Thursday, August 9, 2007

iiiiii suck.
HAHAH I WAS (WAS???) such a big loser.

I was reading the archives of my old blogspot (whose link I won't give out) since I was hoping to find a link to my johari window in there. I kept on guessing my username, but to no avail. Who the hell knows what username I used, I had pretty much suck-ish ones.

Anyways, I enjoyed it SO MUCH, even if I SUCKED. HAHAH ANG ARTE KO NUN! OMFG. I cannot blame *^$# for running away from me, I posted some FREAKISH posts in there.

*^$# is the meanest person in the world
happy b-day to *^$#'s sister, $*)#^@



Dude, if you still read my blog (which I'm pretty sure you don't), I am so sorry for those freaking freaky posts in my last blog.

Visit my blog archives (March archives, specifically). Holy shit. Freaky freaky freaky freaky deaky. Any reader of mine who has supported my previous and now blog will know that my previous blog was better.

And now I reveal why I transferred blogs.

I was reading my archives the moment I decided to do it. You know, transfer. I just figured that I had to leave all the dramatic CRAP behind. I mean, seriously dude. TO hell with ranting on about people having fucking perfect lives. HAHAHA.

But really, I think I was fun-er during that blog. Whatever. Mas maarte nga lang. Pero I think I was more human. I mean, just because they SUCKED, I had fun reading them. Kahit yung dramatic posts. I was pretty amazed with myself.

Grabe that blog has lead me to so much trouble. It fucked up my lovelife before it even started. WHo knew. HAHAHA. That's okay. Atleast I know why I did not end up as first lady of our country. Posterity ba.

TAPOS ANG PAPANGIT NG PICTURES NA PINOPOST KO DUN! LIKE WHAT THE?! Hahaha. Good thing I got some nerve to put them up. I mean what what what the hell hell hell.

But as Angeli and I would like to believe, life's more fun when you're ugly. OR atleast that's how I think of it. Or whatever. I don't know how to put it down.

I sure as hell enjoyed reading the archives. I can't believe how much i liked the OC. I mean I know I liked it, but I didn't know I loved Marissa-Ryan so much.

That blog is an existing testimony to why my lovelife is fucked up.

Instant picker-upper. HAHAHA. DOn't worry, I'll resume to my old self (my old, missunderstood self) in a few posts. hahaha.

Hay, read it.


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