Saturday, November 10, 2007

classical music gives me the creeps.
Not in the bad way. Not in the good way either. I'm just weirded out by the fact that it could evoke so MUCH emotion without even using words. I'm just not used to it. I'm a lyric person.

I just downloaded Igor Stravinsky's The Firebird ballet...and...well it's like a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You can almost imagine what was going on during the performance. My mind was going..."Oh no, the firebird might get caught."I'm not saying that's the story of the ballet, it's just what went through my mind when I heard it. :))

[I learned about the Firebird from my DK Children's Encyclopedia, one of my all-time favorite books. Wala lang, it contains EVERYTHING. And up to now, I still find it fascinating.]

And how did my affinity with classic music start? (No wait, it hasn't even started yet. Has it?) Yeah well basically, we had to choose a topic for research in a class of ours (media instruction program). Initially, I chose Jackie O. as topic, but the library only had ONE book about her, and it turned out to be NO use at all. it SUCKED. Probably one of the worst books I have ever, ever read.

So I turned to music, my second option. After much editing and changing of questions, I arrived with Who are the most influential composers of the 19th to 20th century? Why were they famous? Ayun. Found a really interesting AND comprehensive (it's hard to find a comprehensive book when you're talking about classical music. they're all technical and stuff.) book, which ignited my interest with classic music, SPECIFICALLY music during the romantic era. I guess I was just curious if the songs were really what they were, as described in the book.

So far...I've got no songs yet. I still have to borrow the book I referred to.

But really, I should try classical music, since they're pretty instrumental. Like in some songs, the instrumental parts are the ones that make me cry. I don't cry easily, and when I really want to because I need to--if that even makes sense-- then I turn to my playlist of songs that are really...slit-my-wrists depressing. Not only the song, but the memory that goes with it. (pwe.)

Lalo na in Taking Back Sunday's New American Classic. Humahagulgol ako sa gitna. Tae. I mean, kahit ang ikli lang. ewan. T_T

This is embarrassing. HAHAH.

But really, I guess that the reason classical/instrumental music is so moving is that...well, it doesn't have any lyrics. Alam mo yun. No lyrics to distract you. It's fascinating if you think of it. How composers convert feelings, emotions, moods into notes that are only 12. Kind of like how writers convey so much stuff with so few words with letters na 26 lang. Pero you can form thousands, maybe even millions of words with those 26.

Plus, music is more fascinating. But I love music and literature. And art. But I have yet to appreciate art.

Also. I'm kind of having this rock,alternative,punk whatever withdrawal. HAHA.

Oh no. I'm listening to Buckcherry again. Porno star. Funny song. HAHAHA.


Speeeaaaking of art.

I went to this fair, and let's say it's about colleges from Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand in one ballroom offering the service of their schools. There were presentations by the different countries. Of course I attended the one for UK, and I also wanted to attend the one for Australia, but it was for a later time, and we had to go home...ish.

It was a lot of fun. Going to this fair made me really excited about college.

And how is art related to this.

Well, when I was going through the different books, I inquired about their Arts and Design courses. Hahaha. Everything just felt right. It's like, wow, I'm really going to do graphics design? Am I nuts? How am i going to support my 6 kids. Sh*t. I have to find an eligible, rich dude like... NOW. LOL. How's that for feeling right.

I don't know, I was just going through the brochures and prospectuses and a rush of endorphins went right through me. Wala lang talaga. Maybe it's because my dream is coming true? Or is it really what I'm meant to do? 'Cause I'm kind of scared that I can't do it. It's not the failing. It's the wasting everything part. Wasting time, money. But maybe... if I become more optimistic about things...nothing will be a waste of anything. Hopefully, if I choose to drop the course my mum would feel the same way. HAHA.

College nga naman.


I'm still concerned about my career track. =))


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