Thursday, November 29, 2007

i don't know what i even want anymore.
Believe it or not, I've been thinking about this blog lately. Which is not what it seems, obviously since it has been 19 days since my latest post.

I wasn't like this before. Before, I'd be posting everyday. I once WANTED to have an hiatus (back in my old blog) for reasons only whacked-out minds could understand. I did have an hiatus, and it a week?

I just want everything to be over...everything-wise. love-wise, SCHOOL-WISE, career-wise (ish). It surprises me how much I want things to be over.

Things I want to get over with:

See. That's a lot of stuff. And when these things are finally over with, they IMMEDIATELY pile us up with new stuff.

I miss my first year life. and section 16. :-(

I didn't know that second year could be so so tiring. I'm not even looking forward to school anymore. Well I guess you could explain that, since circumstances were different when we were in first year ahem. :-))



Una, everything was clear to me.

And now my spirits just HAD to be dampened. I don't know anymore.

I mean I guess I know that everything's not about the money, and I believe in the power of passion for what you're doing, but of course money has to matter. And then I'm not sure if the track that I'm taking will offer the kind of money that I need and want for the kind of lifestyle I'm living.

And then yesterday was too much. I mean so much nice things happened yesterday. Once again, we were named CHAMPIONS of wncaa for the cheering competition, and then 27 won the game against 23 (by 1 point, wudjubeliiieve??) and then we won the read-a-thon in the library. Haha. We really wanted the ice cream offered as price, didn't we? HAHA.

Wala lang. Yesterday was just so magulo and everything. I don't knooooow. I suck.

Thiis sucks major ass. And no one understands. I'm not blaming them. I can't even understand myself. I think I'd be one of the most understanding people I know, not to lift my own bangko or anything. WHAT HAHAHA. I don't know, it surprises me how I could understand the WEIRDEST and MEANEST things.

I was born to be a psychologist.



Oh. There's one thing I don't understand. Well not really a thing...more of a...whatever. Eh I wouldn't understand, I don't know ANYTHING. I'm like... wala. Down to zerrrrooo.

Vicky is obviously confused.

Peace&&Love nga lang.
It's my nyoo tagline. YEBOI. :))


Sorry I can't return your comments or whatever right now. I'm just too lazy. And tired. T_T And I probably can't say anything decent anyway. I'm like a RETARD right now.


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