Thursday, September 27, 2007

boys talk.
If you're a guy, don't read this post. You're bound to hate me in the end...ish. There's a piece of (really crap) advice somewhere in the end though. So yeah. I beg of you to understand where I'm coming from.


The whole day I was thinking of boys.

Which brings us to boys. Boyfriends, boy-space-friends and just plain boys. Boys... psshaw. Who needs them...who UNDERSTANDS them?

Apparently, we do. We, the X chromosome, need the partner Y chromosome.

Yet why is it that there are more X chromosomes than Y chromosomes?

I cannot seem to fathom the reason for this.

I mean, ladies usually always foresee the physical looks for something else. Guys, with much prejudice as I say it, usually don't. Yes, they do check out the "something else", but well they still have to check out the physical thing. We just have to thank God that guys have different types.

(Sigurado ako may rebuttal nito. KAYO RIN NAMANG MGA BABAE AH, PURO LOOKS. whatever dude, have you heard of EYE CANDY? o sigaw, EH YUNG SAMIN RIN NAMAN EYE CANDY LANG EH! fine fine fine. whatever padin. T_T)

Whatever, just bear with me. I feel like hating on boys right now. HAHAHA.

And then there are things about them that only THEY are capable of...

The speech I have never experienced, just read about. In a book by Laurie Notaro. Hahahah. Involves using the F word. No, not the F word which ends with UCK. The other one. The one that starts with F and ends with RIENDS. Yeah. Orayt.

The being so nice because they don't want to hurt you I don't understand. Well actually, the pragmatic (uhm...practical) side of me understands. The emotional side, NOT AT ALL. Yes, I do understand that they don't want to hurt you, so they be nice to you, but CAN'T THEY EFFING SEE THAT WHAT THEY'RE DOING IS JUST GETTING US EFFING HURT? What are you, Superman? I mean, I don't get how a guy perfectly capable of getting good grades could not understand what he's doing to the person.

For the dudes who have absolutely NIL idea on why they SHOULDN'T be nice to the person who likes them is...

  1. It seems like you're letting the girl wait for you. Hahaha. Pinapaasa mo, tshong. All those wonderful, romantic moments that the girl treasures is NOTHING for you. Just a simple rut in the inbox, in the message archive, wherever.
  2. You hurt us more. See number 1.
  3. To enlighten you on answer number 1... TATAGALUGIN KO NA HA. Kasi parang... you be nice to the girl, and you give them more reasons to like you. "OOOH, he's so freaking nice, he's so freaking sweet. Why shouldn't I like him?".
  4. Oh and by the way, please don't share any secrets with this girl. They're bound to get out. Well not all of your secrets, just the ones you forgot to remind her that she can't tell anyone. It's like kissing and telling without the kissing part.
  5. It might hurt at the start [not being nice], but hey, atleast you give the girl some ground to move on. Hindi yung magpapakagago ka sa kalagitnaan, kung kailan humaling na humaling na sayo ang babae.
  6. Oh and by the way, NEVER TELL THEM WHO YOU FREAKING LIKE. cause...well if in any case that this is not them, then they would end up hoping and wishing (not to mention guessing) that this is them. don't bring up the freaking topic. if they bring it up, simply tell them you don't like anyone. HAHA.

However, these stuff should only be carried out (or something), if you're not into this girl.

Here comes another dilemma. I've seen it happen. Seen it.

The i'm-not-so-sure-if-i-like-her-i-need-to-spend-some-time-with-her-pa.

Uhhh right.

Pag ganyan ka, bahala ka sa buhay mo. Panget.

If you highly doubt that you like this girl, and you're only falling for her because she told you she likes you, FORGET IT. There's bound to be a fall out somewhere in the relationship.

Like her because of who she is.

I beg of you.


Do I sound mad? Cause I'm not. I'm really NOT.


Grabe pati ako nalilito.



stupid assumption:

you're sure YOU'RE the one she likes. =))

also. don't follow anything i say. i feel angry. so yeah. not in my thinking moment. :P



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