involving mass media's going to be demanding. But whatever. Atleast I have a long-term plan. That's a whole lot farther than having nothing in mind.

P.S. at this state, I still don't know what i want.


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