Saturday, September 29, 2007

deliberate headache.
I feel so stupid after reading my latest post. Yeah, the one that bashes all men and their stupidity. Oh wait. Not men. Boys. Wala lang. I just felt really irritated at that moment, and when I started the post, the old angry feelings just came back. Hahah. I almost feel sorry for those who got affected by the post. Ahem ahem.

Speaking of Ahem Ahem, I'm quite sick right now. Started at our coaster ride from PNU yesterday, when on the way home, I had difficulty swallowing, and my throat really hurt so bad. So when I reached home, I immediately went to sleep...for like, the whole day or something. It's a good thing I didn't miss anything, we were expecting the San Beda Mendiola players to come over, hindi naman pala.

YES! =)) I wasn't ready to scream at the moment. At saka we reached the school when the Pep Rally was over, so...if Aljamal and the other players were there, we would have reached NOTHING.



Yes, well I might have lost the bad temperament/moodswings, but WHERE THE HELL HAS MY RESPONSIBILTY GONE TO?

God, I hate myself.


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