Tuesday, October 2, 2007

he's got me love stoned.
Thank you MIA!

Yehey. Gwapo. :)) Yousif Aljamal, everyone. Wala lang, I like him. He's a good ball player, and it also helps that he's gorgeous. He's not that gorgeous in that picture, gorgeous lang yung biceps niya. WOOT.

Oh dude, by the way. I think you do the PEACE sign with a smile.

NOW I know what's different with him, he's got a beardo. Weirdo. I prefer clean cut guys. And guys my age. Hahaha.

Hahaha. He caused quite a stir today. Cause I found a picture of him on the newspaper yesterday (and BOY did I wake the neighborhood with my screaming), so I cut it out. And then I carried it with me. Then I decided to put it behind my ID, and then I went around the whole room, saying that he was my boyfriend. [Man, if ever Mr. Aljie has a girlfriend, she'll kill me. Or maybe not, since I am no threat to her boyfriend. I come in peace. We are united in good taste. :))] Oh, edi after that, everyone was like... OMG he looks like blah blah blah blah blah.


I don't know why, it irks me to hear that. Even if I agree with them ("mas maganda lang yung ganito ganyan ganyan ganun ni ano"), wala lang.

It has actually occurred to me that the reason I like this man is because of the STRIKING resemblance between him and the aforementioned (wait, i didn't even mention him...well not his entirety) dude. Well, they do look alike, one's practically a projection of the other 5-8 years from now, give or take a few years. Hmmm, could it be that I am channeling all my energy from the other guy to Mr. Aljamal?

Could be.


I hope it does not irk the guy that i mentioned-but-not-so that I talk about him. That is, if he knows it's him I talk about. I don't worry anyways, we don't share one thing at all. :P



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