Friday, August 31, 2007

of layouts and libraries.
I haven't been blogging for the last couple o' days because I was really busy. I'm not even kidding. With my sister hogging this computer constantly (may boyfriend na siguro yun. HAHAH), I have less time to work on the layout of the school's English magazine. Lately, I've been waking up to larger and darker puffs under my eyes, and really dreary and dull skin. I am constantly sleepy during class. And well, I've been such a loser lately. I'm blaming it to the all-nighters.

Whatever, I think this so-called lack of sleep I think is turning me into a dodo.

See, I was about to go with my friend Hazel to return books that she borrowed for our Biology class, and then I saw this guy I used to like, and then I ran and screamed like a crazy woman. I was fixing something in my bag, and then when I looked up, he was adjusting the straps to his bag, and then he looked at me and I ran immediately, screaming "WAAAAH WAAAH!". I don't even know why I did that. That was stupid. Never ever in the history of my whole entire life have I done that. I think.

Hazel's point of view in this story is much much funnier. She said she was about to enter the library and then she looked back to look for me, and then she saw him, and then she saw me running away. Running like a dodo. You know. IT WASN'T A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT. I wonder how the guy saw me. You know, his point of view. Hahahah. He could either have a) seen me as I have seen myself--a loser b) wondered why the hell i ran away c) thought if there was something in his face d) thought that when i saw him, i immediately remembered something e) all of the above. I think it was a, b and d. Hahahahahaha. I laugh everytime I remember it. Even if I'm alone I laugh to myself. Really, I wonder why I did it. We're wondering the same thing. It was on impulse. When I stopped running I asked myself "why the hell did you just do that?" yaaaahahahahah. Man I can't get over it. That was really funny. HAHAHAHA. To lessen my stupidity, I pretended to have remembered something and looked for Yani. And then I hugged Angeli cause I can't see Yani and then Angeli told me he was looking...ish. HAHAHAH. He must have thought I was a HUGE HUGE gigantimous DODO.

Also, I was speaker of the day today, which required me to ramble and babble about an experience that I had, and a lesson that I learned from it. Supposedly, I was to do a story about the guy referred to at the previous paragraphs, but I was too chickenshit to do it. Hahaha. There was no "climax" in the story. Little did I know that "my-summer-trip-to-London" had NO climax and NO lesson at all. The guy story had MANY lessons, DEAR GOD. WOW. And I thought we had no English time today due to the Filipino month program so I wasn't prepared at all. Good thing I handle speaking in front of people well. HAHAHA.

What else. Oh, awhile ago, during the Buwan ng Wika program, we were doing the Bedan hymn, and this guy, he was in a malong and it fitted him 'cause he looked the part (you know, the Datu), and then I imagined him saying "SUGOD, MGA KABABAYAN!!!" Complete with the facial expressions. Really, it isn't that hard to imagine. HAHAHAHA. That was funny, men. Hahaha.

Hahahahah. Do you find what I said funny? I bet you don't. You don't get to see my animated face when I tell my story. And how I do the screaming part. Man, that was raaad.


i lab yousif aljamal. HAHAH our english teacher reminded me of him. no i don't mean our english teacher looks like him, she just said that when they were out on a conference, they met him and had their pictures taken cause he was there. pbfffft. im jealous. ahwell. is he still playing for talk n text? 'cause i heard he got disqualified. which sucks. i should start watching basketball more. teeheehee


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