Saturday, September 8, 2007

beekee the hippie's litol sanctuary. (i am not a hippie.)
Ahh yes, well I am very happy in my litol sanctuary right now.

I have my room now.


But not for long, since our ates would move back here during the 28th. 'Cause my grandpapi will be arriving from London in the 29th for good.

YEHEY but also AWWW.

AWW, because the helpers, for sure will be sharing the space on my closet and my table once again. And I am very VERY VERY (very very very...) specific and territorial when it comes to my personal space. I want only MY things in their OWN places. My world crumbles when the gel pens are in the second drawer when they're supposed to be in the first, when the shopping bags are all over the place instead of in the third drawer. It even affects my grades. (I don't get to study if things are all over the place)

I even cleaned my desk the other day. I discovered so much things forgotten. And so much things that could be given out as gifts. See, there were these sets of unused notebooks with really nice covers which we bought from a kindergarten waaay back. Sayang.

Ahh yes, the language of organized people. People who can't live with dirt and mess. Yes you can banter with me, but I shall remain a clean person throughout my life...that is until I have my six children who I plan to name Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So and La. Or better yet, as a tribute to my friends, Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Numbers and Pentateuch. Or... Paramore, Nirvana, Metallica, Grease and Hairspray, as a tribute to the culture I used to enjoy. Ganda noh?

Also it saddens me that I will lose this own sanctuary of mine, which I currently use for bumming out and studying. You know. I could even use the laptop (which I am proud to say I own...ish.) because my mom recently installed a wireless router. I could even use the internet while answering to the call of nature. Ahhh, the beauty of having three computers in this home. I have to buy a flashdisk to transfer all of my files from the pc (which my sister owns...ish.) HAH. She can't hog this thing anymore.

YEHEY to my granddad arriving because I am pretty sure it will mark the start of the ehrr...renovation of our house. I think my sister and I will have up and down rooms. My younger sister thinks she'll have the top room,and I'll have the bottom room. Silly ass, tricked into believing she'll have the advantageous view. I need to need to neeeeeed to think up of ways so that we can both feel good about our decision. HAH. I cannot be stopped. An aspiring artist like me needs that place. The balcony, and the blank sky. Ah yes. Singing about without a guitar about rainbows and not-so starry skies and cars and heartbreaks and hair wax.


Anyways, I think there'll also be a music room, where we could place a drum set (that is, if we still have money left) and our piano. Ayan. To release all the pent up frustrations. That is, if I forget the frustration with the drums constantly reminding me. Laugh with me, everyone. Hark shall laugh at the stupidities and oddities of life.

What is wrong with me.

So you see, dear friends, I live for this place. Once it is taken from me, I shall live for nothing. WHUT?

It's just a silly appeal to speed up the my-own-room process. Or rather, a silly appeal for my OWN OWN ROOM! HI MOM!


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